**Repeating My Words** requiring money to keep working on this cancer is something that is a "must", and its not my choice or anyone else's. The undeniable truth is-- this life requires this whether we like it or not... because otherwise there is no human capable of just magically producing cracks for the most annoying cancer drm in this world. the most talented crackers in the SCENE left and worked for DENUVO for this same reason ... and to avoid my fate ending up in any negative way too, i am requesting all of your help to keep struggling and crushing this drm with every new version they make.


I don't really care what game you choose, just keep cracking DRM, that's what it's all about and you're good at it.


She's not good, she's the best. Literally she is the only one in the world that can beat Denuvo everytime. Sometimes it requires more time but Empress will always beat the shit out of Denuvo.


Good luck, Empress


Cpy needs to return


asking 500$ for a custom crack is wishful thinking. people might still support you so you don't starve to death but you are probably gonna lose respect if your choice of games don't align with that of most people who follow you. even if you think a game is trash and "not worth it", there are plenty of people who instead really wish they could play it and you are just slamming the door in their face. I understand that cracking Denuvo is hard work and money is what motivates you but if you can't appease the people who support you, the stream of donations will just grow slower and smaller. going Scene might genuinely hurt you in the long run.


Totally agree with you. It has been few months that WD legion is not cracked just because some kids here don't like ubisoft games. Every fu*cking time these kids vote for a childish anime game instead of an open world game. If you have experienced WD legion before and you didn't like it that doesn't mean everyone else won't like it.


Nah, legion is truly shit. And who do you think is acting like a child here calling nier a childish anime game? Coming from japan dosen't mean anime. Clear your mindset first.


the same goes for the yakuza series too.


Yes ofcourse


#Deathloop (Uncracked) #Kings Bounty 2: (Uncracked) #Legend of Mana: (Uncracked) #Monster Hunter Story 2: Wings of Ruin: (Uncracked) #Lost in Random (Uncracked) #Evil Genius 2: World Domination (Uncracked) #FIFA 21: (Uncracked) #Nier Replicant: (Uncracked) #F1 2021: (Uncracked) #Need for speed Hot pursuit Remastered (Uncracked) #Dirt 5: (Uncracked) #Maneater: (Uncracked) #Burnout Paradise - Remastered (Uncracked) #Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2: (Uncracked) #Watch Dogs: Legion: (Uncracked) #Shin Megami Tensei III Remaster: (Uncracked) #Bravely default 2: (Uncracked) #Battlefield V: (Update) #Resident Evil Village: (Update) #Injustice 2: (Update) #Mortal Kombat 11: (Update) #Immortals Fenyx Rising: (Update) #Assassin's Creed - Valhala: (Update) #Assassin's Creed - Oddysey: (Update) #Doom Eternal: (Update) #Need For Speed: Heat: (Update) #Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (Update) #Anno 1800: (Update) #Need for Speed: Payback (Update) #Far Cry 5 (Update) My dream that this happens she has the ability to update and crack these games 😔


And this ones too :C * **Shin Megami Tensei III remaster: (Uncracked)** * **Bravely default 2: (Uncracked)** ~~Life is strange true colors probably~~


I still don't understand why the codex, or mr_goldberg hasn't updated Injustice 2, since it's without denuvo, the codex version has denuvo and unfortunately I can't play due to the conflict of having installed riot anticheat


Call of Duty Cold War, Call of Duty Modern warfare too


**Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Update)** **Burnout Paradise Remastered (Uncracked)** **Need for speed Payback (Update)** **Need for speed Hot pursuit Remastered (Uncracked)** **Far Cry 5 (Update)** ​ This is my additions to some of yours, still many other uncracked and games missing updates with bug and performance fixes


This list will only get bigger from now one. I hope someone comes along to crack all these games. I still remember the desert crossing after Just Cause 3




Thanks for RDR2 from a third world country. I grew up reading and watching western movies. Even though my pc can't handle it properly; it was truly a dream came true to play that game.


If those little bastards hadn't shown up to talk about donations, we might have been talking about NieR being released and WDL being next... I was happy until July...I really can't forgive anyone who interfered with the discussion. The only way out of indies hell is for EMP to return, hopefully in September. And then in October, when CPY will appear if it is as usual.




Of course any kind of work require money, even cracking. She could do it in her free time but it would be less and that mean slower releases. More money for her means more cracked games for us. Is it bad for asking for money? I don't thing so. Don't want to pay? then don't. Easy as that. Toxic is unfortunately one of the nature of internet. Good luck and hope for rich person who can support you and fight with this CANCER and other like it. Going "scene" like and cutting off toxic comments will do good for your (and everyone else) mental health. GAME ON


Cpy our only hope to crack triple denuvo games not sure yet if comes back on oct hope so


Hi Guys, A month ago I made a deal with Empress, I gave her 500$ in order to crack Doom Eternal (+DLCs) and the definitive edition of shadow of the tomb raider. I also wanted to donate more for Nier Replicant, but after weeks she disappeared. She's always offline on qTox and she doesn't answering my emails and private messages. If any of you know her, could you try to contact her and ask why she doesn't answering me? Thank you. UPDATE: she replied me, she was just dealed with personal things.


She may took a break... Let's wait and watch


It's what I hoping too.


First Thank U Brother Second Can U Please Ask Empress If She Cracks Watch Dogs Legion And AC Valhalla They All Got Completed (With DLCs And All The Graphical Issues Are Fixed) I know i get downvoted because some people here don't like the same shit for every year but i need denovu to be defeated because ubishit loves higher version of denovu plz told her brother 🙏 p.s : if u really hates denovu that much then why not bring the higher version down first ?? like v10/10.5/11 which i think legion and Valhalla is using its a humble request from me and other my fellow brothers


Ok, I will do that.


Thanks Bro That Means A Lot


plz ask her to crack watch dogs


so we getting nier?


It depends on Empress. If she is willing do it, I'll be happy to contribute.


That's fair enough thanks for the reply :)and thank you for your contribution


She just likes manipulating people, exactly what happened to the members of the group she had created. Big pile of BS, and remember my words, she is NOT what she is saying she is. I will just say this. She is too good to be true.


Thank you for keeping us updated. Regardless of the bitter trolls, there ARE people out there that respect you.


Teach other interested people to destroy Denuvo, create a legion to destroy him.


Cracks games if you want more donation which it will bring more attention = more people = possible of gaining more money. If you pick popular games , it will effect more on this.


Yea totaly agree. She can garner more donation if she is smart and quick in this cracking thing. These long waits between cracks really dull the mood down for people


Too bad some bad eggs had to ruin a good thing. While the whole donation thing does deserve discussion, she doesn't deserve the hate. She actually tried to communicate with the community.


So it looks like she have left no more EMPRESS


We love you, please come back, we need this


Don't beat yourself up, we believe in you Empress.


Any news people?


Empress won't come back to talk to us. We were shitty with her.




I'll repeat my Question If I donate 500 usd for NFS Heat Crack would you accept it?


Yeah she will accept it. You will have to reach her. Her contact information is near the end of her post.


Yea.You need to email her on [email protected]


Damn, sucks that the Element community was as toxic I joined it when it first launched and had a nice time with a few members but I noticed it got filled with kids and people that are just there to beg for cracked games, I wish you luck on your new journey I guess we can call it that.


Where are you empress we need you please come back


casual gamer... have followed the scene off and on over the years. I'm extremely impressed with Empress' abilities and respect what she is asking for. Some of you say "wishful" thinking and really what is wrong with that? She likes doing what she does, is the best at it and it never hurts to ask because you just never know. If I was very wealthy, I can say, I would be donating simply for the cause and to support and I'm not even that into games anymore.. but that's just me. At this point, whatever she is able to accomplish, gratitude goes a long way. Peace.


Finally find a person with same opinion, she needs money to survive, don't know why people so toxic to her, all scene should have a same level of respect, whether they crack denuvo or any other DRM, but denuvo is more complicated which is protecting better AAA titles, we need savior though.


there's a lot of poverty out there especially now and combine that with an increasingly low intelligence/awareness & often ungrateful number of people as well leads to this kind of immature behavior is all... If I ever do come into more abundance in my life, I don't forget people that help along the way. She is absolutely right though everything is energy and there is a spiritual element to everything as well.


Thanks for Red Dead 2.




i just wish i could get rid of that message everytime i started the game. supposed to show up only once at all.


Go into this folder and delete all the .bin files. C:\\Users\\YOUR USER NAME\\AppData\\Roaming\\EMPRESS Message wont pop up after one time.




CPY should make a return


We support you and your decisions, Empress. H I hope we the community don't lose you.


Well, I guess Nocturne will never be cracked :( (I doubt she is into the franchise). This is a sad outcome, Empress is our last hope, I hope she's ok. Nier fans, I'm praying for you.


Empress please come back please please please please please please


I can't say that i didn't see this coming, and also can't say that we don't deserve this, but what can i say is that this is sad :(


I love you EMPRESS


Well, empress I'll start by being grateful for all the work you've done. Despite the differences in perspective, you have without a doubt been an advantage and benefit to the pc gaming community worldwide. Whether repackers, crackers, or pc game players, we all got something from your work. Even if some deny, that might just be fact. Charging 500$ per game really got many upset. I don't blame you for it but I can't blame all of them either. Your denuvo friends registered with companies to protect games might be earning more than that and it can truly cost u carrying on with your work especially if other avenues don't generate enough. We may not understand somethings like these if u face them and talk back bad at it. It's true that if 500members contribute a dollar for each new crack you'll be ok, and it's less costly than spending above 20$ to 50$ for original games. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. Its not only about selfish fans. Some just aren't able to for certain reasons even if they wanted to. Not all the people willing to support you worldwide know about your work Not all of them are on this blog Not all of them are familiar with cryptoz or earn dollars. Some do and some are here but some do not and are not here. I personally did quite some research before finally discovering this forum. I don't know whether the weight you may be carrying is going to stop you from keeping most pc gamers and others happy. From what I read elsewhere, cracking denuvo is your passion nevertheless if it's weighing on u too much, I can't judge you. You know how things are on your side. Am sure I and some others will want you to feed us great games but if it just can't happen because of cost then I don't think You're to be blamed. Goodluck on your new road. Atleast I'll advice you keep your reach with fans and adress credit to your work somehow. There are good people out there who might even want to support you even when you didn't ask. Bye Empress. Thanks for everything. Have a great future.


its been more than a month. nothing yet. if this was goodbye post, pls tell us it is one.


if I had 500$ I would have bought 300 games offline activated LOL


Haha 500 dollars is nothing compared to whats she is gonna do basically when she cracks the games they will be free for everyone around the world think about that


"From now on I'm going the scene way and any game I crack will be chosen by me" What? Scene groups like CPY were true heroes, not cracking what they wanted, but cracking what was popular, not by their taste, but what the people wanted.


lol so true




She doesnt seem to understand that other "scene" groups were never this egoistical trash that she is. Also i completely agree with what u said up there.


Sorry for what happened. Love ya and gl to your future endeavors.<3


500$ a single game? 🤔🤔 When the game itself cost around 50$, anyway it's not for the likes of us, its for "super rich" as she has mentioned.


It's definitely for those who can afford, not the ones who can't buy a $50 game. One pays for choosing a specific game and will be available for everyone to be downloading it for free after being cracked. It's a controversial choice for sure, asking for payment to pirate something since the deal of piracy is actually not profiting from it but there's a difference in ripping a movie from a streaming service/blu-ray disc and crack a game protection system, specially DENUVO. I wouldn't pay for that definitely, but there's always someone who would to do, Battlefront II is there to show it. Also, there's the irony of people demanding to crack games (look how many just ignore the posts and keep asking for WD Legion or Nier) as if they're already paying her to do that or if she owes something to them.


Unfortunately your audience is not wealthy, to be honest you are doing such an amazing job for literally millions of people - yes that many. There is only one empress cracking denuvo, no on else. Only few comment but many play the games, that basically you brought to them. I hope you can find joy in that. Ps. Don't listen to the negative comments. There will always be negative people, nothing will change that.


Any news about Empress?


We miss you so much empress please come back


uhhhh am i just lost or why would anyone give you 500$ for ONE game ? at that point he could go buy the diamond ediotion all dlcs and every outfit/lootbox possible ? isnt the whole point of a cracked game to not pay for it?


:( all the best


Well that sucks, but i guess there's a reason crackers don't usually interact with their followers


Toxic community = EMPRESS is gone = denuvo win ...


That's bad news... We had the opportunity to build something good, a nice community, trust, and maybe friendship, but no... Why can't we cooperate? Is be part of something this hard? Why do we have to unleash our ego instead of cooperate? Shame to all the toxic people, sorry EMPRESS, hope you can change your mind...


« Human »


Empress got trolled by denovo trolls 😭😭😭


Did she quit cracking?


She's just taking a break. Some paid her to crack another games n she told them to wait till she managed some personal stuff.


Plus remember that she wrote into this post that she won't share any words with us bc of all hate she received. From now on she'll just release cracks whenever she likes... No more beta test, etc.


There is a possibility of beta testing. from now on, i am going the "SCENE" way. this means, i will rarely ever "interact" with the public again, and the games i will crack will be chosen only by "me". Aren't beta testers a little different from the general public? I think so.


We didn't hear anything from you over a month. I know most of us r waiting to play WD, and other uncracked games but among all what matter for all of us is how's our denuvo slayer doing . Is she safe? Happy? Healthy? Fit and fine? This is what we can think of now. Keep the negativity aside let's just talk about good people who actually respect your work. People who spread negativity about or your work I bet u 90% r denuvo scammer more or less. So if u out there just wanna let u know we r worried bout you pretty much and be safe, come back soon. Cause none can take your place ur game changer my lady. #EMPRESS #BEBACK #WDLEGION #PIRACY


I read your previous post about pay vs choice etc and knew it will end up in fire. \*Most\* people pirating games will not pay for cracks. Not sure about rich person sponsoring you.. because rich people will just buy the games. And the trolls... omg. They are everywhere.. Good luck!


u/-InfinityGoddess- I think you should look this website's donation system , this is a piracy website but they receive donations through both paypal and cryptos https://gog-games.com/


Good luck Empress and thank you for all the cracks you have provided so far, you really don't deserve all the negativity that comes your way. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors and I'm sending good vibes your way.


Come back Empress!! I hope you're gonna change your mind and build something strong enough with your real supporters. Don't pay attention to the trolls


I hope it's reboot not a retirement


We need you without you scene is dead please come back please we beg you


These shitheads just like to get you triggered. Come back. Ignore them.


She is releasing TW:W 2 Crack, no Doom's.


That's why I love CPY


500 dollars for one game ? WTF


Congrats to the trolls and toxic people. In the end it is counterproductive for you, because now she will crack the game she wants and when she wants, no matter how much you have spammed in comments from others. It is what you have achieved by your **lack of neurons**.


Empress has more than 8000$ worth btc and eth it was on 20 days ago more than 6500 $ people still donate to her but she does mot crack anything shame on her


Where is Empress ? been waiting for her for 1 month, no crack releases


unfortunately there are toxic people everywhere, but I hope you become aware of some things throughout your life, be very empress, thanks for the cracked games so far, if I had money to donate I would gladly donate, take care of your health and left to break the denuvo


You have our respect and admiration, Empress. Regardless of your approach going forward. Society is a tough nut to crack. Like an impossible puzzle. Its not just you cant please everyone. Its really, we seem to be a race of conflict not respect nor balance. Maybe 'the scene' is silent not just because of not wanting to 'get caught' but because it understands the war they fight is but a loss worth fighting for. Theres this philosopher that states "Alone we prevail, Together we fall". My country has this singer that chants "We are only well in the place where we are not". They may well be right. Whatever the future holds for you, keep being you. Thinking, changing and evolving. And be sure to keep investing on that talent of yours. Salute!


Unfortunate to hear this. I hope the speed and passion of your DRM cracking doesn't get lost with time. Thanks and all the best. I have a small wish, please crack old games that are still having DRM.


Hails Empress, hope you're doing good and are you on a D title now? Cheers as always 🙂


The donation system is a great idea. Unfortunately, the effort to donate is too cumbersome for many.


We miss you much


Just because of some greedy assholes don't leave us empress we really need u to fight this cancer DRM #respectforempress


It is very important to win this war its not only about money if we don't fight piracy is going to be wiped out from existence so pls help her win the war #savepiracysavefreedom


One day i will get my technic and crack game's for people free for all but something need Little bit of money not like empress $500 is too much


We'll support u dude!


Empress is dead


She'll be back. Let's all be positive.


> SPECIAL NOTE : if there is someone who is SPECIAL and is rich enough to be capable of supporting me...... i say its the best time for you to step up now. i want you to be my special & exclusive sponsor that will help me maintain my goal and progress against destroying denuvo and also any other form of vile drm... and ultimately preserving the "Best Version" of each game, that is not reliant on denuvo servers or under any form of limits and restrictions. [and yes, as i promised in the past... i will always update all my releases, overtime]. "Who wants to be my sugar daddy/mommy?"


Denuvo scene fully dead now


You know what EMPRESS, one of the reasons that all your supporters love you is because they feel a personal connection because you were not like the SCENE groups. We support you fully when you decide which games you wanna crack. Disappearing like this would not make things better. Whoever is donating you doesn't deserve to be treated like a stranger. You are probably one of the most badass women I know, I get it that because of some complete morons you have decided to take this 'least interaction' route but it would only result in people losing hope. I really wish you come back EMPRESS, we don't want polls or anything, your presence would be enough for us fans.


Must admit, she is unstable. Fact.


So the poll that was conducted where Nier Replicant won was for nothing...LMAO. XD


Should share the knowledge and start writing tutorials and sell lessons


if 500 persons give 1$ = 500 $ if 1000 persons give 0.5$ = 500 $ if 10000 persons give 0.05 $ = 500 $ if 10000 persons give 1$ = 10000 $ = 20 Games CRACKED BE HAPPY & HELP EMPRESS TO SUCCESS


I feel bad for people who donated 500$ to empress and got nothing. i dont want too negative here. But i think Empress can't be trusted at all. Donations more cracks are completely false.


Oh, I would say good decision and I am glad if you really take it (as I wrote before). People are toxic, I can see the few first comments so far here and they are all toxic, hateful and bullying. Some people still don't realize that border has been already crossed some time ago and cracking DRM such as Denuvo is NOT a work for an afternoon, not even for a workweek and with upcoming evolved version maybe not for a few workweeks and if the crackers are not funded, they need to work as we all do and crack in spare time which is very little in this amazing economic system that exploits everyone to the core (oh wait, not everyone entirely right...). It's not even anymore about getting "free games" but more about being able to defend ourselves against corporations owning everything and literally dictating what we can play, when and where we can play and being able to strip anyone of their games because of closing stores, closing servers or just deciding the game is dead etc. Keep your donation possibilities in the nfo and the game startup intro and do what you do best with none but only your judgment, dedication and capabilities. I hate most of this community, that does not give a f\*\*\* about your cause and hard work and they have the guts to cry "watch dogs next" "please crack this and that and that pleeeease" literally 1 minute after you released a crack you wouldn't make if you weren't educating yourself a lot and working long hours and probably facing many failures and dead ends before succeeding. It's so rude and childlish. I hope there are more people who are willing to support this cause instead of crying here, than I think there are. Otherwise there is only one other choice left and that is to increase in number (since a group can always do more than a person), meaning trying to persuade the whole scene to stop competing and start cooperating in this (I mean, there almost is no competition left already) or bring somehow new blood into this and mentor them. But easy for me to say right, I realize. I wish you all well, with upcoming cracks or without them!


In a nutshell: Denuvo won!


Empress ruined everything with this absurd tier system $500 for one crack is really horrible idea


So the EMP created a discussion room to try to implement a new system. But in the middle of the discussion, the little shit interrupted and ruined it. The only person to blame is the little bastard who interfered. Considering what the EMP says about betrayal (I don't know) / closing of the element / discussion not going well, the current situation is to be expected.


When she is needed the most, She disappeared


In the end, Empress will need to find the right balance with "Making a stand against Denuvo" and living a life. It is obvious now that earning money through the pirate community is very very hard and most people don't come there with the mindset of donating. In that case, Empress will need to find something else to earn a living while cracking games in her free time. This might not make the pirate community happy, seeing as how we will get less cracks and huge delays between them, but it is for the best. Empress is also human and she needs to find happiness in what she does. I am personally alright with getting cracked games once 3-4 months (maybe for major releases, or games that are popular). I hope you find the right balance Empress.


It's a wise decision which hopefully can make cracking games and interacting with the community feel less toxic and overall help you mentally. It might even make you more productive and feel better about what you're doing. You're doing an amazing job and I'm sure people will still donate to you if they can. And, will there still public beta tests for cracks or are they also gonna be done the scene way? Good luck!


honestly i think you should do both if someone wants to donate for a game to get cracked it would be done sooner than say ones you randomly want to do, good luck in life empress thanks for everything


anyone know the contact informations or forums to reach to other denuvo crackers?


there are none: both informations and crackers


I'm glad you showed up like this, but I'd be even happier if the next release of the game was written up in EMP's NFO.




I cannot get it ... 500$ for a game that you can buy for 60$


yeah im having abit of a mind fuck myself over that, if i had 500$ i should go buy the game for 50-60$ i honestly think the charging bit is her being salty about this whole thing. i will admit id be salty too if i was doing this shit outta the kindness of my heart and got shit on aswell but dude: id keep doing my shit and the fans i have would donate 10-20$ when they can and my patreon would cover me far far better then praying to the gods a rich person would come forward and donate 500+ for the crack when in reality, if they are that rich they can just buy the game and build a rig so powerful even shitty drm wouldn't drop a single frame..


I still don't believe the story about the donator is true.


Now i do like what empress has been doing but got to admit this one has been the bothering one, depends how we all look at it i guess, yes it great to have a cracked game over bought, as cracked should last forever if done correct, but £500 is daft high, like you said when most games are only £60 or cheaper when waiting for sales, but other way to look is if it was a much lower price then empress would prob get too many people paying a lower amount and could end up with more moaning as the game to next be cracked would start a list


Looks like good bye to denuvo games boys no more denuvo cracks welcome to dark times


when is the next game ??


In my opinion, the empress' followers, far more than general followers, had an acceptable level of morality and profanity-free language. Frankly, our beloved queen is being too sensitive about this. For the thesis she presented when she left, I would say that having bad people is not an excuse to be worse. come back beautiful person


Remember the CPY time, someone offered them a financial help in a form of donation, they rejected it and ask to support those who suffered from earthquake in Italy back then.


Nice, I didn't know this story.


Damn, sad, I hope the voting that Nier won is accepted, and after that she decides what next.


Guys empress has 7000$ worth BTC,ETH wow


But based on her she hadn't received any money 😅.


Fucking krack watch dog legion


This post is giving me evil vibes for some reason


scene is always the way to go.. without money it is the only way to crack games. i hope this decision would be helpful for your mental well-being and I hope you bring a bit of competition among the scene crackers and may cpy raise from the dead.


Empress where are you we need you and we are sorry please come back please please




Watch dogs Legion or neir what would you rather to be cracked


Hail Empress, our great queen. May you be back and we miss you much. Cheers as always 👍


At this point you are the last one to remain, so you might as well leave with some style. As of Deadnuvo, I doubt these fuckers can be beaten with the funding. However gamers can choose not to support those games. And money is the only thing modern publishers care about.


Although it hurts us not to have so much communication with you, I think this decision is the best. Any game you decide to crack will have people supporting it and people who don't. So whatever choice you make is going to be a good one. I look forward to the next release and I really hope it's Nier :)


So, what happened to the person who donated $500 dollars for the crack of DOOM eternal? Did she/he ask for the crack or received it anonymously?


I haven't gotten anything. She's disappeared again; the last time I saw her online on qTox was on August 26.


hey guys. You haven't contacted her in all this time?After all, you paid $500.


Yes, I tried. I sent her two emails, I've not yet received her reply.


Thank you again for your donation :) Empress proved again and again she was trustworthy albeit a tad overdramatic. So i hope she didn't decide to suddenly turn into some kind of scammer for you and us. Would you kindly update me if there is any news at all ? I've been checking this page quite often.


Of course, in that case I will update you!


Thank you very much fellow brother pirate !


We hope that. EMP ask for money and it's unfaith and awkward that she scam someone like this. That person deserves her/his money back. In this case, i rather EMP won't crack games that she scam people. It's been more than a month and @samurai_spirit_ didn't received the crack. $500 dollars for nothing. What the heck with EMP?


So, it isn't a possibility that EMP return your money? I feel bad at you bc u send her that amount and you received nothing.


There aren't possibilities if she doesn't answer me. I don't understand this kind of behavior, I told her that I would have liked to fund other games too.


R.I.P. Empress? There will be no more crack?


There have been people who already donated 500$ for cracks and she was last known to be busy with personal errands.


There's literally so many Denuvo releases sitting uncracked for a long time including the recent ones , if you are going scene on your own and pick things on your own ... where are the releases ? at the very least teach others how to hit the nail on Denuvo code so people could learn something from if you are that genuine , we all going through tough things in life but you have to make a stand for the community and for the ones who may represent the future of cracking , be the best version of yourself and don't be that type of person , so many people look up to you , spread the knowledge .. everyone is fighting against Denvuo


I don't think Empress can share the method of doing it, it will make drm more and more elaborate to crack, don't you think devs are watching whats happening here? Also each game has its own drm version you can't really learn you have to use your brain everytime, there is no automation...




Empress we need you, come back, without you the scene is dead, please come back, we beg for you, 1 month without you has been torture, I appreciate your work so much and I respect you, you're amazing.


Come back empress please❤️❤️❤️


*Trying to be as peaceful & nice as a I can* I like the way you portray your Attitude towards DENUVO , it's bold and badass but you fail to keep destroying it everytime (Completely normal you're a human being too) but you know if you could tweak your mental attitude a little you won't ever . Like a CPU divides the processes among different cores you could do it too . Distribute you knowledge among us not for free take a nominal fee or something which we could pay (Most of us are middle class 90% of us) Genuine guys interested would definitely make your work easy the more person you involve the bigger and better royalty you would achieve among Community . Recruiting Us is way better than asking an Amount which we can't pay at all (just use common sense if we were able to pay you 500$ why at the first place we would have depended on you ?) . Just think about it make EMPRESS your brand/company and us your employees we would learn and you would earn if it goes well. About Hatred and Toxicity it's everywhere trust me all of us go through it but that doesnt mean we should stop there , now I understand your perspective ie to get paid good for what you to do but that's really is rare and impossible result of it contradicts your other perspective ie to Defeat denuvo . Multiplying your knowledge on the other side would build a good community increase your rep and give you good return but still one thing you won't get paid regularly but you could defeat denuvo everytime that's for sure . Choices are yours soley . Peace out . Please those you liked my opinion upvote it to the max to make her see this .


Please give us some news or people will have no reason to donate


It’s been a really good insight into the cracking game this community. Best of luck going forward with everything 👍


People next game will be Nier? I thinking in buy it :( Its a good game. Its a good saga


Empress please crack something it's been 14 days since your last release please crack something


come back empress, we need you 😔


empress is missing in action LOL !


A big thank for thos ❤️ who donated 500$ to crack a game for everyone who can't play it 💙 thank you soo much because of you we can play that game that we can't buy


she is long gone enjoying the money she earned from donations


Looks like empress is gone guys


Very sorry. Denuvo won.


Empress I really hope you read this I don’t care what other people will say about it this message is directly for you. So you wanna be another scene group? You can’t be other scene groups do it for fun you’re doing it for business and that’s fine but why do you think people will donate to you? You have to gain their trust because people really don’t have that much trust in you no one is doubting your talents at cracking just question the credibility of your words. When you said you got arrested people didn’t believe it. When you said a mysterious donator paid $500 people didn’t believe it. So with no trust in you why would anyone pay anything? The people I see here and on elements were toxic yes but it was you who created that community. Your biggest fans will pay you nothing and will just keep begging for cracks until you release them and if you don’t they turn on you and those people make me sick but those are the ones you attracted with your actions. Oh and forget the idea of asking for donations and linking the amount of donations to the cracks you release while also getting the respect you think you deserve. You will only get paid for your cracks once either in money or in love and respect.


Why is she expecting donation from us. 90% of us are here becoz we dont want to spend money on games becoz of various reasons. Isn't it ironical that the person who is cracking games so that people get it free is asking money to do so.


I think. It ends here. Piracy is now down unless a new scene comes.


The reason because I wait for cracks is because I can't pay 50 or 70€ for a game. If I could pay 500$ I would buy 20 denuvo games, which still hasn't been cracked. I could pay 2€ a month. Ok....but not 500$ loooool.


Let's face it of she stopped for a little bit then she will stop forever it's hard to get back and do that work, sorry to say it but this totally wrong you shouldn't have stopped farewell


very simple go back to codex alone you will not survive


It's been a while. She's either working on something or she just left for good since she's not getting enough financial support. If she doesn't release anything by the end of the year she's probably gone


I think the only ones who will be able to sponsor you are those who work at Denuvo. Good luck!


Thank you, Empress. I will always love and admire you.