If Liberals didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards.


That’s all well and good—and really, excellent work. However, there’s no use in (in my mind) trying to get HermanCain taken down. It’s basically written into SPARS 2025-2028. They knew they would need strong anecdotal evidence to strike fear into the populace to take the pandemic seriously. It’s so surely a government operation, I don’t think they’ll worry for a moment whatsoever rules they may be breaking. It was written into the plans, going back to 2015.. The best we can do here, is avoid sketchy behavior as much as possible. And continue to remind people that this is a conspiracy sub. And by sketchy, there have been some recent, new members who have taken to saying things that don’t really serve us, and serve material on a platter to those who would wish to complain about us. So let’s keep things conspiratorial, and not waste our opportunity to have a legitimate voice. Which is what I think we’ve been doing for much of the time of our existence here. Again, I salute you—you’ve brought excellent work here twice now. By all means, send it into the Reddit admins—you’ve laid out a very legal argument. I just contend that, as it was in the playbook, it might be above their pay grade.