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Crystal Meth Been clean for 5 years now, going on 6. My crash was so bad that I was constantly blacking out, falling and hitting my head. My face is slightly lopsided now and have terrible memory issues


You’re clean now and that’s what counts, it’s a hell of a thing getting away from. You’re a strong person walking away from that.


Oh sorry to hear that, but I’m happy you are clean now, I’m hoping life is better for you


Congrats on being clean, that is amazing


Amazing, you're a warrior, really happy for you, keep up the fight, the sun only shines brighter from now on.




Tesla Call Options then I progressed to full on IV’ing DRS GameStop shares every morning just to get out of bed.


Heroin... last experience was horrible, clean for over a decade now


Congrats on your clean time!!


“Spice” that fake synthetic weed sold as potpourri in the 2010’s. I was a very regular weed smoker, but it only took two tiny hits for that stuff to have me in the floor. I felt it instantly and dramatically fell backwards into the wall and slid down it, I crawled myself out to the car and got in the backseat. I laid there for a few minutes and started vomiting this purple stuff that freaked me the fuck out, I had forgotten that right before smoking I had grape koolaid, I was in the car for almost an hour freaking out, because I kept seeing these shadowy silhouettes around the car even though no one was there. That has kept me clean ever since then. Still smoke weed ofc, but nothing wild anymore at all


Xanax. Worst withdrawal from anything I've ever been addicted to before. Ended up in the hospital from seizures after not having it for 2 days. The only drug I haven't used was heroine. Opiate painkillers were the second worst...


does it counts if i tried weed once, it had no effect and didnt try anything else again from dissapointment?