find it on : 1337


Thank you Empress and all the donators for those games, sorry i would like to donate but i can't aford anything i'm poor, thats why i'm here :'(


The Skidrow situation is so painful. I wouldn't be surprised if top crackers of Codex, or the entirety of CPY did the same.


This cracking shit is pure NASA type shit. Scenes going against highly budget security. Whats worse is that theyre turning others back. This is bad.




What's going on?


Read the NFO.


I feel super idiot, I bought Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion. I was 2 weeks without internet and I could not play them even so having bought them. Fuck Ubisoft and Denuvo, long live the pirates


Watch Dogs Legion comming soon


Did EMPRESS mentioned? That she will crack it


Unfortunately not, I just hope it cracks soon


But I don't until she says, I think she is angry and she will take some rest, let's wait and watch -dog


Time will tell, hopefully soon




Yes, but I won a prize and I couldn't resist buying it on sale, something silly because even so, having paid for it, I can't play without an internet connection.


Offline games are the best, let's see what empress is preparing for us, whether it will surprise us with another good title


Wow that sucks that its online only play. Thats a hard pass for me


You have games that are made online, and these are crossover games and who is crazy to give about 50e, just a little wait for the crack to come out.


This is why I only buy non-Denuvo games ever. Mad Max was my first and only mistake, and that was enough.


It is that yes, from now on I will do that because, on top of that, games cost me expensive because I live in a country with a bad economy, they prohibit me from playing without an internet connection :/


I'm very close to purchasing WDL so I hope the crack releases soon I tried the free-weekend and it was pretty fun.


I can't wrap my head around this. I know its not easy and such, but how the scene groups were moving on and on for so many years ? You know that the scenes went trough couple of denuvo versions. It's not that they stopped due to being too hard, they stoped because all this time this has been more as of a hobby for those scenes. They never did it for fame or stuff like that. They simply moved on in life. They were students and teens who just wanted to do it. I was in close contact with one of the REVOLT crackers and he said he started doing it just for fun and as to gain experience. So at the end of the day, are you doing it for profit or you want to carry the piracy legacy ? I am ready to surrender and start buying the games rather than say im in this toxic piracy community. The fact that you moved on to "SCENE" type reach does not mean shit. Scenes brought us games on a regular basis with wanting 0 in return. They never had subreddits, chat groups etc. They were in shadow but we always knew they existed. Even P2P groups, even tho were not restricted to scene rules, at the end of the day, they gave us what we wanted. A game to play for free. I lost any hope in piracy. TBH Waiting for so long and not knowing when it will come kills any type of hype. Imagine for instance now we SHOULD get NIER, you waited from reveal trough release, and now you get psychology riddles and cross fingers that pool will be in your favour. I wanted LEGION, but here we are. 2 months now and you still not playing ? Those who bought it might have fed denuvo and the devs, might suffered 3-4 frames less, but they got what they wanted. So my final words are: 1. I respect everything you do. This is a true miracle. 2. Can you come out to your community (Because you decided to do this way) and say face to face why its taking so long ? Why don't you form a scene ? I know you are in contact with some ex crackers and some that are capable but never done it ? Why don't you share your knowledge and help revive the piracy? 3. I wish you the best life can offer. I am going to buy what im most excited for, but still will support you. Hope to see your NFO's more commonly. Farewell <3


Great work Empress, keep on killing Denuvo!


Some people are cunts, it's free shit, don't be an entitiled asshole to empress or sny crackers and appreciate any cracked game empress does. I mean jesus you guys act more entitled than the people paying for the game.


“I COULD HAVE DONE THE SAME BUT I AM NOT A GIRL WHO WOULD EVER SELL HER SOUL, YOU DUMB RETARDS!” Keep slapping these doubters/retards/haters Empress. You’re the best!


Based empress.


which game will be next? You did not specify this in the info file.


According to the [poll](https://www.strawpoll.me/42712019/r), I think THPS1+2 *might* be next, but who knows? ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ >!Well, I guess Empress knows! :D (Thanks for the release, btw!)!<


No one donated 500$ so maybe random games


Thanks Empress you the best


So i have a question for Empress. You are actually preserving the gaming industry and getting rid of cancer so we could and will always own our games, have better performance and just overall better experience. Which is simply amazing in my eyes to the point i am actually lost for words to express my gratitude towards termendous work you put in. But i do wonder about future ? I mean i am currently dual booting W11 and W10 for the sole reason of being able to play games you cracked. Are the games that you cracked actually on timer seeing how w10 is ending in 2025 ? Is W11 actually the end of denuvo cracked games ? I have money to buy those games it is not an issue really, but i f\*\*\*ing hate DRM. I hate the fact that something i bought might just go away because of this or that service going offline. And thus i am worried for the futre... Again i for one cannot thank you enough for the work and for releases that you made possible. Best regards, Fellow Pirate.


based on my experience, every game that worked in Win10 so far worked in Win11 for me, so you are ok. but keep in mind that Windows 11 has some stutter issues and performance issues, atleast based on my experience


Really ? Did you try Assassin's creed Valhala ? Or any latest Denuvo cracked game ? As i said in my comment i am dual booting W10 and W11 and on W11 these games do not work : Shadow of Tomb Raider Assassin's creed Valahala Dragon Ball Fighterz. I am sure there are few more but i have limited space and internet is just plain terrible. If those work for you under W11 do pray tell how.


Can you try this Star Wars Battlefront II crack and let me know if it works under W11? This game is like my favourite game and I hope it still works on Windows 11.


I may download it and report back, but it is based on my free time, for now anybody is welcome to report as well


From that list, I only played Assassin's Creed Valhalla, it ran fine, but I just booted it, tweaked some settings in the game and wanted to play but than just switched to another game lol. if the crash for you is in boot than that's weird, I haven't done anything to my Win11 installation


Wow what ? Can you please provide picture ? I cannot run those three games and i would give my left nut to run them without drm.


since than I reset my PC due to a crashing problem unrelated to game cracks which I have absolute no idea what is causing(I still seem to have that problem sadly) But I might download that game again, and if I do, I'll give you another report, btw do you have more details about the crash? any error message?


No error. It just doesn't launch. It opens in task manager and then it closes by itself in split second.


yeah seems like what happens when you try to open a Denuvo game with a normal steam emulator, that's weird, I'll probably download AC : Valhalla today again and I'll see if it works


Alrighty but just so you know i don't even go through steam 🤷‍♂️ anywho if it works please do report back otherwise i'll just assume it doesn't work on W11.


steam is not needed actually


I❤Empress thank you


Thank you so much Empress amazing work as usual. Glad that you are still here for us


Thank you Empress, for your hard work. Just ignore those stupid ones. And do your thing when ever you like.


Your true hero empress god blessing you 🌺✅


The "scene" is a cesspool of assholes and backstabbers (well thats my experience over many years) working with various groups .... of course every group has its good and bad individuals but you do get sick of the "look what i can do" mentality . Instead of sharing info like we used to do back in the 80's/90's.


time to crack watch dogs legion bloodline


Try and crack Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2! It uses a weird Denuvo version, it only needs internet to boot the game, but the game works fully offline after that (except for online multiplayer and leaderboards lol) A lot of people would love for it to be cracked.


We understand you empress 💖 and we luve you no matter whatever you do we ain't gonna stop supporting you ❣️


Watch dogs legion or dirt 5, both would be great; or maybe F1 2021🐸


If dirt 5 or f1 2021 get cracked i will play them for a week none stop


Me too, specially f1 2021!


same bro but it looks like she made a [poll](https://www.reddit.com/r/EmpressEvolution/comments/ou0ks7/vote_for_the_next_game_crack/) and now i lost all hope of f1 2021 or dirt5


thank you so mutch for your great work. Ignore haters, people are grateful for your work :)


Mad Respect no matter what anyone says!... Thanks Empress!


Empress we love you and will always support you, after all you are our only hope against that Cancer. Thank you.




Empress we love you, thank you so much 😍


dogs watch legions have been waiting for him for a long time, you are the most empress


I can´t believe that she´s getting so much Hate towards her, she/he is the only one who cracks Denuvo right now ,instead of beeing thankfull they go full Retard.


Exactly a cracked version will work FOREVER, ANYTIME and on ANY pc


Unfortunately nope...only if you keep a copy of current operating system. Many cracks will not work in Windows 11 also there are many old cracked games that do not work in Windows 10.


As I understand it, the problem is the OS removing certain files, like cracks, right? Won't someone take them to court at some time, as that seems very sketchy and hopefully illegal?


I've heard of people using cracks on Windows 11 just fine.


Whatever! All that matters is that RE Village got cracked! Everything else after doesn’t matter. 😎


She said she is not a girl.


where did she say that?


Please try to crack Modern Warfare 2019 and Blackops Coldwar by breaking that bullshit battlenet drm.


It's not just a DRM. The game offloads textures of the servers. So you have to do [Battle.net](https://Battle.net) server emulator with all the possible requests and responses.


Any news on NieR yet? Too much to look forward to.


it was free on epic couple of months ago


Game over!


where's she ?


Wow.... Did she got arrested again or smth ?


Let's gooo EMPRESS <3


Wow so quick ❤️


Thanks Empress.Please select your next game Watch Dogs Legion.:)


Yes!!! I have wanted this since like, last year, and now it's finally here!


Thanks EMPRESS! You keep crushing it. Please ignore the dumb retards. Btw It would be nice to have a Soulcalibur VI updated crack. Always appreciate your work EMPRESS.


we need wd legion(Open World)....................


Empress what to say you are the best


We need watch dogs legion


Nah, I hope the rest is Doom Eternal DLC's Watch Dogs Legion isn't worth a play even free


If you buy ancient gods 1 dlc on steam for 7€ then you can crack doom eternal campaign and ancient gods 2 with creamapi on cs.rin.ru


I believeit can be already bypass. But whole crack is cool as well.


+1 for watch dogs legion


If its possible give a try to wd legion + bloodline dlc


Thanks and great job!


Thanks empress for your hard work....


ALL HAIL OUR GODDESS EMPRESS. Seriously we appreciate all your hard work. Words can't express how much we appreciate it. Again, thank you Empress.


Empress thank you very much for what you are doing!! Don't even listen those whiny ungrateful kids. Most of us value and appreciate your incredible work a lot!! Thanks again and keep them coming!! :)


we say unnecessary things and force people to explain. When we get right answers, we keep silent. maybe we're doing well, maybe explaining oneself relaxes them. but we don't do it because we are good people. what we're doing is just bullying.


Thank you Empress


Smt 3 Nocturne HD please! 50 dollars for 30 fps and compressed music is one of the most cancerous and greedy things I've ever seen


Thank you very much!


this is not my type of game but thank u impress for fighting with anti consumer denuvo


It is funny still nobody gives a shit about DRM in comments.


Nice to see another one of many older EA game re-cracked, great work :)


Your efforts are appreciated, thank you.


Very nice i love it 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


Great job! Hope to see **Watch dogs legion** crack ASAP!


Thanks empress please try to crack call of duty and F1 2021 a watch dog legion 😀


Empress thank you so much you are the best and don't listen to those haters we love you and we support you you are the best and i hope that you can crack monster hunter stories 2 it's a very nice game you will like it so much and i hope we can play the cracked version together


Empress, thanks, really, have a nice live!, you deserved, Me?, just being nobody, but you are Empress, The Empress. XD


Omfg this girl is a savage


Thanks Empress for the sharing ;) I love :D


Hey sorry to say this here but I wasnt able to get in on the general chat but does Empress ever update her cracks or is it just one crack and end of discussion. Asking because Y7 has issues that aren't prevalent on current version of steam


Love it the NFO 😂


so devuvo offered you a contract yet?


Note: the fix for loading mods is on cs.rin.ru


whats the next game to get cracked ? watch dogs legion ?


probably nier


so whats the next game ?? she didnt mention the next one at the end of this ?


Most voted in Pool was Nier


Yeah , and it got taken down


Empress, so many denuvo AAA tittles incoming, how many you might be able to take down? Considering evolving denuvo and the more need for resources and time in getting it down


people shouldn't assume about empress being a sellout.. she's more like a savior and im all for old games being cracked again with their latest updates because preserving games in today's standards has been impossible. you're doing god's work empress. thank you.


Hopefully the next game is Watch Dogs legion with the bloodline dlc


Hey, Empress Please don't be angry with stupid people who don't understand what you are doing. You have done a huge contribution to the pirate gaming society. And to all the fellow people stop hating on Empress for what she has done and stop hating on the person who donates 500 dollars for this game to crack. It's a game, ok and she is doing her job, and that person who paid 500 lets thanks to him for that. I know the game is shitty but people have different tastes and different opinions so stop complaining that OH GAME IS SHITTY OH THIS GAME IS TRASH OH THIS GAME CAME OUT FREE LAST MONTH so shut up you stupid cunts and be happy what you got. She has done so much and yall fucks are making hate comments and such. and thank you so much for your hard work and for making people happy during this pandemic. STAY SAFE AND KEEP CRACKING


I hope godfall or watchdogs are the next !


Godfall is already bypassed by 0XDEADC0DE you can even run it online with Hello Mod Kit.


As Empress said : getting a cracked version of the game is much better than playing it online . I know about the bypass, but we still need a cracked version so we don't have to install the whole game every time it's getting an update !


Every update need's to be cracked again, that's a standard in Denuvo releases. For ex RE8 Village was cracked by EMPRESS, but if you update to the lastest version that introduces AMD FSR the crack does not work. Regarding Godfall it's different, because it uses an exploit and you are literally playing the legit version, no crack involved.


Maybe Nier replicant??


Thank you Empress and to the dude who contributed $500 for the cause. Love you peeps! Ignore the haters. Really nice to get an update on the reasoning from the dude in the desert. At least this will clear up the tin foil in the wild.


This is a good post, couldn't agree more. It shouldn't even be any of ours business, and I understand the frustration worded in the nfo, but since it has generated so much misinformation and lame ass conspiracies, it's nice with an explanation that hopefully will silence the misinformed and shitstormers.


Hey, I used to work at Sony DADC. They care less about their employees than they do their customers. Quality shitbirds the whole way up. Fuck that place, hope it burns down.


I Love u Queen ❤


Please watch dogs legion next ❤


can we have watch dogs legion next? pretty please T\_T


WD legions pleasee my lady🥺🥺🥺🤍🤍🤍. Guess what if we can get the WD legion on next release with all the dlcs and patches fingercrossed😁😁. All hail to the queen coz she's the only ruler around the world 🌎. Let's make it happen together my lady.


Watch Dogs Legion next please Empresss if u can


Who gives a fuck about bf2. Everyone wants to see what's the next game


Did you read the nfo? I'm just asking because who gives a fuck what you care, especially when it's been explained, even on a level where your retarded little pea brain should be able to understand it.




Watch.Dogs.Legion.READNFO-EMPRESS Dirt.5.READNFO-EMPRESS Tony.Hawk.Pro.Skater.1+2.READNFO-EMPRESS And more to come. Thanks queen! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


We expect that next will be WATCH DOGS LEGION WITH DLCs . Hope u will crack it soon.


> We expect that next will be ... Note to mods: If you need help to remove dumbfuck comments like this, I'd be willing to throw in an hour or two a day.


Who r u. What the fuck u r talking. Just do ur work and shut up ur kundi


Hello, can I ask if anyone has any any news about Maneater? That's another game I want play and it's very good for the summer.


That's all good but there's little to no games worth spending time on..


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019?


server side online connection, impossible to crack unless the online connection requirement is removed by Blizzard


but she cracked crash bandicoot 4 which was having the same shit on it


that wasnt server side encrypted.. so you can emulate the battle net connection so even codex cracked it after empress did.






Woooow an almost free multiplayer game woooow. I won't donate for that, better crack something useful like watch dogs legion.


off her meds again it seems, huh?


Pls crack Need for speed heat


Its cracked a long time ago


\^its not fully cracked, actually, just like nfs payback, there were a lot of patches to fix performance and loads of bugs/issues , i too hope someday for nfs payback, nfs heat and nfs hot pursuit remastered, and burnout paradise remastered


What is the next game?


She isn't said 😟


Everyone: wanting watch dogs Me: just wants to play maneater. I foolishly thought that they will remove Denuvo when they released it on steam this year (has-been epic games exclusive for 1 year). Since they announced a DLC (kinda weird to release it after more than a year) I guess I could wait a little more and when it gets cracked it would also include the DLC


we love you,dont let some retards stop you!!!! please if you can,fifa 20 or 21!!!!i want to play really bad,but its way too expensive to buy in my country!!!!!! Tank you for your work!!!! ​ Sorry for the bad english


Empress thank you so much for cracking this game, I already downloaded and installed it here, and I'm enjoying it a lot, but could you crack the maneater? I really wanted to play this shark simulator, I love related stuff To the sea 😍 thx


does this mean we can expect updates for rdr2 and resident evil village eventually?


Cool, thanks for cracking Denuvo once more! Any chance of releasing a new crackfix for Immortals Fenyx Rising, including DLC?


She did say once the game has all dlc out that she would re-crack it, just have to wait :)


That's great news! Looking forward to the new crack!


Empress plz crack fifa 21... & Ignore the hate..thnks ton




Star Wars Squadrons next please. Also a EA Origin title. Keep it going.


please, holy empress, hack WD LEGION . I believe in you, you can!


Please update Anno 1800 crack


Thanks for the hard work, and being able to continue when the doubters, haters and retards etc. is frustrating you. Your work is immensely appreciated! Not just for the free games but for the ideology behind fighting against the DRMs. Any chance you have someone you trust that you could take under your wing as an apprentice? It's a scary thought that no one else is able to fight the good cause, right now and in the future.


I truly appreciate the empress and this guy's $500 support for her, he showed his love for her with action unlike most people, but I'm going to be the black sheep that just says what's on everyone's mind... this was a huge missed opportunity to get watch dog legion cracked. Ok, he hates EA, who cares, every big AAA company is an awful cash grab, it's just the way things are, battlefront as much as it got better than when it first started, is a game nobody asked for at this point, he would have done this community a HUGE solid if he requested for watch dog legion, he'd be the true hero without cape, but naw... he wanted battle front... an old game where most people like me would just skip right over. What a wasted opportunity...


Wish I could donate but I don't have bitcoin or know anything about it. :(


Even worth d/l and test it out, or is it a total shit game?


how can i download it now?


thanks Empress <3


Does anybody tell that witcher 3 ending affects dlc??


no you can play the main story or dlc in whichever order.


Will FIFA 20 or FIFA 21 be cracked anytime sooner? Please let me know


Shall fifa 20 'r fifa 21 beest did crack anytime sooner? prithee alloweth me knoweth *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Famine in North Korea.


Nice work and very appreciated!




She might be mad after MKDEV cracked DENUVO, now she is not the only one who can...


How does someone who can defeat Denuvo not know that piracy has never really paid even in the AAA game scene and competition just means better protections to break and less volume for you to handle


I feel soo sooooo bad for People that donated to this......


I feeleth soo sooooo lacking valor f'r people yond did donate to this *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Is she still around?


Hi guys, im having a problem with the installation, do anyone know how to solve? Link to the image below, its from imgbb.com https://ibb.co/vzrnT0d


Fifa22 please