Street Fighter II.


I’m in my 30s and been playing video games my entire life. I was an adult by the time I realized I’d never actually heard of (let alone played) Street Fighter 1. Then I looked it up and realized why.


its part of the street fighter 30th anniversary collection on ps4/xbox/switch/windows if you want to try it. all the games in it are the arcade version though.


Age of Empires II.


AOE2 is such a good sequel that it's currently being played by 4x the amount of people as its sequel, AOE3, and is only beat by AOE4 which just launched a couple weeks ago. And even then you're comparing 13k to 18k, and the entire hype for AOE4 exists exclusively because AOE2 sold so incredibly well **2 Decades** after its release that it demanded another sequel be made that tries to emulate it (instead of going to the modern era, as AOE4 was originally planned to do.)


So good it’s been remastered twice. TWICE.


Didn't they also put out an expansion, like, 10 years later or am I misremembering?


I think they put out an expansion last year


Definitive Edition that came out two years ago has had 3 expansions i think. Might be 2 but the most recent one came out in september i think. Also HD edition which was released in like 2011 had two or three unique expansions as well. (All of which made it into DE)




My most played RTS. I had a fun strat that killed up to 1650ish ELO using Ra, research Skin of the Rhino (iirc), and cranking out peasants and priests. Attack at about 8 minutes. You're only making peasants (and priests) so your economy is insane -- just put those 30, 40, 50 peasants to work while you build. You only need food and gold and can practically ignore wood. Skin of the Rhino peasants are cheaper and tougher than un-upgraded mainline infantry for almost every civ (I think hoplites are tougher, but significantly more expensive), have no hard counter except myth mobs (which are countered by your priests). Only tough part was intense micro because peasants can not be toggled to aggressive behavior so as soon as their target is dead they either do nothing or flee when hit. Had soooo many rage quits from that strategy in the day. Of course, over 1700 players were too good. And it was all or nothing -- if the enemy wasn't one step from dead at 10 minutes, I was fucked. Good memories. Thanks for reminding me of it 🙂


Loved the first one, but AoEII is all improvements without changing the mechanics and it's just so good


Terminator 2 Judgement Day The special effects were unreal. Hasta la vista BABY


T2 is a god tier sequel. The only thing I liked more on T 84 is that metalic heart beat motif they have when ever the terminator is doing some terminating shit( you can hear it most prominently when he kills the thugs and when he does his eye surgery) Here is the track but it's defs a lot faster than the version in the movie [terminator heart beat ost](https://youtu.be/xU87KDzO-OA)


“Evil Dead II”


The scene where he sits down on the chair and it breaks, then the deer head turns its neck and begins laughing at him has to be my all time favorite scene in any movie.


Or when he escapes back into the house, is tired and looking in a mirror, then his images comes out of the mirror and grabs him. Love that scene.


“We just chopped up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound alright to you?”


Star wars battlefront 2. Not the new online one I mean the awesome one with Galactic conquest and rise of the republic n that sort of thing. Slipknot IOWA. Aliens vs Alien.


Galactic conquest was probably some of the most fun I had gaming as a kid.


It is a shame that EA didnt include the gamemode on the new Battlefront, specially when it was what the community was asking for. I think if would work really nice if they allow people to have private servers, running campaigns like the ones in Rising Storm. The thing about building a fleet and the cards would be out for obvious reasons but the core wouls be there and I would love ghe idea to fight on space and then on the ground on those planets.






Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan


By a long shot


Diablo 2


Stay a while and listen!


You’ve got quite the treasure there in that horadric cube.


Assassins' Creed II took everything that the original did good, and made it better. A bigger more diverse map, more customization, better missions, a more intrincate story and (in my subjective opinion) a more interesting protagonist.


The jump from I to II was incredible. Still my favorite Assassin's Creed game. The puzzles were so good


I remember playing 2 for the first time and thinking “this is everything that the devs promised us the first one would be” so good


"You need an outlet, Ezio." "I have an outlet." "I meant besides vaginas." "Mother!" Still my most favourite piece of dialogue in that game.


I think you’re forgetting, *” It’s a me, your Uncle Mario!”*


IMO the first game is like an unaired pilot episode and AC2 is where the series actually begins. I’d love to see a remake or remaster of the first game though.


Rescuers: Down Under It is pretty much the sole example of a Disney sequel being better than the original pre-2000s.




I remember being a kid and not even realizing it was a sequel. I was a bit older when we ended up with a VHS copy of The Rescuers, and it was so dark and sad compared to Down Under.


Is the original one the one where Penny has to get the diamond from the skull in the cave or something? God that really was dark.


Mid 30s here, haven't seen the movie in ages, but I don't think I ever realized it was a sequel until today.


You're not kidding about The Rescuers being dark and sad. I remember being traumatized by that movie as a little kid.


I think Medusa from The Rescuers is probably the scariest Disney villain, for me. She makes clear that when she gets the gem, Penny will die for no reason.


"Adopted? What makes you think *anyone* would want a *homely* little girl like you?" That scene absolutely broke my heart and enraged me at the same time.




"Excuse me. They say you can imitate anybody. Even their voice." "Even their voice." "Then why not stay in disguise all the time, you know? Look like everyone else?" "Because we shouldn't have to."


Truly great part of the movie, for the comics fans it’s nice to see mystique being a mother hahaha


FUCK YES, this is my pick. Wolverine became the biggest badass this time around, just straight up slaughtering fools. Never had seen that before in a superhero movie (though now it's pretty commonplace). But not only that, it was the first time superheroes genuinely used their powers in important and clever ways - Nightcrawler being the very best case of this!


I feel it was so much better then, because there was so much more brutality and raw emotion involved. Nowadays an enemy will get punched then will be comically flung back across a room. Watching Wolverine go full berserker there was nothing short of amazing.


*If you're gonna shoot me then* ***SHOOT ME!***


Brian Cox is the only legitimate Stryker of the X-Men movies, which is why it is doubly funny that him and Danny Huston do scenes together in Succession because Danny Huston was a terrible Stryker by comparison.


I used to work at an airline checking passengers in. One day, I’m working the executive guest line and up walks Brian Cox, I immediately recognized him. I was so starstruck I forgot to tell him where the private lounge was after I checked him in for his flight. I was told he was wondering the gates pissed the fuck off because he couldn’t find the Lounge and had to sit with everyone else. My bad, Brian.


Child me absolutely lost my shit when I got to see a legit Wolverine rampage put to film.




Team Fortress 2 AND Titan Fall 2 for me




Best outtakes ever *his name is Li god dammit!*




>*"Damn, he ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3!"* has to be the best blooper line ever filmed. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan were a legendary duo. [**Clip**](https://youtu.be/LlDfEMzFyGo?t=393)


My favorite outtake line was from the third one: “Oh you gonna say you not my brother? After all we been through together? ... Rush Hour 1? Rush Hour 2?”


Carter: "Quick Jackie kick down the door." Lee: "okay, Chris Tucker!" Next take - Carter: "Okay Jackie get the door." Lee: "Jackie again?"


I was looking for this one. Still my favourite blooper out of all three movies


I always want... to square madden!


I always dreamed of square marden


Do this day I still make reference to that blooper any time I see a random minion or henchman character die in a movie.


“He ain’t gonna be in Uncharted 5.”


Chris Tucker gets a call on the cell phone he forgot to turn off, he tells his friend he can't talk because he's filming with Jackie Chan, and then his friend begs him to put Jackie on the phone!


That was his dad


Wait, that was his dad? That's even funnier!


"Yes this is Jackie, we are filming.."


"You waste our film, oh you sorry"


"Jackie kick the door!" "Ok Chris Tucker!"


“Jackie again!”


Only in it for a few minutes but Jeremy Piven manages to make it into the outtakes.


Buttercream, buttercream, what size is the waist? We're going in.


I wanna put a dead animal on you


Damn! He ain’t gonna be in Rush Hour 3!


We’d love to see that, wouldn’t we Jackie?


And the original was solid too, goes to show how much 2 had to do to beat it!


In Hong Kong, I Michael Jackson, you Toto.


Portal 2 Portal is great, but the sequel is a masterpiece EDIT: I went to sleep and woke up to a billion comments and awards. Thanks everyone!


It hurts that they haven’t made Portal 3. I would buy a VR headset in an instant if they released that.


Pretty sure they (Valve) dismissed the idea of a VR Portal because it would be way too nauseating.


Several carpets were ruined at Valve HQ before they gave up on the project.


Never have I loved a game character as much as I love portal 2-GLaDOS.


Portal felt like a proof of concept and Portal 2 was the real game.


Addams Family Values. Joan Cusack as the villain. ‘Nuff said.


"He's got my father's eyes." "Gomez get those out of his mouth!"


Debbie is hands down one of my all time favorite villains. You could just tell Joan Cusack was having a fucking amazing time.


But Debbie. Pastels?


I *love* Debbie. Her lines are fantastic. *Malibu Barbeee* This is my favorite line because of the delivery. And I definitely would have empathized with little Debbie because I would have been upset if I didn’t get the Barbie I wanted. I wouldn’t have run my parents over with a car but still would have been upset.


Oh, totally. She didn’t chew the scenery; she straight-up DEVOURED it. 👍


Yes! As kids, my brother and I would lose our shit laughing when Fester's meatloaf (or whatever it was) splatted on the road as they were driving off. Nowadays I appreciate it most for Peter MacNicol's reactions to Wednesday at camp.


I like to think about how MacNicol and Krumholtz later worked together on Numb3rs.


Christine Baranski was so fucking great too


“Don’t we wish they would just dieeee? Oh no we don’t!”


Debbie: Isn’t he a lady killer! Gomez: Acquitted! So many great one-liners


"Our girl skipped 2 grades, how about your boy?" "..... Probation!"


These Addams men, where do you find them? …it has to be damp


No one could be a better Gomez than Raul Julia. That man was a fucking legend.


His delivery was FANTASTIC. His body language as Gomez was also amazing.


He added a certain energy and passion to Gomez no one else can


All hilarious, and all absolutely quotable. Amanda: (to Wednesday) *Is THAT your bathing suit?* Wednesday: (in reply) *Is THAT your overbite?* Classic


Amanda: Why do you look like someone died? Wednesday: Wait.


Between that movie and Casper I wanted to marry Ricci.


glad I wasn't the only teenager in love w that girl


It's not like I'm a homicidal maniac. Ridiculous! You're too young!


“Give me a kiss.” “Give me a twenty.”


Wednesday:"Thank you Sara Miller. You are one of the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Your hair is the color of the sun. Your skin is like fresh milk. And everyone loves you. Wait, we cannot break bread with you. You have taken the land which is rightfully ours. Years from now my people will be forced to live in mobile homes on reservations. Your people will wear cardigans, and drink highballs. We will sell our bracelets by the road sides, and you will play golf. My people will have pain and degradation. Your people will have stick shifts. The gods of my tribe have spoken. They said do not trust the pilgrims. And especially do not trust Sarah Miller. For all these reasons I have decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground."


It’s so crazy this speech is burned in the way back recesses of my mind and the file, full of dust, was just retrieved.


Wednesday confidently strolling up to the tied up Sarah Miller, lighting a match, and smiling is the single best moment of child acting ever put to screen. Ricci was so fucking perfect for that role.


And her 'smile' after the conditioning cabin.


“Isn’t she pretty.”


“She’s scaring me!”




"uncharacteristically literate" perfect lmao


Addams Family Values is my thanksgiving film. Every year since the mid nineties I’ve played the tape (yes, tape, as in VCR) on thanksgiving day solely because of this scene. Best thanksgiving film ever.


Amanda: "I'll play the victim!" Wednesday: "All your life..."


We cannot break bread with you.


“Sorry, Debbie. No Mercedes’ this year, we have to set an example.”




An ax.. that takes me back.


“Don’t I yearn, and ache, and… shop?”


Don't I deserve love... and jewelry?


“You have gone too far. You have married Fester, you have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But Debbie... pastels?”


You’re holding him under some weird, sexual spell. I respect that.


Morticia was amazing.


Hands down best line


>Don't I deserve love... and jewelry? And Morticia nodding sympathetically in agreement, with tears in her eyes.


\*nods in agreement\*


"Unless Fester comes back, we're talking dimples." "Not in this house!" "He could stay this way for years. Forever. He could become...a lawyer." "I won't listen!" "An orthodontist!" "Mama, stop!" "...." "President." *Dramatic Flourish* "Please...I beg you! Take me!" *Weeps*


Fuck yes. This was my response as well. “You know what they got me? MAL I BU BAR BIE. That’s not what I wanted! That’s not who I was! I was a ballerina! Graceful! Delicate! They had to go.”




I just love that the rest of the family is genuinely cheering her on at that point. Morticia: "Yes, murder us all, get it queen."


"*Malibu* Barbie?" "The nightmare." "The nerve."


"Did any of you REALLY love me?" Gomez: "HANDS!" *cue everyone struggling in restraints because they genuinely liked Debbie and loved her as a family member* Amazing writing. Had she killed Fester, they probably would'nt have minded super much, it was the isolation from his family they hated lol




They had to go.


She was a ballerina


My name is Fester. It means...to rot.


“You have gone too far. You have married Fester, you have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But Debbie... pastels?”


Gomez, last night - you were unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again!


My brothers wife, the temptress of Waikiki. Lose it every time


They drive....a BUICK


Who are you? What are you? Who moved the rock?!


“You belong to Debbie. You’re Debbie’s love toy. You. Are. MR. DEBBIE!”


My brother, passions hostage! I seek justice, denied!!! ​ That scene is fucking hilarious.


“Has the planet gone mad?!” Raul Julia was such an absolute legend. I love how he just perfectly over-acts every line of that scene. It’s a shame he died so young. I think he would have given the world many more memorable performances.


And Christina Ricci... smiling.


This. Oh my god that smile. That trabsition. She was so young, yet she was acting _perfectly_ there.


Raul Julia doesn't get enough credit for being the quintessential Gomez. I'm still devastated that he passed before becoming a big enough name that everyone remembers him. I'd have loved to see him as Bucho in Desparado. What a hero.


Raul Julia was a fucking legend. Best M Bison - best Gomez. Too soon for fucking sure. Guy needs a statue somewhere.


[after they get...Pubert...home and in his crib] "He has my father's eyes" "Gomez, get those out of his mouth." I will never not laugh at that.


Debbie: Don’t I deserve love??… and Jewelry? Mortisha: nods in agreement


“.. but Debbie.. pastels?”


Morticia: Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind. Other mom: Boys? Wednesday: Homicide Also, fun fact, Amanda was in the first movie as the girl scout selling cookies near the hotel. She's also Harmony from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Eat me!


Wednesday’s thanksgiving speech and mayhem was so good and that’s just one great moment from that movie


My friends grandma had a very short part in the first Addams family. “Mr. Addams, please stop calling.”


Your friends grandma is Sally Jessy Raphael?


As a younger sibling: me


There is a strong case for Terminator. Personally, I like the gritty mood of the first movie. It's more horror than action. Objectively speaking though, T2 is a masterpiece. EDIT: Holy damn, I guess I'm not the first person to have this immediately come to mind lol.


I'll never forget the DVD commentary: "See that helicopter flying under a freeway overpass? That's a helicopter flying under a freeway overpass."


I read somewhere that they couldn't get permits to film that scene, I think it was just that nobody would sign off on something so dangerous. So when they were out filming the helicopter chase, James Cameron was just like "hey, could you pull this off?" And the choppah pilot was just like "yup" Edit: I've been doing some more reading since I posted this. I was pretty impressed by this tidbit, Robert Patrick had to do a shit load of physical training, specifically how to Sprint without looking out of breath. That scene where he's running after Edward Furlong's dirt bike on foot and is keeping up with it, he was legit running that fast. That's also pretty fucking impressive


"First time anyone has ever asked me to do that!" So this will be the first time you've done this? "Nope, just first time someone asked" *Ride of the Valkyries plays*


Reminds me a bit of a veteran pilot who was on Desert Island Disks (a BBC Radio programme) who was a test pilot for the Navy version of the Hurricane fighter plane in WW2. As he was out on his test flight, he thought it would be fun to do vertical loops under all the spans of the Tay Bridge(I think?) in Scotland. He knew he would have been court marshalled for such a stunt, but knowing that nobody knew the Navy had Hurricanes at this point, all the complaints were directed to the Air Force, and he was scot free! Legend. Edit: It wasn't a Hurricane, it was a Navy version of the Spitfire, called Seafire (at least initially)


Eric "Winkle" Brown!


This is the[Tay Bridge](https://www.google.com/search?q=tay+bridge&client=ms-android-alcatel-rev1&prmd=imnxv&sxsrf=AOaemvKRDRypsp-omN_W-3AykZIcMEexEw:1638697000646&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwigmviErsz0AhVLa8AKHfDtCOcQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=412&bih=538&dpr=2.63#imgrc=hkel-pTW8QJHaM) for those who don't know - its spans are not exactly generous with their spacing.


Back in the era when a *lot* of pilots were still floating around from Vietnam, and they gave zero fucks.


Treetop Flyers. "...People been asking me, Where'd you learn to fly that way? Was over in Vietnam, chasin' NVA..."


I love that song! Stills is the best.


Plus for a brief moment it shows the T1000 using three hands during the chase scene.


For a briefer moment you see four hands


It's subtle but it's such a great touch


Part of what makes T2 such a great sequel has to do with the growth of the characters. Sarah Connor goes from meek waitress to badass soldier. Arnold goes from evil killing machine to vicious / cuddly father figure. And the actual baddy is upgraded by like 10 generations and literally could not have been even visually realized in a movie even a few years prior (and he still looks awesome today!) My point is that part of what makes T2 so awesome is that it followed T1. They are both great movies and as far as I'm concerned they are the only terminator movies.


I think the masterpiece part for me comes from the fact that even though it's a sequel you don't actually need to watch the first one to understand anything. They really respected the viewer with it.


Borderlands 2


Handsome Jack is one of the best written and acted characters I've ever seen, and probably ever will see


I love all the Borderlands games, but they really shot themselves in the foot by making such a perfect villain in the second game in the series. I like Troy and Tyreen, but not near as much as Handsome Jack, and definitely not in the same way. I never feel the pity for them that I do for Jack. His story is truly heartbreaking, and you get inside his psyche to understand *why* he is such an evil person. But even so, it doesn't try to justify him. You pretty mich get the picture that he always had some psychotic tendencies, but that he kept them under control until he had nothing left to lose, or at least an enemy worthy of not controlling himself any longer. His backstory actually really makes me hate Lilith, a feeling which was just compounded by BL3. Through her headstrong, self-assured, and self-righteous actions, she - and the other vault hunters, to a lesser degree - created the worst villain they would ever face. The Pre-Sequel wasn't as killer of an entry in terms of atmosphere and gameplay, but the story was an amazing addition to the story of BL2. It's just kind of a shame they didn't really do anything with that in BL3. I think in terms of story, they go BL2, Pre-Sequel, BL3, BL1, best to worst. But I can almost forgive BL1 for being worse than 3 in terms of story, for a few reasons: 1. It was the first ever Borderlands game; 2. The story wasn't really the focus, so it accomplished what it intended to accomplish; and 3. It didn't come hot off the heels of one of the best video game stories ever made. BL1 wasn't disappointing, because it had nothing to live up to, and again, story was rather secondary in that one.


BL1 still had some incredible lines. TK Baha (who is blind): Take one more step and it'll be your la...hahaha, you shoulda seen the look on your face!


The Empire Strikes Back


“The force is with you young Skywalker… but you are not a Jedi yet”


I can hear James Earl Jones’ voice in this scene perfectly, and it’s one of the most menacing vocal performances put to film.


Spaceballs 2. The search for more money


Spaceballs 3: The Search for Spaceballs 2


I once read a pitch for that. The VHS of Spaceballs 2 is hidden in Barf's tomb.


I hate you. I thought this actually got released and I somehow missed it.


Did you try to comb the internet looking for it?


22 Jump Street. I was surprised at how much I liked the first. When I went to see the second I had low expectations. It blew me away. I’m bummed they dropped the plan for a Jump Street MiB crossover. That would’ve been fabulous


“You managed to unfuck a situation you originally fucked up. I wish you can unfuck my daughter”


Man I always feel I’m in the minority saying that. That was one of the funniest fucking films I ever saw in the theater. The first one is also hilarious but 22 just improves upon everything and nothing is as funny as Ice Cube finding out Schmidt fucked his daughter.


That scene is amazing. The buildup, the perfection of the timing of it. It is absolutely perfect. The audience has a pretty good idea of what's going on. So we know what's about to go down, and we know it's gonna be amazing. Just no idea how perfect it will be. The pause, the silence, and the egg timer "ding". *Chefs kiss* The classroom scene with the drugs and the whiteboard covered in 4s is the equivalent from the first movie Edit: [For those wanting to re live it](https://youtu.be/sQCfWXoMLi0)


"FUCK YOU SCIENCE!" yeah both those scenes are incredible.


Whoever made the decision to add the cook timer + ding for Tatums reaction deserves not one, but several raises.


Legitimately the funniest thing Channing Tatum has ever done is that scene. It’s just so over the top and Ice keeping that mean mug the whole team with Jonah looking terrified is just hilarious.


My nama Jeff


The microwave ding when Channing figures out what's going on had me cry laughing.


Julia Rob… HURTS!


Batman: The Dark Knight


That opening scene is unforgettable


“I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you…stranger.”


I rewatch that opening scene a few times a year. Flawless.