Norte Dame is already in the ACC for everything but football


Thats wjy i didnt vote on the poll


Voted "other" but really "none"


I mean, Penn State is the obvious answer out of these choices but is entirely unrealistic.


It is now. In the late 1980s Penn State was conference shopping and rumor has it the ACC snubbed them.


I still don't understand how Louisville got in over WVU.


🤨. It's really simple to understand. WVU was never an option for the ACC due to the timeline of events. Louisville and WVU wanted to join the Big XII. The conference was split 4-4 on who to take, Texas was the deciding vote (OU wanted Louisville), Texas picked WVU to break the tie. Then months later Maryland defected to the B1G and opened up a slot in the ACC that no one foresaw coming.


WVU dumb as rocks. Tho so is UL, which is why they don't belong either


Agreed. West Virginia is an obvious choice in my opinion. Natural rivalries with VT, UVA, and Pitt.


Cuse too


Louisville is the #1 per capita TV market for college basketball. Morgantown offers nothing.


Speaking as a Louisville fan, it was money, pure and simple. I readily admit we don’t fit with the ACC culture, but here we are.


Respect for admitting that it’s a bad fit.


Don't get me wrong; I *love* the ACC. Great conference, great teams, great culture. But Louisville is just a different vibe than Duke or NC or some of these other storied programs.


WVU *easily*


Realistically, WVU. The best option is ND in fully. Penn State would be next as best option but will never happen. Cinci has been decent and so has memphis (hell an ACC coach came from Memphis) but would only be nice for TV deals.


Tough one here. Pick the pipe dream or the realistic shot? Went Penn State here. The conference presidents messed up in the early 90’s turning down their application in fear of losing FSU and not wanting to side with a school considered lesser than at the time academically. They would have brought many more eyeballs to games, and supported some of the non revenue sports better.


Should also add that ECU would be a great fit for the conference. Mostly just so that everyone could watch UNC, NCSU, Duke, & UVA fans squirm


I would have loved for UCF to come into the conference. I know all of the reasons it would have been bad for FSU and Miami, but I’d still have enjoyed having a bloc similar to the Tobacco Road Crew.