It is not good enough. As you said, you are a computer science student.. you need to have greater specs and a greater laptop. I'd search for laptops that aren't budget friendly. Maybe Legion 5 pro or the non pro.


That 4 core cpu isn't great, you'll want hexa core or higher. 3050 is OK, but 3060 is a big step up if you can get it.


If you do cpu intensive stuff then the cpu will likely fall short due to only having 4 cores, might be ok for gaming but not in cpu intensive games. The 3050ti is fine if you don't game heavy (AAA titles) and Max settings though the 3060 would be far better, even the 2060 is more powerful. Not to mention tuf has bad thermals. Still if you like it, go for it since no laptop is perfect. Just make sure to watch reviews for it before buying.