I don't know man... Pac-Man sounds pretty poggers


MHA Strongest Hero is IMO the hardest game to grind being F2P and their drop rates for new characters are arguably worse than legends just my thoughts 🤷🏾‍♂️


That and Grand Cross. At least Legends makes it piss easy to grind character resources. Zenkai Souls are still a pain but a manageable one. As a 2 year veteran on GC, it’s grinding system is absolutely atrocious. Also, your completely correct about the MHA TS banners being worst. You could go to the pity to get a S unit(equivalent of a lf in legends) and there is only ONE S unit. The rest are extremes in Legends terms.


Always good to look at upside, even if this anni kinda was lame.


What happened for their anniversary?


They added the dude who eats animals to become them and now brought back WHM Deku and pretty much nothing else One of the ways to get new currencies was literally playing pacman




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