Is nice shot. Fix your horizon I will say HDR don’t work well on trees or clouds. Use some Orton effect to give a better finish tithe over all image.


Oh that didn't come to my mind.. Will try for sure. Thanx


It's a bit overdone. The clouds are too dark, the tree tops are darker than the parts below because of sloppy masking. The greens are way too green also imho. Overall today me it looks too unnatural to be appealing.


Darken clouds, vignette if you like it.


Will definitely try. Thanx!


maybe fix the angle just a bit and maybe put a bit of some vignette? Otherwise good job on this beautiful shot!


The sky looks great! I think that (depending on where in the world it was taken) the green of the foliage is not naturalistic. It’s the most difficult color to get right imo. Maybe you can try out the calibration tool if you are in Lightroom classic? It really helped me. Also I asked myself if you could have positioned yourself a bit better. Maybe a step to the right and lift the camera?


I too think a step to the right and slgiht lift of camera removes a lot of unnecessary foreground, moves the rainbow into the left 1/3 of the image and allows that tree on the right to better frame the right side of photo vs protruding into almost 1/3 of the image.




color balance is too magenta


Fix your horizon which is super easy to do in Lightroom :) Maybe this is more my monitor or my eyes but it look a bit oversaturated, but often times this is the look the artist is going for :) Darken up your clouds to give them a bit more of drama, a vignette would likely bring the viewer's focus to the rainbow, presumably the subject in this photo. Framing slightly to the left so the tree on right does not protrude into photo as much. Beautiful photo really, most of the above is personal preference stuff :)


It's very oversaturated.