find it on : 1337


I can't be the only one thinking Denuvo is the $500 donator to keep her busy, that can't be right! It's a multiplayer game, and it's been given for free in epic games, wtf is going here?


Now that would be a twist haha A better still would be if this was true and Denuvo would be caught with their pants down doing it and using such tactics. Still, most likely, its just a rich Star Wars fan that wants to support Empress.


when denuvo uses 100% of their brain.


What if video game companies are contributing to crack this game instead of an actual good one?😂😂


Thank u EMPRESS.. the game is running Buttery smooth.. I am Getting 90+ fps in high settings n that too I have capped my CPU Speed to avoid Overheating n still I am getting 90+ fps mostly 100 above but still 90+ average... Thank u so very much n very grateful..GBU🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🎉


Yep, and this is all because of thr denuvo and Capcom anti tamper bypass. Empress is shining a huge light on how bad denuvo is for PC performance. Its a 'cut off your nose to spite your face ' type of situation where Capcom essentially is punishing thr people actually paying for their game.


Yes buddy... DENUVO is shit... I only played just for starting 5 mins.. n den i have to quit bcoz of work.. now I ll play after 2 hrs... N den i ll again update how was the overall experience 👻


The empress cracked is buttery smooth. It's amazing. You already ser YouTube vids online and threads on steam about how the cracked version, even while bypassing denuvo and not completely removing it, performs way better than the retail steam version. I had people arguing with me that denuvo isn't the culprit, but this is just clear proof. Empress said it in the NFO even. The Capcom anti tamper is terrible too, but denuvo is always the common denominator.


Yo, can you share some of these videos? Wanna see the comparison between the crack and the retail version.


What specs do you have mate?


I have Acer Predator Helios 300 i7 9750H 6 Cores, 1660ti 6gb Nvidia Graphics, 16gb ram.. n I have capped the CPU Speed to 2.60GHZ otherwise in turbo mode it goes to 4.5ghz so 2.60ghz is more than enough and it also reduces the CPU Temperatures.. I was playing RE village at 90+ fps n my highest CPU temps was just 64 degrees C.. so it's running smooth.. of course I can remove the speed cap n run that game with speed of 4 ghz n all but still it will just increase the CPU temps to above 85 degrees n of course there will be big fps boost but I am satisfied with Capped speed.. bcoz it is giving me 90+ fps.. so if I remove speed cap then i will get 130+ fps with increasing CPU temps but still I am satisfied with my current settings


Bro I have the same exact laptop as you, just the 2020 RTX version but when I launch the game, it says "Not enough save memory, at least 21mb needed". I don't understand what's the problem here. Did you get any such message?


dude fix it by installing steam and create an account if u dont have one keep running steam in the background and run the game if u get black screen try restarting yr pc and again starting the game it fixed for most of the users


OH MY GOD DUDE YOU ARE A LIFESAVER THANK YOU SO MUCH, IT WORKED!!! Thank you brother, I've been waiting for 14 hours to get it to work, you are an angel.


Happy to help mate♥️


Do you have a HDD + SSD on your laptop?


Can you please share the download link


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cC0iR28TqEmhdxv-pE5UtfQ4QoEq4sw0/view This is crack file only of Empress ok


Is this Not included in the download found in 1337x?


I don't know.. but I had already downloaded the game perviously so just needed crack file to download.. u can download that 1337x torrent n try to play that.. if it's not working then u download this crack file I just shared the link.. n den copy the crack folder in the installed folder then definitely it will work


Everybody talking about why dude picked BFII as next game but I am just glad someone provided significant funding for the person literally carrying the scene right now


This dude honestly if people can afford to donate, please donate she worked hard for us


wow! someone paid 500 dollars to choose Star Wars Battlefront 2 next game.


Yeah what is up with that, isn't that basically an online only game? Why the hell would anyone pick that?


I just got that game for free from epic games few months back lol








Not only online. It has a campaign mode playing against bots xD


It's the rival company paying EMPRESS to get the game cracked .


Also it was free on ubisoft or epic games if im not sure


Yeah I got it on epic store it was free a while ago


What if someone paid her so she would spend time cracking that instead of other popular games?


Oohhh damnnn now this is a conspiracy theory right here and I'm excited.


big brain


that game is [cracked](https://steamcrackedgames.com/game/star-wars-battlefront) lol


really? game was given away for free on epic store, with all dlcs


And the base game by CPY was cracked LOL someone is rich.


a lot of star wars fans have money to throw away


Just downloaded. Will seed for 24hours. If your hardware and internet plan allow it, dont hit and run. Its the fact we are a community in cooperation that makes all this possible. Have fun this weekend, everyone 🖤




Broo can u share the link thanks! Will seed for 1week 😊




I’m reading that the crack removed the attack animation. I’m surprised it wasn’t discovered during beta testing; seems to be the case when watching this video. https://youtu.be/5Mgu7QTllNQ


I'd rather have no attack animations than those HARD fps drops & framepacing issues. Look at 25 seconds in, and 36 seconds in. Goes from 60-70fps to 25-30fps with really bad frame drop. Shit goes from 17ms to 126ms at one point. That is INSANE. Denuvo bots downvoting in this thread hard, shame.


The problem is that it breaks the pushing enemies mechanic too, not just the animations


Pushing enemy works fine for me I don't know exactly when pushing mechanic happen but at least for lycans it's working


Denuvo is a zombie and Empress a one girl STARS team. Thank you, Emp 🖤


Denuvo is mutating like Birkin


Good thing Empress has the infinite ammo Rocket Launcher hehehe


Any fix for the missing animations and graphics settings being reset?


It is clear that companies are starting to donate. To keep her busy. No sane person would pay $500 for Star Wars. I don't know who exactly is denuvo or could it be ubisoft to protect watchdogs


Probably a rich person donated, not necessary a guy from one of those companies i know some users who paid 10k usd for games in kickstarter


We need to contact Empress in qTox for a crackfix Lot of animation have been removed And now it's really hard to beat the game on high difficulty + ( 30 % of the fun in this game has been removed cause of the animation disabled and no stats if you get attacked and not knowing wich direction you're attacked from its hard)


Thank you today is my birthday thank you for this evilest gift ♥️♥️♥️♥️


Sup Homie Happy Birthday to you may all your wish come true


Bro Many Many Happy returns of the day 🎉🎉


Empress Give Best gift for you 😀 enjoy budy 👍


Happy birthday man, enjoy!


happy bday bro


**List of things that need to be fixed in the CRACKFIX:** 1. *Game doesn't launch on some systems unless you change your regional format to English (US)* 2. *21 MB Save Error which requires Steam to be installed* 3. *Black Screen & CTD on some systems* 4. *Animations when enemies attack you are not working* (**kinda awkward to see one of the daughters attack you and she just stands in front of you and gives you damage instead of the animation being played when she grabs you**) ***I hope EMPRESS sees this and I hope that this helps her sum up the issues found so far.***


Some other stuff: 1. Graphics settings are getting reset for some people. 2. Hints on how to use some attacks (Mostly about pushing enemies I think) aren't coming up. 3. Damage feedback (Show from what side damage is being dealt to you) isn't showing. 4. For some people when they open the game it just crashes. Maybe fixing one issue can resolve the other.


I don't know if the animation thing can get fixed, they may have been bypassed to avoid the checks that capcoms DRM looks for. But who knows, maybe she can pull it off!


Maybe it works like this: some part of Capcom DRM checks some part of DENUVO DRM, if that part is found successfully, animations will work, if not, animations won't work. It could be just an unpatched check, but I could be wrong.


>Black Screen & CTD on some systems ​ Yeeah I was playing just fine yesterday and now it won't launch, ctd on startup. ​ EDIT: fixed changing settings ini FullScreen mode to true from false


Thanks empress eventhough you hated the game but still you cracked it for us. Thank you soooooooo much.


Anyone else not being able to start the game? I run re8.exe and nothing happens.


Unfortunately, this (one of the Daughters biting you) animation isn't the only one that's disabled. One of the very major feature that i've anticipated is Parrying (Guard -> Punch), which is disabled. Another One is Damage Feedback, which doesn't help in the earlier chapters because you don't know which direction the enemy attacks. The game IS fine with these, although will be less complete and much more harder to finish this Cracked Version.


True! I think it's unplayable without those animations. Crackfix pls !


Well let's hope.


By parrying you mean Push? I'm pretty sure it's guard (to block the attack) and then press the guard button again (or just spam the guard button after blocking for a higher chance of succeeding). Problem is, on this version it never freaking works. I never even got the pop-up hint in game that tells me how to push the enemies. It's not supposed to work when using the knife but for me, it doesn't work on any weapons and I've tried it numerous times. I know my timing can't be _that bad_


Waiting for crackfix. A lot of animations are missing when enemies hit you.


https://youtu.be/UXZGCwAJpbM Damn, even Digital Foundry made a video focused on this one


**Game requires a crackfix, unfortunately.** **Doesn't launch properly for a lot of people (including me).**


don't forget to run the game as administrator, clear shader cache via nvidia or amd app restart Pc, Also don't forget to install and run steam when starting the game, a very good alternative is to disable the antivirus


Some animations are totally missing. But for me, the most important of these, is the counterattack animation. In higher difficulties, it is almost impossible to beat the game without this. Guess we gonna wait for a crackfix. (Various enemies attack animations are gone too).


There's a new stutter fix (for legit Steam .exe) which doesn't disable animations: https://github.com/praydog/REFramework/releases (extract dinput8.dll from RE8.zip to the game's root folder) I just tried it and the game runs like a butter. I also wanted to try it on EMPRESS cracked game but the game won't even start when dinput8.dll is present. Hopefully someone can figure this out and make it work for cracked game too.


Yes... When 1st time encounter with 1st daughter on the Corridor when we put maroon eye in that door.. that time the daughter try to kill us animation is missing totally... Just decreases health but no animation of her tring to kill/chew ethan


What's the counterattack animation? I've been trying to push back enemies after blocking for hours with no result.


Exactly bro. Thats the problem, you can't do it in the cracked version.


for the time being just use a trainer with god mod to finish the game. kinda sucks u have to do that.


The game runs good, but it needs a crack fix or something for the missing animations and bugs like black screen.


Thanks to Empress for the crack and beta testers for helping her perfecting it, enjoy playing people.


I hope you can fix the lost animations ! .


so maybe i'm a dumb idiot but where can you get a link for download?


She wil upload it on 1337x. to




Is the username "0xEMPRESS"?


If there will be a a crackfix I hope it fixes the animations. Also pushing enemies after blocking is needed to make the game fair and playable otherwise is harder for no damn reason


Is there a crackfix planned for the missing enemy animations?


until now, nothing, but I hope someone announce something soon


I can only say thank you to Empress and the beta testers that helped to bring this crack. You guys are amazing.




This release need crackfix ASAP because sometimes it won't even launch, PC restart and magically game launches fine. "Run as admin" does nothing in this case.


Help needed troubleshooting the "no available disk space, atleast 21mb required" error I had run the setup as administrator and set the installation folder on my hdd(300+gb free)... I also have an ssd(80+ gb free) for windows and some essential programs... The installation completed without errors, even directx and vc++ installation succeeded. Restarted the pc. Ran the shortcut as administrator and after the splash screens saw a dialog box pop up saying my disk drive does not have enough free space, atleast 21 mb is required in order to save. I disabled the windows defender and antivirus software still the same result. I googled and came across a 10 year old thread on answers.microsoft.com https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/cannot-save-game-because-the-game-pop-out-say-not/7f94ad31-2201-4b07-a128-2cc3b7e40700 The guy was able to proceed by simply running the exe as admin.... However I was not able to reproduce this solution. Till date i have not faced such an error on any other game / software. Some games even start without running them as administrator because the game files are not on my system drive but the separate hdd... Wonder what is the issue in this case 🤔 Even if this game runs or not, i am very grateful for empress it feels really good seeing her win and denuvo lose


any news about crackfix for re village?


I read in crackwatch that the issue in missing animations is being addressed, is it true? Coz I will wait for it before getting deeper progress into the game.


Denvuo bots are gone now wow 😂😂


Empress please make a crackfix for this, My game won't even start but its running on background


any plan of cracking wd legion in near future? as i heard the bloodline dlc is awesome and game is almost fixed and it contains denuvo 10 so i dont think this will create any prob


Finally found someone who has intrest in WD LEGION 🙏


Its a great game but purely underrated


A warning about removed animations in the NFO would have been great.


idk if Empress knows this but there r Animations and the Parrying is disabled. there needs to be a updated cracked. i'm going to messager her on pTox


Jill is my wife


If the game doesnt't start try this: -In Windows, change REGION to United States; -In Windows, change LANGUAGE to English (US); -Run game as administrator. It worked for me. Regards from Argentina. Si el juego no arranca, prueben esto: -En Windows, cambiar la REGIÓN a Estados Unidos y el IDIOMA a Inglés (Estados Unidos); -Ejecutar el juego como administrador. A mi me funcionó. Saludos desde Argentina.


Is guard/counterattack broken for anyone else? It makes me completely invincible and I never react or get the prompt.


Yes it is. Im still waiting for a crackfix, since this implies that a game mechanic is completely missing.


Check out the RE8 mod if you have the legit steam release and only want the performance fixes regarding stutter due to Capcom anti tamper routines. [https://github.com/praydog/REFramework/releases/tag/v1.06.1](https://github.com/praydog/REFramework/releases/tag/v1.06.1) You can read the commits to see what his jump code does.




Hail Empress


game is working like a charm (EMPRESS version, 27 GB), no any micro stutter detected :) my specs: i7 6700k, 16 GB Ram of memory, GTX 1070, 500 GB SSD, I am looking forward to see in the upcoming months: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, Watch Dogs: Legion and Dirt 5 :)


make a folder like this.....steam >userdata>418370>remote>win64\_save... and copy paste to your programme files ( ×86) folder....this solution is for the not enough space problem...it'll completely fix the issue....happy gaming guys 😊


The game ran fine the first few times, then suddenly the game just stops launching anymore. It displays the black screen and crashes almost instantly, whenever I try to open it. Restarting seems to fix the issue temporarily but that’s about it. It’ll run fine until you close the game then it randomly crashes again when I open it. Any advice ?


I have the same problems but i fix it without restarting, sometimes restarting steam works sometimes troubleshooting the game works and sometimes deleting cfg files and clearing gpu cache works


Can someone help im gonna kill urself...After I just enter 3rd boss Moreau I think,game just keep crashing...Why?




Anyone else just have it where the game installs ok, but then it just doesn't start? Can see it running in the task manager, but uses no memory, no power, no cpu or gpu usage.


Thank you very much Empress! ❤️👸🏻 You are our Queen. I can’t tell you how grateful we are that we have you on our side. Keep doing hard work and surprise us with your wonderful art of cracking games. You will be remembered in our hearts 🥰🙌🏻 Idc what others say about you, but you are the best!!! And indeed you deserve all this appreciation, with this I mean, all those people who do their best, to crack games,, Instead of just repacking it.. still.. lots of love.. from India 🇮🇳❤️ You are Breathtaking @EMPRESS


Pls, we must respect the dude who paid the money for STBII. It's his/her money and that's benefits empress to continue cracking n brush up her skills killing denuvo. I just hope she'll update AC Valhalla.




Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thanks to uuu ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Works well but damage animations are broken. Might wait for another crack fix to play it


I don't know how but game is working for me after reinstallation.


Bought this and played one hour, stopped because of the slowdowns. THANK you empress, still managed to get a refund and am now playing the game the PROPER way! :D


Battlefront 2 💀


Bad crack. So many missing animation Please fix it


maybe companies will start paying empress to crack crap games instead of their games mmm this is 100% possible, for their companies paying thousands of dollars is nothing !! think of that really hard guys, cause this doesnt look good, empress will never spit on so much money and she will probably wont look at who's paying.... ​ if empress crack one big major game on a regular basis without taking payment that would be fine, but if all her cracks are based on pple payment, that's going to suck hard real fast.


Please watch dogs legion next Watch_Dogs: Legion will be remembered as a feather on crown of Empress..


WD legion plsssss


Fitgirls ego killed her site after this crack 🤔 if you get what I mean to say.


Well, the lack of popular AAA games to repack and post on her site must sting.


Fitgirl got greedy, so as far as I am concerned that fate is more then deserved.


Already DL'd it and runs so smoothly. I see the meticulous effort that has been done so that if not all, at least most of us users can run this without any problems. I appreciate the dedication of Empress and her contributors to turn out a crack this good. On a sidenote, I know there has been issues with FitGirl Repacks and renouncing her support for Empress. She is still unwilling to use her cracks and the repercussions are already showing. She doesn't have any access to recent popular cracked games done by Empress and she has to either wait for years from a different source or even not have that source she needs since Empress is still the only one capable of breaking the updated Denuvo. In a business sense, it's still a better option to support Empress since she actually does have a right to be recognized especially for her efforts in creating a new cracking program to counter the newer Denuvo versions. Without those big name cracked games from Empress, people from Fitgirl will have to look for better Repackers like Dodi or even to Empress herself. Its all pride at this point. We have to face the facts. Empress is a good Denuvo-Cracker and it may look like she's monopolizing the Cracking industry when in fact, she actually is the top in the cracking industry right now.


said everything, you're right 😍 Let's support the empress


There's a new stutter fix (for legit Steam .exe) which doesn't disable animations: https://github.com/praydog/REFramework/releases (extract dinput8.dll from RE8.zip to the game's root folder) I just tried it and the game runs like a butter. I also wanted to try it on EMPRESS cracked game but the game won't even start when dinput8.dll is present. Hopefully someone can figure this out and make it work for cracked game too.


Denuvo slayer


F for that one folk who paid 500 dollars for a game that was free a while ago


Playing resident evil village for about 2 hours for now at 1080p high settings on a rx 580 4gb gpu.I am getting constant 60 fps with no lag or stuttering.Thank you so so much empress✌️


Anyone know how to fix the huge frame drop (basically running in slow motion) during certain cutscenes and when transitioning between areas? Sometimes it runs at 40 fps then suddenly you're watching a slow motion slideshow in 5 fps, guess capcom really fucked up with the optimization...


quickfix: if the game doesnt start at all,change your region to ENG and restart/log off your pc,launch the game once and it should be fixed


Won't launch, just runs a little bit then closes. I already did everything I could. 1. Disabled the Shader Cache in NVApp, deleted all contents in AppData/NVIDIA/NV\_Cache, restarted and then re-enable Shader Cache in NVApp. 2. Run as admin 3. Deleted config.ini 4. Changed Windows Language to English (United States) along with the region to United States. Restart then launch. 5. Set Offline=1 in steam\_emu.ini Nothing works. I don't know but I have the latest build of Windows 21H1 and it could be an anti-piracy protection. I hope we get a crackfix. Thanks!


Same here unfortunately. I actually played the game for several hours, now it won't start.


Game won't run,i tried everything running the exe nothing happens,guess needs a crack fix


Ive tried every available tips to run this game, none of them worked. Guess we'll have to wait for a crackfix.


i have seen many articles about how this crack fixes the game's performance yet i don't get the comparison since the animations are disabled in the cracked version as shown in the videos. was disabling the animations intentionally done to remove the checks?


I just want tell to Empress, thanks to crack this game, because it is the best game I was waiting this year.


Thanks you queen.


Fucking legend


I bow to you my queen! Thank you!


Really? Starwars? But is already crack right? But i respect who donate 500$ and also cracker.. But the game is not worth it.


Oh my god this girl is a legend. Thank you empress for making us always happy. ❤️❤️❤️


Amazing job as always Empress!. Thanks a LOT for this incredible release. You rule. Thank you.


FIXED! If you are having the "Not enough memory to save" error on launch - go to your antivirus software (I use bitdefender) and create an exception to the re8.exe, then run with admin... voila.


I'm now running the crack with the Steam version lmao. Runs so much better!


Anyone else noticed missing animations? Like when you block an incoming attack but it kinda fades through Ethan's hands, even though the damage still happened


Yea was thinking the same thought it was a glitch with my pc lmao


Hey Empress.. I found some bugs.. 1st bug was a sudden frame drop like below 20 fps while mini boss fight with one of the daughters in upper library.. also 2nd fps drop in beneviento house while escaping that big baby


Yeah. I had the same frame drops in those locations


Well i have it but it just won´t lauch at all. I´ve tried everything please help


You are not alone i have same issue here.


Hello everyone. If you are having problem launching the game from black screen to desktop, Download RAMMap from Microsoft website. [https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/rammap](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/rammap) extract and run, click on Empty > Empty Working Sets > Empty System Working Set and Empty Standby List. Launch game and let me know if it helps you.


About that mod that fixes the legit version, the person who posted about it here said that it doesn't work with the crack. But, if, just if, it works with the unlocked version? The chance is very, very low, but I'm going to test.


Someone have the EMP.dll from a beta where the stuttering still happens? And some beta tester can tell me if the animations were working in some beta?


were there the same missing animations in beta 4?


lets hope this gets fixed , Empress should be able to pull it off for sure, lets also hope she fixes the W7 error crash, when using this tutorial> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2479282927 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3\_sNBCy7dw&lc=UgywS4riUxg2P0DtmAJ4AaABAg.9Ph0TaqYQVx9PiB2E2DUWI


Are you working on any fix for missing animations Empress?


The game runs fine for a while, then it start framedropping and stuttering like hell. Rebooting the game fix this situaation. Is there any real fix for this?


All hail Empress!


can´t open, the process does start on task manager but fades away after a few seconds


someone closes at startup?


yeah,barely makes it in the task manager and then it closes,waiting for a fix


This just hangs for me upon clicking the exe, 5600x 32GB 3080


thank you so much my queennn🥰🥰🥰 seeding now for my fellow pirates🙌


Its working perfectly with 1080 60 fps, this game is pretty optimized:D thank you very much for your work!!


find it on : 1337


For those who wrote “Your disk doesn't have enough space. To save the game, you must have at least 21 MB of free space. " what does it mean


don't forget to run the game as administrator, clear shader cache via nvidia or amd app restart Pc, Also don't forget to install and run steam when starting the game, a very good alternative is to disable the antivirus


Crashes on startup, double clicking the EXE did nothing. Tried every solution possible in this thread and nothing worked. ​ R3 3300X, 32GB RAM, GTX 980ti


I fixed it by changing my windows language from Spanish to English... Never had to done something like that before but it surely worked pretty well.


this fixed it. thanks a lot


Guys, i need help. After installing the crack correctly, i decided to configure my sound options, but suddenly the game had no more sound, and could be closed. So ive rebooted the PC, and when i came back i could not open the game anymore. I've reinstalled, but once again, nothing worked. Any tips, help or something? I would be really thankful


don't forget to run the game as administrator, clear shader cache via nvidia or amd app restart Pc


Also don't forget to install and run steam when starting the game.


Update: i solved it by reinstalling the game, and also cleaning all my cache files from directx, nvidia and everythingI could. After restarting the PC it was brand new. Btw, thx for the support :)


Would anyone care to explain to me what the following paragraph is all about? I don't really understand it *"All in-game shutters like the one from when you kill a zombie are fixed because Capcom DRM's enty points are patched out so most of their functions are never executed anymore"*


I believe she means "stutters".Also, because of the removed checks (entry points), it seems that some animations aren't triggered.I'd wait for a newer patch, hoping it can be easily fixed.


Windows defender detected PUA:Win32/SBYinYing after i installed the game is this normal?


can someone tell me where to get re8 files i cant find them, can someone link?


Thanks for the crack, Empress! Any chance of revisiting Immortals Fenyx Rising with all DLC?


It isn't working for me. RE8.exe is not responding.


So is there a way to "fix" my legit steam version?


Thank You.


everytime i launch the game this appears : Steam is currently in Offline Mode. For the first launch go in Online mode how to fix?


Thank you so much It is very good than the demo that i am getting 60 fps on a gtx 750 ti👋 Gg's empress u did a nice job like u always do


Is this have fixed the slow mo problem ?. My steam ver is capped my cpu to below the base speed around 1.70 Ghz ( my base speed is 1.80Ghz). I have 8gb of ram and 4gb vga. Is this some kind of bug ?


If I run the game in Spanish I have a drop in frames, up to 10 fps in some scenes or places. In English audio it runs normal without fps drops. I don't know if the same thing happens in other languages. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djMARzzItbE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djMARzzItbE)


My Windows defender detected PUA:Win32/SBYinYing? Is this safe?