No as the screen is recessed deep into the bezel. Watch is rugged watch the DC Rainmaker review where he throws it against an rock.


Yeah , but if you go rock climbing with it , high chance of scratches.


You will sooner scratch the bezel than the glass When I climbed in my 20s I never scratched up my gshock display (just the body).


Ok good to know


Congrats on the new purchase, I'm sure you will be happy. Can't really comment on the Suunto App but I came from Samsung Health and Gear S3 and the GARMIN connect app is amazing. I'm sure the screen won't scratch easy but if you look at the price of a pack of plastic screen protectors vs replacing the watch, it's worth spending a few bucks on the screen protectors. Got a whole pack of like 5 or 6 from Amazon and shipped to South Africa for around ZAR200. I bought a glass screen protector for the OG Instinct and it doesn't fit the I2, thanks to the domed screen. The plastic ones fit well... Chances of a scratch are minimal, but just incase I bump a sharp point or rock, etc and ding the screen, I'd never forgive myself.


No to screen protector,and yes the Suunto app is better looking and easier to use. The garmin app is amazing and robust but not as simple to understand.


I have one and I love it. It's my first smart watch but I've been wearing it every day for a little over a month and it's holding up well. I work construction, mountain bike, and lift weights and it's only got some minor scratches on the bezel. I do have a screen protector that I got off of Amazon, I can't recall the brand, but it fit just fine. It has some scratches on it and seems to be doing its job. I don't see what any drawbacks to having one could be, especially given how inexpensive they are.