Don’t take any more shots


Don't take experimental drugs and don't trust the government.


I didn't do any test ever yet, simply because the sole reason why this kept going are the tests. I am basically not allowed to do anything (Germany) except shopping "everyday needs". Everyone's limit is different. I can just hope that people do stay strong, don't bow down. Look for alternate solutions to problems. This is not only a first time worldwide tyranny but also the first time everyone has the same popblem(s) worldwide. Theoretically it shouldn't be too hard to locally find people who struggle through the same issues to bond together and find solutions to similar problems. Though i have to admit it's tough to find someone who is willing to approach these things actively. I also had general trust issues with anyone i would've met just recently. Tough times tbh. Good luck friend!


This time I want to stay strong, any tips? Stay "unvaccinated"