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I was riding inside of a tube with a friend behind a boat and it was very tight and not long enough for us both. My swimsuit started hitting the water and coming off until I was completely nude with my balls slapping against my friends back. Preeeeetttttyyyyy uncomfortable.


Best friend is gay. He's a couple years older than me, so he has been going to bars for a awhile before I turned 21. He had a gay bar that he *loved* and would always talk about the new friends he made there, and since he was from the *deep* south, and kinda newly out, he just felt like he finally had people that "got" him. Anyway, the day I turned 21, instead of going to some club or something, I went to his gay bar, watched a drag show, and my buddy bought me some shit where a super ripped bartender put his legs around me and gave me a shot poured from a shot glass with his mouth about 2 inches from mine. It was honestly fun as shit, and I'm a very secure dude, so it was all in fun. I'll even admit, it was kinda fun to be hit on like I was some sort of super stud.


I was in basic training. The showers in basic were just this square room with shower heads all around the outside, and a small (4ft) opening on the end to go in and out. Well, in basic training, they tend to hurry you up a little bit whenever you do anything. In a rush to get out, I side shuffled face-to-face with this other guy that was coming in through that opening. Somehow, our dicks contacted damn near at the base, and slid alongside each other (like a cool handshake or something). We looked into each other’s eyes, and he said “we will never speak of this.” And I said “yep.”


And now you spoke of it. Edit: Y'all should go to law school.


He broke the bro code


When I was in the military, my good friend moved into my apartment with my ex wife and me for about six months. We got drunk one night and pissed into the same toilet, at the same time, with the door open. We got some good laughs out of my ex. I’d like to think that’s why we did it but mostly, I think it was a measuring contest.


> pissed into the same toilet at the same time My brother and I used to do this as kids. We’d call it lightsabers because when the piss streams would hit, they’d spark like lightsabers. Our cousin was visiting one time and decided to join us and he just started pissing all over my leg and I was like “WTF?” EDIT: Also, peeing in the toilet and then leaving it unflushed for the other brother to come add his pee to was called “making flubber” and I have no fucking idea why.


When I was a teenager, I was pretty flexible and tried sucking my own dick. I was able to touch it with my tongue the first time I tried. I kept trying. Ultimately, I was able to get about an inch in my mouth, which was enough to give myself a good enough BJ to cum. So, I guess you could say I’ve sucked enough dick to know I don’t really like sucking dick.


"Sucking your own dick is more sucking a dick than getting your dick sucked" -some philosopher, probably


Back in high school I would hang out with a friend I’d known since elementary school. And he came out as gay in sophomore year,. One day we were hanging out at my house (parents were out of town that day) and we got on the topic of sexuality. I mentioned that, since I didn’t have much experience at that point, wasn’t 100% sure if I was straight, gay, bi or whatever. Then he says “well, I happen to know a pretty good way to figure out if you’re gay or not…” being the horny high schooler that I was, I say “fuck it, sure” and we both drop our pants to jerk each other off. He grabs my dick and gets it up, so far so good it feels alright though not *amazing* or anything. Then I grab his dick, and suddenly I’m hit with this overwhelming feeling of “wow! I’m **very straight**” We stopped soon after, since I wasn’t comfortable jerking him off after that. I felt bad since I felt like I had led him on or something but he seemed to think the whole situation was hilarious


He probably couldnt believe it worked


Accidentally kissed my friend at a Halloween party. We were all up in each other's face for a mock aggressive stair down. So I made the kissy face to be funny. We we were closer together than I thought. He said I was a good kisser.


Ahhh ain’t nothing wrong with a lil kissiepoo


On the bells at new years this year, I kissed my other straight dude friend. Everyone else there was a couple and we decided to show them up by being more passionate. We were very drunk. I didn't remember it until 2 weeks after. Good Times. Edit: By passionate I mean that we were really going for it. No tongues, but it was sloppy. Wasn't really passionate lmao.


Tried to crank it to gay porn "just to check". Didn't work but I didn't know about incog mode or clearing history so that was a fun talk with my parents. Young me was an idiot.


Wait, they didn't bring up the porn until they noticed it was gay? > It's ok honey, just 2 chicks today. I'll keep an eye tomorrow 👍


"We noticed your sexual interest is starting to wander. Please sit down, son."


So son based on your porn sexual interest per this chart (points at line chart on power point presentation) we have noticed an anomaly spike for approximately 8 mins on this date...


Held my bros dick for him so he could piss. He had an arm in a sling and had managed to throw his other shoulder out drunk as fuck in Vegas.


Couldn't he have just sat down? Lol


that's how woman pee, it's gay to pee that way as a man, just let your bro hold your dick for you.


This was in the early days of my college career when I'd go see my friends at another college. After partying during the day/night, 4 of us would pile into a single double bed and spoon. A few times one of us would call out "SPOON CHANGE" to signal it was time for us all to turn over and face the opposite direction Edit: "username checks out" I get it lol


Your fucking username is erasing my doubts that this didn't go further


I adore this memory and it’s not even mine.


Was 12 years old or so at my friend ty's house. He was maybe 10, offered me 20 dollars to make a x with our weiners. Needless to say later that day I bought myself two 12 packs of soda and some bags of chips


X-Men Origin story


"Wow, you have a magnum dong, neato!" And thus, from that day forward, he was referred to as Magneto.


Kids are weird fucking creatures lmao


You still friends?


They're probably Ex friends


I’m sure he’s had a long happy relationship with soda and chips


My best friend was sad - his boyfriend of a number of years cheated on him and so my friend dumped him. He was most upset he had booked a trip for a Bear/Cub retreat in Northern CA. It had been a year or so since we had actually seen each other so I suggested he go and I would come up and we could spend some time together and go wine tasting. And that’s what happened. But the night I showed up was the Bear/Cub ball. So I was his date. We grew up together, it was strictly platonic, he’s more my brother but I learned that night I’m considered a bear. We came in second place in the ball. So much back hair! RIP pool drain. We laugh about it still and I love him very much. He met another man that weekend and they celebrated their 5th anniversary last Pie Day.


Lol as a straight guy from the area, Lazy Bear Weekend is a hoot. Obviously I've only been when invited by my gay friends but it is a good time. Got my buddy laid there one time, I'm a good wing man.


That is so incredibly wholesome and I’m happy he met someone!!!


Had to hold my buddies hand while the doctor played hand puppet with his prostate


You're a good friend.


What circumstances bring this to fruition?


So no shit, there I was, we were hanging out in Kuwait waiting to start our missions into Iraq later that year. So me, being an enterprising young medic figured we could hang out with the other medical types at the local clinic to train (sham out of bullshit work) while we were in a holding pattern. Well my buddy (also a medic) has an issue shitting a whole lot of blood. So he goes to the clinic. It just so happens to be the day I'm there *ass*isting. I do his intake, we call the Doc back (some Navy dude, not the cute Nurse) and I try to make a tactical exit, when he asks me to stay for support/chaperone duty. Well Doc has to check the ole rectal tone and prostate because ass cancer and prostate cancer are no joke, especially in the 20 something population. He drops his pants, doc gloves up and lubes up. Now, my hand has been squeezed like that a few times. 4 of them were when my wife was pushing out one of our kids. Those were like an 8/10. His was a solid 9/10. Some lamaz breathing later and some uncomfortable conversation and we find out, he's just got a bad hemorrhoid. MREs and crappy food will do that to you. Great bonding moment.


Incredible story telling. Thank you for this gift


Story telling 10/10


>Gayest thing done >So no shit, there I was It's a military story, isn't it?


Don't they always start that way?


I have never heard a military story from anyone younger than Korea vets that didn't start with "so no shit there I was"


If you weren’t best friends before that you were after it lol


I had a sleepover at my friends house when I was 13, and we laid out some blankets and fell asleep in his living room. I woke up first to him spooning me, and I didn’t move at all because I wanted to avoid any awkward moment in our friendship by having us both know of that cuddle moment, so I laid there as still as I could for maybe 30 minutes until he woke up and quickly but carefully got off of me. I then got up 10 minutes later, and that moment now doesn’t exist in our friendship


This is great because you both know, but only you know that both of you know.


His friend’s going to come across his comment and slowly move his hand towards his agape mouth.


“H-Honey… you knew?!”




Slapped my friends ass and then kicked it after he stole my strepsils because his voice sounded horrible during a residential school trip. In the night he slapped my ass again so I slapped it back. It ended up being a fight until like 12 in the night. All other 6 kids who was watching joined in the fight. That meant everyone was slapping each others ass. This is was in the boys room.


“Throat stuff”


Imagine what that sounded like from outside... **Clap clap clap clap clap** **Someone groans** **I-i-is that the hardest you can do** **F-uuuuu-** **You b!tch** **Even more clapping** **Giggling** **Clap clap clap clap clap**


When my friend slapped my ass I yelled “MY ASS!”




I owned a motorcycle and scooter shop here in Atlanta for years. The gay and lesbian community was my largest scooter buying demographic. Living in Midtown Atlanta or around that area, the scooter was a perfect vehicle for getting around town. In 2002 or 2003, the pride parade was coming, and some of my customers came to me to ask a favor. About a dozen of them were going to ride their scooters in the parade, but they wanted more of a presence, and wanted me to loan them some more scooters so they could have a bigger group. I agreed to loan them several more scooters, and then they asked me to come ride with them. I certainly have nothing against them or the parade itself, but I’m an old straight white guy. It’s not really my scene and it would seem weird to me. I don’t think I belong and I didn’t think people would want me there. Now, one of my customers was a nice young girl who worked at a hair salon. She didn’t buy a scooter from me, but rather another brand from another dealer. I’m perfectly OK with that, because I think the more scooters on the road is a good thing for everybody. That said, the other dealer treated her badly, and wouldn’t service her scooter for her, so she came to me and I did. I made a new friend that day. Some of our customers would come every Saturday and do a ride with a scooter group throughout Atlanta, and she would come, even though she didn’t have one of “our “scooters. I love her for it, because the only thing that was important was the camaraderie of the riding group. They begged me for days to ride with them, and I finally gave in. All of my customers were on a little 50cc scooters, but I had a big 400cc scooter that I chose to ride. They found me a T-shirt that said “Straight But Not Narrow “, and we set off for Midtown. There were about 20 of us, and we had a lot of fun, and I saw some very interesting sights. During one stop in the parade, I looked over to the crowd, and I saw my haircutting customer standing on the side. I waved, and she ran over to me, and threw her arms around me. She started crying, and said she was so thankful that I was there, supporting her community and not being ashamed or distant from her and her friends. I handful of other friends came over, and we’re all hugging and crying, and I really don’t know why. It was a very moving moment and a very moving day. I’m glad I chose to be there and support my friends. I know this isn’t really “doing something gay “, but I’m proud of what I did, and I’m proud to call about 50 people that I met through my job my friends. Although I closed the shop years ago, I still see a lot of my customers at restaurants and shops around the Midtown and downtown area. I always get a hug, and always get a free dessert!


As a gay af Atlantean, lemme just say you’re always welcome at Pride 💜 But for real, what you did for your friends that day is monumental. Every person we see out supporting us gives us one more point of safety in what may otherwise be a very unsafe life. And for the so very many of us who lose family because of who we love, we will absolutely go out and make a family from whoever is willing - including the dude we buy a scooter from. Thank you for being part of their family.


Me and my best bud (at the time) accidentally interlocked our ass cheeks in bed together






So y’all were casually pants less in bed?


He was staying the night and we were in gym shorts laying with our backs to each other when suddenly our asses fit together like puzzle pieces


Post of the day. I want to believe.




Sorta like an ass cheek sandwich


>**ass cheek sandwhich** Good night Reddit.


Its early, come back so we can interlock our ass cheeks!


Two men in bed with bums interlinked. Interlinked. What’s it like to grasp a bum with your bum interlinked. Interlinked.


It’s like 88 cept one is offset




My friend “Are you sure you want to sleep on the floor”. me staring at them while having horrible flashbacks “Yes I am 100% sure”


You went as far to interlock butt cheeks but didn't do a fart transplant?


That sounds dangerous with you.


Well I had a comfortably but not publicly out gay kid convince me that the best way to practice having sex with a girl (we were 13 at the time) was to practice humping each other. I had 0 idea that was an issue and we dry humped for an hour or so.


Omg I just had a flashback to my childhood. I remember I had a sleepover (around 13 years old) at a friend's house. We played soccer together and there were other girls there, too. I remember we all slept in the attic which was a really cool hangout place and we had air mattresses and sleeping bags. I was sleeping in a sleeping bag and I remember waking up to my friend. She somehow convinced me to "practice kissing" so we'd be prepared for boys. And I recall her climbing on top of me and making out hard and she was grinding just as hard. It was not unpleasant and I have no idea if anyone realized what we were doing. Your story reminded me of the buried memory. We never made out again.


When I was about 10, my friend and I decided to practice kissing. Our parents were all doctors, so we had some vague sense of “being safe” and “needing protection”. Therefore we decided to be responsible and keep a sheet of plastic cling film between our mouths when making out 😂


I’m relieved to know I wasn’t the only one that did this. We watched Austin Powers and we were convinced we had to “practice on each other” to be ready for sex with girls. Fast forward many years… I’m now a homo and he’s married to a girl. Luckily for him, we practiced.


You should check with his wife and see if he actually learned anything at practice or if he was wasting your time.


that aint gay, thats just bromance


Only swedish people know what happened in the pillow room


I'm going to wonder this for the rest of my life please elaborate what the fuck that means


What happens and what is pillow room??


They beat each other with Ikea meatball stuffed pillowcases. 10/10


Had a threesome and ended up liking the girl better


A threesome with a couple was how I finally confirmed I was gay.


A 3sum was how I confirmed i am not at all gay. Edit: Please don't make my straightness my most upvoted comment lol.


That awkward moment when your balls touch.


Made out with a dude. He’s now my best man Edit: really? Why is this my top comment?


When my best friend and I were in Thailand, we met this throuple. Two chicks and a guy. I found one of the girls so fuckin’ attractive. So, yknow, we were hanging out and drinking and eventually I make a move, noticing how open they all were. She tells me, “yeah, I’ll make out with you but only if my bf says it’s okay.” So I ask him and he replies, “you can kiss her but first you have to make out with me.” So I did. And then I made out with her. And now she’s my best friend’s baby mama.


What?! So you became BFF’s with the guy banging the two chicks?


You know when porn just cuts to the dude's balls


And then you 💦


Honestly sometimes I'm just like whatever fuck it I don't even care


When jerking it takes on a weirdly nihilistic vibe.


Damn I was expecting to find a bunch of weird shit but a lot of this are surprisingly wholesome


I watched an episode of Glee once. I also like to dildo my ass but I led with the strong argument. Edit: *Slow clap* Figures my most upvoted comment is about me sticking a dildo up my ass.


Me and my friends one night got really drunk and started streaking around where we live (very small area). got so mad lad we started hand shaking each other's dicks, "How do you do?" we would say. Love the lads with all my heart


Time will be measured as before and after this comment.


I will use this phrase many times in my life. Thank you.


>"How do you do?" we would say. As was the style at the time


This is one of the funniest things I have ever read


>”how do you do?” we would say That’s made my whole night, brilliant


Cock of the morning to you


I’m envisioning a bunch of drunk 20 year olds completely nude except for a top hat bowing and shaking each others dicks lmao


This is the funniest thing in this thread holyshit


Not me but this happened at the gym yesterday and I am still a bit shocked. So I walk into the locker room to change my shoes and put away my stuff. These two guys are sitting talking about their work out. They then fist bump, stand up, face to face, full eye contact and both pull down their pant and underwear. Now men locker rooms have plenty of naked men, but I have never in my life seen two men make eye contact and go cock to cock to change


It was their secret handshake.


Shared a pillow and sleeping bag with another guy. I'm 6'3 200lbs and he was 6' 180lbs so it was a tight squeeze, but it was -45°c and we were in a cabin without heat so it was worth it Edit: to answer some common questions. We were in northern Ontario Canada. When we went to bed we were back to back, when we woke up i was the little spoon. No we weren't wearing socks. No i don't think survival is gay but this is the "gayest thing" I've personnel done. Yes we said no homo first and we were making gay jokes the entire time Edit 2: we weren't wearing socks because we were trying to disperse body heat throughout the sleeping bag, because we didn't have loose socks and it would restrict circulation especially with us not moving around, and we were always told to not wear socks while camping in the cold here if you're in a sleeping bag, because your feet will sweat and they'll get even colder, similar to not wearing a coat while hiking in the cold here, better to be a little cold than a little too warm because of sweat


Broke back cabin?


Broke gas cabin.


Certainly better than freezing to death, or one of you cutting the other one open to crawl inside like a tauntaun.


Q. How warm is the inside of a tauntaun? A. Lukewarm


Lived with a gay guy for a couple years in college who seemingly befriended me (at the beginning at least) because he hoped I was gay too. Then came out to me and still wanted to see if I was interested in sharing an apartment. I was really honored he was open to sharing that part of his life with me and moving in together even after finding out I wasn't also gay. We were great friends, and other than the time I accidentally burned some rice in one of his pots (I replaced it) we had a great living situation. This was in a fairly conservative area and time so he and our friends were really careful about who to come out to, and our apartment became the place to be for our gay and lesbian friends. Once a month we'd have a big gay weekend so everyone could have fun and feel safe and free in this difficult place for them. We'd have everyone stay in for drinks and snacks and video games, then go to the drag night to dance at the only place anywhere nearby that was accepting and encouraging of LGBTA for one night a month. Then come back to the apartment, lay a couple mattresses on the floor of the den, and watch goofy movies or, depending on intoxication levels, the funniest porn we could find. It was awesome! I actually would have done much better, hookup-wise, had I been gay. Alas. But I did fine on the straight side (he and I would help each other since we had opposite target audiences) and I made treasured friendships.


Very kind of you. It's nice to see some wholesome things on this thread


Let a dude blow me for lots of money Let me make it clear. I mean he paid me, for me to allow him to perform oral on me. Basically a friend of an acquaintance (so a complete stranger), saw me randomly in public. He thought I was cute and asked her to essentially initiate negotiations with me in my DMs. He sorta Jeffrey Star'd me. I was 18, broke, easily manipulated, and he was offering more money than I'd ever had at once. Part of me even thought, "wont know im gay if i dont give it a try". Now I suppose I can say for sure I'm not lol


My (24m) fiance (24f) is really into guys kissing each other. She's bisexual and I consider myself straight. However, one night I was drunk enough to kiss a nice gay guy that we were hanging out with, after she playfully said that it would make her really hot. Indeed, when we got home she went really wild on me, and we ended up having probably the best sex of my life. No regrets!


I’ve been the gay guy in this exact scenario three times now, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird it happened more than once.


French kissed a guy on a drunk dare. Biggest surprise for me was that it just felt like kissing :D I know it sounds stupid but I thought it will somehow feel different with a man but it didn't really. This experience actually taught me a lot about sexuality.


i misread it and was wondering why it mattered that he was french


Because then his oui oui was involved.


damn these straight people have done gayer things than I have and im very gay


compared dick size


Hard or soft?


Well it started soft


Probably jacking off with a friend to see who could cum first when we were in like middle school. Little did we know that it was definitely not heterosexual and cumming first would later be looked at as a bad thing lol Edit: I normally hate the people who edit comments and thank people for awards but holy shit.. I woke up to 13k upvotes and 5 awards for this. What the actual hell? Thank you ahaha It seems like a lot of commenters did this as well so there’s that. To answer the most popular question I saw though. I won. Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing though.


nothing wrong with a friendly speedrunning competition


oh shit, think I'm that friend


What a way to reunite old friends


Yeah, it's nice that they can come together again.


Oh god, went to a basketball camp at a prestigious collegiate academy at like age 13 and walked past one of the dorm rooms and saw a commoti9m, asked what was going on, and it was exactly what you said. A jack off contest to who could finish first. I'm just now remembering this for the first time in easily 15 years. What the fuck reddit


Kind of a toss up. It’s either liking showtunes and Broadway musicals or the times I had sex with a guy.


I think the showtunes is definitely the big one…


Yeah. I agree. That’s some glittery pride parade stuff right there. At least the other is just butt sex.


My best friend is gay. He got kicked out of his family when they found out, took his car, money, and threw him out. So, I had an empty room and let him stay with me and get him a job. But, there would be times he would just come to my room while bawling. There were nights when we spooned until he passed out. Nothing ever happened more than that. He just needed to be held and to know he's loved


You’re a really good friend


This was pretty sweet.


Fuck yea it was, really warmed my heart, im not gay or bi but i understand rejection and how hard it can be, can't even imagine it coming from the people who birthed you and were supposed to care for your well being, i always get emotional whenever i read similar stories here or hear someone being judgemental of gay or queer people irl.


That’s not gay. That’s being a person who loves their friends.


Fellas is it gay to love your boys?


Nah just homiesexual


That is very sweet and you are a really good person.


This isn't gay at all fam, just a man needing emotional support and a bro providing it.


I'm a straight dude and there have been moments I have absolutely needed a hug from a bro. It's not gay or straight, it's human.


this is the best and most wholesome response 🥺


somehow I managed to give the world 3 gay sons. one of my gay friends from HS found out and asked "WTF man, you got glitter in your spunk?" :D


Do you?


This is the most important question in my life right now.


Right?! I once knew a girl who every time she threw up, it was pink with glitter. Like what ‘chu been eatin’ gurrl?


Wait what was she eating though?


Do we think it was this dudes cum...?


I wonder how the conversation between them was when they found out about each other. Boy 1: "Guys I think I'm gay" Boy 2: "no way so am I" Boy 3: "**no way I am too!**"


Had this happen when I came out to my family and both my younger siblings said they were also gay. I had no idea they were also in the closet and at the time they had a tendency to copy my hobbies so I thought they were just copying me. But nope it's been over a decade and we're all still gay.


That would’ve been some hell of a commitment to biting your style.


Holy shit this blew up over my short commute, I’ll try to catch up and answer questions (no glitterspunk, sorry) but just to douse the fire in gasoline, they are all adults, funny AF, brilliant, objectively handsome or “fortunate looking” as the eldest would say, oh and, *seeking cover* single.


ok for the really interested scientists out there, each time I was drinking lite beer the night before.... lol. but seriously 2 of them just got half raised by me and didn't get the curse of my genes, the third gets the curse of my genes and my parenting, poor guy :). anyway yes it has been interesting pondering nature vs nurture and our family backgrounds and whatnot. only other question I can remember off the top of my head is the flamboyant thing, eldest lead the charge with there will be none of that, brothers followed suit, long story short you'd never know, could be the guy next to you at the piggly wiggly.


Maybe they’re born with it. Maybe is Gaybelline. All kidding aside, you’re a good dad :) Good parents let kids be themselves.


My ex is an identical triplet and all three of them are gay!


That’s a pretty fascinating tidbit of info there.


Kissed my buddy but it was a bet from other friend they would five us $20 each so we kissed and the money they showed us was fake sooo ye.


I took a shower at the Y. It looks like it hasn't been updated since the 1920's, and cleaned since 1984. I'm pretty sure a few of the old naked dudes have been secretly living there since then.


Shoved a sharpie up my ass to see what the big deal is, I wasn’t impressed.


I can't believe I'm saying this, but Sharpie's aren't anywhere near as good as the real thing.


Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Markers?


Oof, that must have left a mark


Hooked up with another girl. She puked in my sink, stole my vibrator and wrote a note in my MAC lipstick in the mirror that said sorry for puking in your sink. No regerts here. Edit - I didn’t expect this to blow up. Or should I say explode? Thanks for the silver 🙌 maybe my first reward ever


So that's how you can get a vibrator if you're too scared to buy it


Livin’ the dream


Was on the swim team, some pretty interesting times in the locker room.


Some of the gayest things I've ever seen in my life happened in a hockey locker room full of supposedly straight guys And I'm gay, so I've seen a lot of gay things


Played hockey into college and also gay, can confirm that the gayest shit I’ve ever seen happened in the locker room. It seems to be undisputed amongst other sports that hockey locker rooms are the gayest as well.


Group hug in the shower tonight!


Well according to some asshole kids in my class, I was gay as fuck for taking dance when I was a kid - tap, jazz, contemporary, etc. Joke was on them though, since I spent all my time with girls in tights and leotards who were in incredible shape from dancing while they spent all their time with other guys in locker rooms that smelled like balls


I used to go to dance camp every summer when I was a kid. It was honestly a heaven. Full of beautiful fit girls who could dance. It's true that when I got older I found that most of the adult male dancers were actually gay, so that particular stereotype was legit at least in this group.


Oh yeah there’s definitely a lot of gay dudes in dance, but they can make some great wingmen when it comes to asking dance girls out (especially during that awkward stage where you haven’t really figured out how to approach a girl yet)


Gay guy here, have a straight dude best friend, can confirm that we make excellent wingmen.


Bro I’m im in theatre right now and I’m the only straight dude out of 10. 39 girls, im livin the dream fellas.


-Elton John lyrics tattooed on my ass -Cried in a lesbian bar when they vetoed my jukebox choice -Broke my own rule about repeating Halloween costumes for my Jack Twist from Brokeback Mountain costume


Figured out I was straight... the unusual way.




Well you never know until you try... tried... preferred trying with women.


I got a BJ from a guy when I thought I might be gay, gained valuable clarity and confidence in my orientation. BJ was 2/10, experience as a whole was 9.5/10


I (18m at the time)Was receiving an amazing BJ from my girlfriend (18F at the time, now wife) we were in her room at her mums house with all kinds of magazine cut outs on the walls. We didn’t really discuss where I was going to cum, but knew she didn’t want a shot to the mouth. Lost in the moment and brought to completion I turned 90 degrees as quickly as possible and ejaculated on a picture of Josh Hartnets face.


Lucky number slemen


Nothing, I’ve said no-homo before doing anything with other men


My buddy recently forgot to say no-homo after a wild anal session. It wasn't the first time as well and I'm beginning to suspect he actually might be gay. Does this make me gay as well? Because I explicitly said no-homo.


If you said no-homo you are good


A coworker made a pass at my gf at a social event - he said “it’s a free country” and tried to shake hands so I pretended I was cool and gave him a bro hug but didn’t let go. When he looked at me puzzled, I inched my face close to his and romantically closed my eyes like going in for a kiss. When he pushed me off, he was disgusted and said “wtf?” I told him “That’s exactly how she felt. Stay the fuck away from us.”


I had a variant of this experience. I was very drunk at a party and noticed a girl had been watching me sing karaoke with interest. I approached her and we started making out. After a brief session (a minute or two), I went to look for another drink. As I got up a very angry-looking man was storming my way while flexing his chest and staring at me with contempt. I was pretty damn sure I was seconds away from an ass beating, and that he was "protecting" the girl that had been making out with me. I was waaaay to drunk to defend myself. So as he approached, I smiled, opened my arms as if to hug him and tilted my head slightly to the side as if inviting him to be next in the make-out session. He immediately looked disgusted and backed away. I avoided getting beat up by pretending to be ready to make out with an angry guy.


"Let's f'ing go!" "Alright big boy, where we going?" "....wtf?"


In an alternate universe, he kissed you back and now you’re living in Vermont, own your own motel and are raising a 14 year old daughter together


*Lifetime script writers* “Write that down WRITE THAT DOWN!


Nicely done!


We fucked but we didn’t made eye contact so it’s not gay


I’m so straight I could suck a dick and it wouldn’t be gay


Please demonstrate




That first one is rape, homey. 😬




I get really flustered around pretty women, as I’m not even being able to talk without stuttering a little bit. I’m still pretty much straight, but pretty women make me nervous.


Pretty women scare all of us


I was at a friends house and he was shirtless playing his xbox and the whole time i was sitting there i wanted to twiddle his nipples so bad for fun but i didn’t i was tempted to though