The final review section helped a lot, I found. Also I used ninja because I like the way they presented their mcq and could more easily see which sections of the blueprint I struggled on. I did about 120 questions a day. Do it until you can figure it out in your sleep and you'll get it!


Go through a ton of multiple choice questions. Like for each unit 1-10 on the practice tests until you consistently score above 75 or 80. I usually did 15 questions each test. Go through flash cards, if you took notes look through those, for things you aren’t completely confident on you can use a whiteboard and rewrite it until you know it. Do the final review like a week before and the simulated exams the week of. Also there’s videos on Becker that go through explaining the simulations and tips on those I would watch if you have time. The simulated exams will tell you what areas you need to review more.


Make your own custom flashcards with [Anki](https://apps.ankiweb.net/) and you'll be amazed at how much you'll be able to recall.


As FAR was my 1st exam I took multiple practice tests with 36 MCQs and 2 sims


Thanks everyone, very helpful !