Correction: this person is not the current chief medical officer. He stepped down in January.


The vax wars have begun my friends. Do you think Moderna will respond?


I’m hoping it turns into a blame game, and through corporate espionage all the data is released to the public and the entire system crumbles.


Pfizer would win, I think, but I don’t think they’d actually fight. Pfizer likely may come out to denounce this guy, who stopped working for them last january


Wonder if that's why he stepped down - perhaps he told them internally that the other clot jabs will likely kill a certain percentage of injectees.


I contend that they knew exactly what they were doing. The last I read regarding Pfizer’s Chiefs, all but the CEO (Bourla) stay only for a year. They cycle people in and out on a yearly basis, it’s in their documents, or at least was, and as far as I understood them.




So true. I'm just waiting for wikileaks to publish Pfizer's documents the FDA is trying to hold on to for 50 silly years


More like a preschooler blame-game. *"But mommy, it was Curt who did it!"*


Pfizer's FOIA demands of 5000 pages per month show death's. This shill is full of actual shit.


So if one company turns on another, then that second one goes “nuh uh. We’re just as bad as you guys at Pfizer….” How many people going to realize that means they were in cohorts with this.


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They are bracing themselves. They are already protected by the courts and the system. They have done their sorcery there, but they know that the people are going to see the truth and get angry. ​ I'm not saying that anything will happen to them. I know how lazy the normies are, but they won't be dumb and can't be fooled forever either. ​ The elites know how bad the protests and now riots are getting across the entire planet as well.