One week without utilities. Edit: this was the result of a government study a while back. I shall now go and find it


Sadly I think you're right. I couldn't do it now (winter) but I think surviving a week would be manageable. I'd hate the idea of shitting without toilet paper though lol


Imagine living in New York city. No electricity No gas Food shortage Police response severely compromised


Oh no, I get it. In the city it'll be chaos. But you know, if that switch gets flipped and I can't send this message on reddit, whichever representative on vacation to the country who survives will become a leader and we'll stumble our way back.


Polarization. Yes, even more is possible.


"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it." --Jack Handey


Thanks for that. Jack Handey really isn't quoted enough these days.


Sheesh. That’s one hell of a quote.


Variety should exist but polarizing literally anything needs to end.


Except sunglasses, non polarized ones are useless


Fair enough lol


And magnets.


Except for pilots. Most modern cockpit displays have an anti-glare coating that renders them invisible with polarized sunglasses.


I strongly have the opposite opinion


Strongly worded rebuttal


Civil war didn't do it last time. No guarantee it would do it this time. Inertia is weird like that.


Last time it took 5 minutes to fire a single round. Things are a little different now.


Last time 700,000 Americans were killed


Exactly this. It’s happening everywhere we look. Media is one source of polarizing, social media is even worse. There’s a documentary about how Facebook will send you more controversial content if that’s what keeps your eyes on them. Look it up, watch it, it’s disgusting. We have to stop letting big platforms divide us while they continue to line their pockets with our attention.


*gestures vaguely* Edit: my highest rated comment is about the downfall of the US. I might be on a list now...


But you just pointed to all of me


Yup. That's what needs to change.


Exactly, stop being all of you!


but all of me loves all of you


All your curves and imperfections


Give your alllllll to me


Unexpected How to Train Your Dragon.


[*Test Drive intensifies*](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUWBm0Z-Xww) God that score is fucking incredible


Yes! That's it! Stop being all of you.


How bout my dumbass saw the italics and didn’t even bother trying to read it. I instinctively googled “gestures vaguely” thinking it was some Latin bullshit…. Only to realize those are words that I already know.


Sometimes I can't help clicking on questions like this, even when I'm sure scrolling through the comments will just piss me off. Thanks for the big laugh! 😅👍


Oddly, same to you!




All of it... All of... _this_.


This, x1000.


Civil war. Lincoln I think had a quote about it. Something about how our country is so powerful that the only one who can defeat us is ourselves. Either that or zombies


Grant’s quote from 1875 seems pretty prescient, “If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason’s and Dixon’s, but between patriotism and intelligence on one side, and superstition, ambition, and ignorance on the other.”


When he paraphrased the bible and said that a house divided against itself will fall?


At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide


Damn I thought you were some kind of crafty writer and I was about to applaud your style but apparently it’s not an original haha.


It’s literally a copy paste, but I AM a crafty writer. Check out this joke I wrote. Ahem What did the pee-pee say to the poo-poo? >!Lets potty!<


I'm gonna forget this comment happened and just be thankful for your copy paste


Daaamn! I just nominated your post for a Peabody. Will DM you if you win


There will be no more counting the cars on the Garden State Parkway


Titus Andronicus eh?


And Lincoln was a zombie hunter himself, so he knew what he was talking about


No no he hunted vampires, George Washington was the zombie killer, and not to be confused with Ted Cruz the zodiac killer.


“I have seen many people and Ted Cruz is one of them” — Firstname Lastname


I’m not completely sure that is accurate. There have been fish monster allegations that seem to have a lot of truth to them.


Fun fact about Ted Cruz the Zodiac killer. He is actually a time traveler who traveled back in time to kill people who would become zombies and start the zombie apocalypes. Of course not to be confused with George Washington Bush who killed zombies as more of a leisurely past time.


[Lincoln did hunt zombies](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Lincoln_vs._Zombies), but that isn’t as well-known as the vampire hunting.


Well I'll be dammed, he was a man of many talents it seems.


Yep, it’s no secret as to how he ended up on both a coin and a dollar bill!


"From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia...could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide."


There will be no more counting the cars on the Garden State Parkway...


No waiting on the funwa bus to carry me to who knows where


I’m thinking of a few scenarios and they all come back to us screwing ourselves over


Zombies aren’t going to be much of a threat to any country with bulldozers.


Or a country where everyone has firearms. Seriously, the reason zombie movies generally start in the apocalypse is because they can’t show us how the zombies took over in a way that makes sense.


The zombie virus is fake see we had a zombie bite party to get immunity graaaaaah


I recently read a really great analysis about how a foreign power might go about invading the United States. The conclusion was that the US is basically unconquerable to anybody on the planet. A civil war would undo it all though. So that phrase "united we stand, divided we fall" really is true. Edit: wanted to add that even if a clone of the US existed somewhere else, it still wouldn't be able to invade itself. The geography alone is damning, and add to that the military defenses and the culture of the country and its untouchable. If anything, getting invaded by a foreign power would actually bring the US together, not cause it to collapse


A foreign power would have to destabilize our country enough that we end up destroying ourselves because, as you said, it’s basically impossible to conquer the US through normal military means. Even if every single powerful country in the world teamed up against us, they wouldn’t even be able to get their armies here because they’d have to get past the US Navy and the US Air Force. And the US Army can handle the countries in the Americas.


If only a foreign power was feeding misinformation to Americans in an effort to further divide them. Nah, couldn’t happen …


That’s right comrade, nothing to see here. Go back to sleep.




"Me flunk democracy? That's unpossible."


Aside from our military might and massive land mass the US has an ace in the hole that most countries don’t: an extremely well armed civilian populace. And a lot of them are veterans, most didn’t see combat but they still have training and can pass on some of that training to other volunteers Hard to take even the less populous states because we tend to hunt. AR’s, AK’s and similar are very common and we have the personal ammo stores and commercial manufacturing capability to supply a militia. The US just went through an absolute buying frenzy, people are more well armed and have larger ammo stashes than normal and even in normal times pretty much everybody who doesn’t live in a metropolitan area knows someone who has 10,000+ rounds stashed. Don’t forget the hunters, Federal government loads up a hundred million rounds of black tip .270 Win, .308 Win and .30-06 then hands them out like candy and every woodchuck and redneck has a scoped 500+ yard armor piercing rifle. They sure as hell can’t win a war but they can do like we did in the revolutionary war, attacking from concealment at a distance disrupting supply lines and destroying enemy morale. The downside is if we ever do have a Civil War it’s going to be an absolute fucking nightmare but we have heard of that crisis this year and hopefully the threat of Civil War won’t rear its ugly head going forward.


They should make a movie about this! They could call it Red Dawn or something.


The us military actually has planned out scenarios for different kinds of zombie apocalypses


my taxes are finally paying for something useful!


Conventional military wisdom is that the continental US is literally unconquerable. Its too big and geographically diverse, there's too many people, and they're all fanatics who're armed to the teeth. So yeah, the only fight in town big enough is with ourself.


Not to mention that it would be impossible for countries in other continents to get their armies here because they wouldn’t get past our Navy and Air Force.


And Russian troll farms...


Yellowstone eruption.




I would go for Mt Rainier. But I liked 2012 too


Ranier would be bad, but I was around for Mt St Helens. The ash was freaking annoying, but not enough to crash the country. Yellowstone might cause a large part of the US to literally collapse.


Rainier would wipe out Seattle though. It’s a huge metro area that would be wiped out


I was under the impression that Seattle itself would he fine but the lahars would drain into the ocean via the southern end of the Puget Sound so places like Tacoma would be a goner Unfortunately that big valley is also where most of Washington's industrial areas and warehouses are so the state is still fucked if Rainier erupts


That's a planet-kill, but yes America would definitely be screwed.


Yellowstone is thought to have erupted three times in the past, 2.1 million years ago, 1.3 MYA, and 664 thousand YA. None of these eruptions caused devastation on the scale of Chicxulub, the asteroid that impacted 66 MYA and wiped out the dinosaurs. Another full Yellowstone eruption is unlikely to be worse than the previous three, and I would be reluctant to call it "planet killer." It probably WOULD cause a global climate event somewhat similar to "nuclear winter", and the human toll would be huge. It might well wipe out human civilization as we know it, but I strongly doubt it would render humans extinct, and certainly not "destroy" the planet. To be sure, the worst effects would be felt in North America, and the United States and Canada would probably become pauper states desperately clinging to survival. Much of the Northern hemisphere would possibly go the same way. Nations well south of the equator, however, might well suffer way less damage. It would kind of amusing, in a very dark sort of way, if Argentina and Australia became the world's new superpowers.


Nah, JFK and his son will come back and take care of it.


I feel like I missed something because it's the 3rd reference I see of JFK "coming back". Is this like the whole "Elvis\2pac\etc. isn't a actually dead" thing?


A fringe group of Qanon has been camping out at the site of JFK’s assassination in Dallas. These yahoos are so weird that even the “straight” Qanon are distancing themselves from them. They believe that JFK, and JFK Jr., faked their deaths and are planning to come back and re-enter politics. The scenario: Trump and Junior will establish themselves as President and Vice-President, respectively. Trump will then resign, making Junior President, and assume the title “King of Kings” (I wish I were making this up). Michael Flynn—yes, THAT Michael Flynn—will be instituted as Vice-President. This is all without elections or anything. Afterwards Senior, who will have overseen all this, will travel the world as a teacher before ascending into heaven. Yes, I know what this sounds like.


I have no words.


I'm Aussie and I'm all for this idea. However, it would be embarrasing when everybody learns that their new superpower once [lost a war to emus](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emu_War)


A dark day when those Emus clumsily marched through the streets of Sydney after their victory


There's a reason Emu aren't the dominant species in Australia. "We won, lads, we fuckin' won!" "What country did we just win a war against?" "Fuckin' Aussie, cunt!" "....not much of a victory, mate. Let's just go back to the fields."


The Over Simplified video on this is absolutely hilarious.


Well that’s embarrassing. Aren’t you guys still doing this with kangaroos? Just mowing them down indiscriminately from helicopters cause there’s just so damn many? PS: kangaroo burger was one of my more favorite burgers I’ve had. I wish the meat (and leather, as I’m a leather worker) were more available in the states.


I pray for it every night, and I live 80 miles away from Yellowstone


For it to not explode or for it to explode??




Gotta hedge your bets


If it exploded he probably wouldn't notice it


Me over here near Seattle, just hoping that the Cascadian Subduction Zone has a massive slip real soon


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II assuming her final form and returning with her Redcoat Legion to reclaim those Colonies in Rebellion against her God Ordained Rule..... Or something similar.....


She'd definitely need a snuke of some kind...


Probably some Russian or other Eastern European mercenaries too.


Understood that reference!


Me too! Internet high five.


Cue the one winged angel symphony!


I can think of a few answers. If you had asked “what would bring the United States back together?” I’d truly be stumped at this point


A world war. It transfers the us versus them mentality to external factors.




I think invasion on US soil might being damn near everyone together. It's one thing when you send people somewhere else to fight, it's a different one when it's your own territory being attacked, I can't imagine many people would be against that, with their own lives and property at risk.


That was my thought as well. I think pretty much everyone would be brought together if there was a land invasion




I don’t think so, it may seem like an us vs them right now but it’s really just a few people on one side who feel really strongly about a few people on the other side. Things may seem bad but in reality they aren’t. A majority of people on the left and right can and do get along quite well.


Alien invasion. America unifies under an "us vs them" scenario, and aliens are a very good "them".


1/3rd of Americans would prob side with the aliens, 1/3rd wouldn’t care, and only 1/3rd would fight against the aliens


OK that is a great question. What would bring the United States back together?


Like I said I’m stumped. Last time I remember the country feeling United was 9/11. But if 9/11 happened today the right would blame it on the left, the left would blame it on the right, and ‘round and ‘round it would go. I honestly don’t know what would unite the country now. Something similar to a miracle


Covid was that opportunity but Facebook ruined it didn't they


It goes way beyond Facebook.


Pretty sure leadership ruined it more than FB did. Although it didn’t help.


But that basically is what happened with 9/11 already. Anyone left of Clinton who wasn't cool with all the racism and warmongering was accused of being With The Enemy, and eventually a conspiracy theory that Bush had actually planned the attack himself emerged. America uniting after 9/11 was propaganda. It was a very polarizing event.


Extraterrestrial invasion!


The two party system we have in place that is tearing our country apart today by attempting to win a popularity contest instead of governing the country. Also, all the people who want individual rights for themselves, but a governing body to tell others what to do. You just can't have it both ways. The ugly truth is that nobody is a snowflake and a government will fail if it tries to appease the multitude of small groups.


Propaganda politics by numbskulls is a huge problem


Propaganda politics will definitely be the downfall. We’ve only scratched the surface and look how polarized we are. This a fucking powder keg lol.


A switch to ranked party voting could literally prevent a civil war. Why isn't this in the works right now?


Because the big wigs from both parties know they can just fool people into fighting each other, and keep their wealth/status instead.


The reality is they're really a single corporate party dressed up as 2. They used to be 2 parties, but I think that ended in the 70s. I'm actually part of a progressive populist party called the People's Party. We're trying to get the word out to let people know we exist and want to end things like corporate lobbying and enact Medicare for all. Our sub is r/PeoplesPartyUSA and below is a link to their website. https://peoplesparty.org/




George W? Global warming? Goat women?


Games Workshop


Games workshop gone wild? Steamy


George Washington is my best bet


Your mom sitting down...


Well played


Greed, time and history will be factor in which it will collapse in due time


Water shortage


The answer very well may be yes, but I wanna ask, do you think there's a chance of this happening?


California is in a water shortage as we speak. There has been cities that are getting water shipped to them.


The whole west is in a drought 😩


Washington state says hi.


It's already happening


It's been happening. There are (academic) books published in the 70's talking about it and predicting what will happen if no action is taken/we continue to consume fresh water as if it is an infinite resource. I was in undergrad in the mid-late '00's and it was a topic we had lectures, reading, and writing assignments on it limnology and ecology classes. I can try to dig up the book I read and wrote a paper on, but I'm sure you can Google books on the topic, or do a Google scholar search to see the many, many, many, academic papers that come up. *Edited for clarity.


The west is facing it and the federal government is... walking around the issue at present moment. Lake Powell and Lake Mead are the two major reservoirs feeding Colorado, Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. Lake Powell [is 157 feet below full, only at 29% capacity](https://lakepowell.water-data.com/). Lake Mead [is 169 feet below full](http://mead.uslakes.info/level.asp). The west is in an extreme extreme drought, definitely exacerbated by climate change. The Colorado river, which feeds both of these reservoirs, is primarily fed by snowmelt in the summer. With significantly less glaciers and snow in the Rocky mountains (because of climate change), it means less running water in the Rio Grande and in the Colorado River, thus less water to the entire west. That is an incredibly simplified explanation and does not even talk about how water allocation in the west was based on volume of water from a particularly wet year in the 1960s and not based on a percentage distribution of the water available that year.


I went to lake mead last week and was shocked at how empty it looks. Tbf, I’ve never seen it before last week so maybe it’s always looked very empty. But honestly it looked like you could see islands where there wouldn’t usually be visible land.


When that B-29 re-emerges we'll know we're fucked.


Meh, once water becomes more expensive, desalination will become more common place thing. No one is fixing the shortage in the west because it is cheaper to just import water than desalinate.


What? Like 54% of adults in the United States having literacy below the 6th-grade level and being unable to tell fake news from fact?






Where did you get the 50% number?






Yeah…I was calling bullshit too, but damn. That stings and makes sense at the same time.


It’s why people love Trump. He talks at about a third grade level, which relates more to his base than an actual competent president who would talk at a high school, if not university level. It’s literally over their heads. Trump speaks like they do and a level they can comprehend. Stupidity is a virtue to them and him. The current of anti-intellectualism is strong with the right.


Like all empires or superpowers throughout time, war and money and time. Would there be a total collapse like United States will be here one day and the next nothing..no, it's too big, too bureaucratic and too much money involved. I'd say unless there is an open war in our country and tons of infrastructure got wiped out or pushed to it's very limits, then that kind of dissolvement only exists in books and stories. However, it could just wane and frizzle out within time. Many people could be unhappy, and alot of infighting could happen, with alot economic issues, throw in natural or man made disasters. We can bounce back, but if it keeps happening consecutively then the generations will grow up not trusting the current systems. Add that with global issues, and other countries becoming powers...within time-maybe even unnoticeable, in the present tense- things will collapse. And that'll be it. If I would to be honest, I think it started to happen at least the very beginnings. There are people who have been complaining about the same issues that have been following their communities for decades (and in some cases, centuries) now. And yet there is backfire still. There is a big wealth gap, and more and more people are starting to ask why is that... we've been in a war for so long, that there are adults alive today that have no experience or memory of not being in that war Who's to know what the next generations will do. The seeds are there and now there is just time.


Thanks for this in depth response. I think this is my favorite (accuracy) so far. The not trusting the system part is the tipping point. Am I right in saying that?


Yeah, I mean I honestly don't know a whole lot. I'm still fairly young, and I've never been out of my hometown for extended period of time...I want too travel and I think my career is lowkey perfect for that (if I'm good at my job, that is). But this stuff is similar to what I think about..not just the US but of the world in general. Like if this is the all leading to something big or maybe it doesn't lead to anything at all and I overthink. Either way, just live by the motto of being a decent human being, be kind and help out whenever you're able too and that'll do alot of help even if a country or state collapses.


Betty white’s death


Delete this.


Don't put that idea into the universe! Don't need death getting any ideas.


Kinda feels like we'll have the real answer in a few more years...


Secession. Basically the one thing all presidents of every party can agree on is that if a state wants to leave the union, they are going to have to go through the military to do it. Lincoln never recognized the confederacy and Jackson would have readily hanged civilians if they hadn’t backed down (Jackson’s undying loyalty to the union was one of his respectable traits, what with him being an actual complex human and all). I laugh at “experts” who argue that it’s a constitutional right. Doesn’t really matter if it is, we already had a war to prove that the government will never allow it.


Learned something new!


Interestingly enough, the state that attempted to secede under Jackson and the first state to secede during the civil war was same one: South Carolina


Jackson was complex, that’s for sure




Cant argue w that


I've got one acronym. EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). And EMP can be created by detonating a nuclear device in high atmosphere, and shuts down any electric components that aren't specifically defended against it. Our electrical grid is not one of those. An attack that turned off the power would cripple our infrastructure, hamper any military response, and most estimates by the government estimate a nearly 90% fatality rate within months of an EMP, especially within cities. Add in our issues as a country already, and our country, if it survived, would never be the same.


Hell, most of our power infrastructure is barely held together by duct tape. Much of it was built over 60 years ago, and was only designed to last a few decades without routine maintenance, which in many places is badly neglected. Take a look at what happened to Texas' grid last winter, for example. I also remember reading that [one of the recent california wildfires](https://www.sfchronicle.com/california-wildfires/article/Attorneys-say-this-photo-shows-the-PG-E-hook-that-14882924.php) was caused by a failed long-distance transmission wire. Apparently, the insulator holding the line had worn clean through, and dropped the still-active wire onto the forest floor. Edit: link added


An EMP doesn't have the range to take out a country. It could take out DC (and that would probably be the primary target), but this is almost certainly a scenario that has been planned for.


You are saying 90% of Americans would die within a few months if we lost electricity?


Nice try, China.


Having a larger wealth disparity than France did pre-revolution. …


At this point? A stiff breeze.


You really think we’re that close to the brink?


Easily. It has never been so messed up before. People want to blame our current administration for everything, but we know who the real culprits behind the divisiveness are. People give less than a damn about others. You can feel it, and you can see it. Everything is about being a fan, but not about saving and helping out others.


We went from on January 6th bipartisan condemnation of a coup attempt to it now being accepted and defended by half the country, with ever increasing a s escalating conspiracy theories rejecting science and journalism. I'd like to think the country can recover, but I'm not seeing any signs of it. Global Warming and war will make things worse.


Dumpster Fire is a symptom of the main problem. The oligarchs have bought the political system.


Despite what everyone seems to be claiming, I'd wager China has a better chance of destabilizing the US from an economic basis, than any internal political affair could do by pitting Americans against each other


I think China could start a currency war a little bit down the line (the timing isn't quite right now) to overturn the US-centric world monetary system


It would be something big. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when your actually living through one of these times but it's happened before and it will again. All the covid angst and conspiracies are so similar to Spanish flu. The polarization of society has happened a few times since we switched from tea to coffee. Being able to have this level of angst with each other and not having a civil war is part of the why of our nation. I support your right to be a dick to me. Just not on my property. Now apparently young adults don't even know how to microwave so if some great disaster does happen you guys are going to starve to death. Learn to cook it's awesome. All that crap the door dash guy is spitting in is so much better when it wasn't in a box for an hour.


Holy hell I love the phrase “since we switched from tea to coffee”. I’ve never heard that but I’m absolutely stealing it.


It's yours. I'm a 51 year old xgen so I'm sure I stole it from TV and just don't remember.


😂😂 it got funny toward the end. I agree with all of that


a light breeze


We're possibly going to find out pretty soon... But all joking aside, a true second civil war would potentially turn into a world war and we'd end up in a very interesting situation.


If the 2024 election is in favor of the Democratic nominee, but the GOP claim it was a fraudulent election- then the House and the Senate refuse to ratify the Democratic nominee- then the Supreme Court back the GOP claim of a fraudulent election- and the military does nothing to stop the GOP from putting their own candidate in the Oval Office. I think then we would have an *actual* illegitimate president, and at best we citizens would know that our democracy has failed, and at worst there would be civil unrest and violence.


I’m concerned that the intentional division of the American people by the media and by politicians will.


Just by keeping to what it’s doing now 🤷‍♂️


Facebook, apparently.


It will collapse but then again so will other countries.


Social media leading to further polarization leading to Civil War, Part Deux


Seriously, we're getting there.


The love of money.


A constantly increasing gap between rich and poor, wages so low that workers can barely afford rent and food, crippling personal debt, political polarisation and a huge swathe of the population having no belief in the systems in place. That would do it


Depends on what you mean by "The United States". Most of the comments here actually wouldn't cause the end or a collapse. However if we're talking about the end of the Republic, yes, things mentioned here could lead to it. It's going to go the same way as Rome -- the destruction of political norms through populist politics that end with heads on display in the Senate. But actually collapsing? You'd need a Hun invasion type event while other stressors existed. One person said Yellowstone eruption. This is the kind of thing for the United States as an entity to collapse. Nuclear war. Extraterrestrial invasion. Asteroid impact.


Exactly what is happening.


An increasing us vs. them paradigm. Democrats and Republicans are dehumanizing each other. Once it reaches a certain level real shots may be fired. I try to encourage a centrist approach. But I can't even do that because somebody will give me the old, "the center has moved" speech. So, what? Coming closer to center is the only answer.


Rot, like most things that collapse


After 2020 and 2021, it seems like Americans will collapse America simply because they don’t like the title next to someone’s name


It’s doing that already on its own. Wait till the middle class can stop affording housing and food and basic necessities while the rich only get richer and more stingy.


What happens immediately after a critical mass of the middle class can't afford to rent and eat where they work?