They already destroyed the economy, we’re going to suffer together


I'll take a wrecked economy and healthy heart over a wrecked economy and "mild" case of myocarditis.


Just another extension/example of their projection when they say that ***we’re*** the selfish ones. They’ve been the hyperselfish all along, easily masked (no pun) by weak virtue signaling .


It's why they also got catered to by the media. I uploaded a post here months ago showing a screenshot that a big newspaper in my country (daily mail) were putting in articles "do you know someone that refused the vaccine and got sick/ had regret, send your stories here". They were desperate to force that narrative to feel good, the original narrative was "all those stupid red states that didn't act spiritually pure and sacrifice freedom will end up with nothing as they'll all die while states that followed the science will come out on top" Instead we saw that NY led in deaths and Cuomo begging for 10,000s of ventilators was ridiculous and everything else we learned. Likewise people don't care about reality, they *wanted* to see the news that "covid denier begs for vaccine on his death bed" and all those other dumb articles. So they were given the red meat they wanted.


At least the woke poke pushers I’m exposed to, let up when I got Covid and it was no big woop.


Jabs in a bucket




One simple rule for life: do that which makes all the right people mad.


Anti-vaxxers are actually following the science. Vaxxed are following scientism.


There is a word for this also: Cognitive dissonance Look it up, it fits perfectly


They seized the mistakes, now they’re trying to redistribute them


Peak socialism


No; not until the camps are open for business


MEDIA: How camps rounding up citizens is actually a good thing.


Yeah, you're right, the peak can always be higher. Australia and China already have some in place though, if what I heard was true. And we've also had them here in Argentina in one province up north, they quickly removed them once everyone heard about them and politicians managed to get themselves there to see them for themselves and protest along the people (This was 2020 I believe).


If you ever wondered how the Soviets could so gleefully self-destruct and collapse into oblivion without firing a single shot, well, here you go


Totally. I think people are embarrassed that they were so gullible.


This is why I don’t try to wake anyone up anymore. Everyone with the moral courage and strength of character to admit a mistake and alter their behavior has already done so.


Based don’t give a fucker


One of the biggest truths ever told. Unfortunately.


Misery loves company


I am only basic vaccinated (two-dose Moderna) but I do NOT ever push that on others. I always tell them it is a personal decision or their choice of whether they want it or not. I have some vaccinated friends but they never push their choice on others, either. I don't care if you are vaccinated or not, you are WELCOME to my circle. I for some reason attract unvaxxed men, maybe they know I have an open mind!


Good attitude. Unfortunately a lot of people around me are in favor of mandates.




How are vaccinated people suffering.


They know they have at most 4 years to live Now is a good time to get into a vaxxies will


They are suffering with the deep down fear that what they did was wrong and irreversible


This is pretty obvious to me


This maps perfectly


If you're right it means that they have to admit that the "experts" don't necessarily know everything and that the system sometimes (or most of the time) doesn't actually work.


It's a classic misery loves company scenario




I am a stock investor and I have seen this mentality among new and inexperienced investors a lot. If they didn’t invest in a stock, they want the stock to fail. If they see the stock doing well, they sometimes even short it, spread lies about the company, etc.. They make a decision without proper research and then they get mental issues when it turns out they are going to lose their high stake.


You can fool me I know where you took that screenshot


A workmate actually said they aren't too bothered if the injections turn out to be bad for health because so many other people got them too, means they won't go down alone. ....in what world is that rational?


NPC world? 🤡🌎?


Yeah, you're right. The conclusion struck me as I typed. The striking thing is that they're aren't an idiot and come across quite well. It's not a perspective i'd expect them to have at all! Seems like the last couple years of being constantly bombarded have seriously fried people's brains to the point they don't even know that they are too mentally exhausted to think deeply. I could go on a rant here about how society has moulded people for generations now, through conditioning and stress to only think about their personal life and comforts. But it's late and all it'd achieve is riling myself up before sleeping haha.


kinda applies to socialists too