Deli meat.


I feel real dumb for not thinking about that already lol


The best solutions usually seem obvious in hindsight. Don't feel dumb for not thinking of it, feel good for asking.


Just keep an eye on the salt


And nitrates.


One egg and two slices of bacon is 12g protein and 0g carbs. Double that and you're almost there!


Cottage cheese


Hard boiled eggs. Cottage cheese. Muscle Meds makes a protein powder called Carnivor that uses beef as the base. I also like raw eggs blended in hot coffee


I’m calling the police.


Caffeinated egg drop soup? Count me in


It's surprisingly delicious. Especially with a bit of vanilla extract. I got a Blendtec and I turned my kitchen for a while into the home version of a YouTube video - 'will it soup'?


How do you prevent them from cooking in the hot coffee?


I use a blender. Whip the eggs first - then add freshly brewed coffee and stevia or monkrfuit and vanilla extract.


How many eggs to coffee?


I do three eggs to 4 cups of coffee - which is what my french press holds. The eggs increase in volume - it's very frothy. I also buy eggs from local farmers - nice orange yolks. But regular eggs will work too.




Have a recommendation for how many eggs?


Egg muffins. I add ground beef or sausage to get sufficient protein.


Egg muffins minus the muffin??


Something like this https://cafedelites.com/breakfast-egg-muffins-3-ways/


Yep, that’s the idea. However you don’t have to get all fancy with the different veggies. For SCD, I add some type of meat so that 3 muffins will total 30g of protein (hard to get that in egg alone) Another thing you can do is use some egg whites from a carton, just to make it pure protein and lower cholesterol. If you do about 50/50 whole egg to egg white, it doesn’t make a big difference


Drink pasteurized egg whites mixed into some juice to take the edge off.


It’s also pretty great if you use sugar free chocolate syrup, tastes like a melted chocolate shake.


Walden Farms remembers


Sugar free beef jerky might work occasionally


Huel protein powder.


I drink a Premier Protein drink with a splash of nut milk to make it a little less thick. I take it to work with me and drink it there


Greek yogurt or Skyr (something low sugar) and protein granola is my go-to when I don’t feel like eating meat before noon (most mornings lol)


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Have you tried casein or hemp protein? Did you try the pea protein in flavored almond milk or cold brew coffee? I found protein shakes immensely beneficial to SCD.... A low calorie, quick and easy breakfast produced superior results vs cramming down all sorts of odd foods at 6am trying to hit 30G of protein. YMMV of course.


They didn't work for me, they just don't fill me up. It's probably psychological but that's how it is.


Morningstar frozen "sausage" patties. Delicious, easy to make, available at Costco. Can't recommend them enough.


Bone broth


Pumpkin seeds


This, a 1/4th cup of pumpkin seeds has 8g of protein in them. Just buy a big bag from Costco or sams club and your set for a bit.


A couple of spoonfuls of legumes in a tomato and onion mash-up that I make in bulk in advance, one egg, and 450 g of egg white, all together in a bowl. Stick it all in the microwave for 7 minutes on half-power while you go and get the newspaper, do your kettlebells etc. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Yum.