Some his best material is the free beginners ta course. It is just a straight rip off of kewltexh though. Peaks and valleys, legs and testing untested levels.. good stuff but not his ideas.


You see, you are digging a deeper hole for yourself if you keep up with these shady tactics! More and more people are finding out about your lies. So stop shooting yourself in the foot and do us all a favor and refund your discord community that supported you for such a long time and didn't end up making any money in the end. Your chief programmer Sparkling left, your discord community is quiet as sh\*t, your AIX turned out to be a disaster, your Road to 1 million turned out to be a disaster. You can't trade at all! Can you please stop with this nonsense already and give up? Because we the past students and the people whom you ripped off won't stop denouncing you. We will keep up this fight until you refund every single person's money!


both of you are tim sykes