Fucking GANDIA. How was no one able to put a single bullet inside him?


I was laughing with every Gandia vs. heist team gunfight. He literally stood in the middle of the hallway for almost a minute yet they did not manage to even hurt him ONE bit with any bullet. After>!killing someone!< he manages to dodge every single bullet from every single one who shot him lmao


Not even Neo in Matrix could do that


“I said I would kill you” He then points his gun at Nairobi why did everyone not riddle him with lead as soon as his intentions were clear?!?!?!


Don’t worry he’s going to be riddled with bullets because LCDP knows how we felt about what just happened so they gonna make it right to us. They’re gonna kill his bitch ass


Hell noooo they want us to suffer. Remember Arturo?


I hope they torture him. FUCK Arturo.


Right!! I find him so damn annoying always trying to be the hero. After what he did to that girl in this season just made the hatred grow.


He took the bullets like a protagonist from an action game on the easiest difficulty.


The plot armor is insane. I hate that


Plot armor for him was crazy, I see how people get annoyed with it.


The show already requires a lot of suspension of disbelief, but this was too much for me. How many hundreds (probably over a thousand) bullets do they throw at him and he's not hit once? I actually started to think that they were missing (the whole season, not just the lat episode) on purpose as some part of plan.


Am I the only one who thought the bullets were hitting him but he was fine cus he was wearing some fucking cod mw2 juggernaut armour


You are right, I recall the bullets hitting him twice. Once in the hallway/elevator fight and once in the bathroom? I'm assuming the director wanted to make it audibly clear when he his armor caught a bullet. But still, even when you get hit with a bullet especially from a rifle, it's going to knock you down and cause bruising, sometimes organ damage.


Completely agree, personally I think he had way too much screen time and his plot armor was way too thick. Yes El Professor needed him to bring his wife back into the bank (which we have no clue or indication why she needs to be in the bank) but I think Stockholm should have shot him and immobilized him or killed him in that elevator scene, she had all the time in the world and still missed. They could have then used those extra 4 episodes to continue the heist and it would have been interesting to see the character development of Stockholm after killing somebody. If they were gonna kill Nairobi off they should have either killed her off in the surgery or in gandia’s first attempt after waking up from surgery (same scene but just a shot in the head instead of a pillow, would have been just as impactful if not more so than her actual death) overall it was a disappointment and after reading this sub I’ve come to a conclusion that we could have written a better story than what Netflix wrote which actually makes sense and doesn’t feel like a fake and superheroish movie. Hopefully they make season 5 the last season and actually fix all these problems. Also FUCK ARTURITO, useless character and the biggest creep I’ve ever seen on TV


I think that killing off Nairobi at that point (even though it was sad) was the right way to go because we finally had hope that Nairobi was going to live but in the end, her life was taken by that bastard in the worst way possible - what a dick!!! It created so much emotional tension between them because the professor needed him alive while all anyone wanted to was shoot Gandia brains out over and over again. I think Sergio wanted Lisbon inside the bank because she was safer there than anywhere else. If she joined him in his hideout then the police would search and search for her and have a chance of finding her while she would be in the bank the whole time with everyone there to protect her. Also, I too was so irritated Gandia barely got hurt. Bro, it was 6 against one in that elevator scene and not a single bullet got to him. He may be good but they overdid it.


I fucking swear , I really hoped they could put a bullet to his head when he was communicating from inside the room with his head on the right side of Nairobi. This one hit different, I mean after saving her and having her die .. 😪


Exactly. How tf was he able to survive that bloody gunfight. He was right in the middle of it and not one bullet in him like how 👏


The shootout(s) with him ruined this season for me. It was ridiculous. I can't take this show seriously anymore... yikes.


He’s just (apparently) the perfect Hitman, it seems. His body is enough to dodge bullets and he has perfect reflexes... I just couldn’t believe the crap he did half of the time without getting injured lmao


*Me when I play pubg hahaha


Marseille is carrying the gang so hard. he can speak 8 languages, fly a helicopter, escape from a bull, fake a car crash, rescue someone from drowning and most importantly he's filming horizontally. He might be better than jason bourne.


underrated character and one of my favorites this season


And has a teleporter like Varys from GoT.


Most importantly he drinks alcohol free beer




Also, he loves animals more than people. I love his scene where he doesn't want to operate the pig.


"You can't just call a taxi and say, "Take me to the torturer's house, please"


Does anyone feel that Alicia Sierra is way too active and mobile for a pregnant lady?


She even walked far just to reach Professor 😂


How did she even find him?? From a last seen location on a highway to walking through some dirt and discovering his secret bunker?


They have to come up with a cliffhanger somehow.


yeah that’s what I was thinking the entire season. throughout it she asked for sweets or sugar because of her pregnancy but she’s wearing highheels and she’s walking around everywhere


Denver laughed just once the entire season. That was heartbreaking.




Still heartbreaking


It’s sad how I could barely hear the GOAT’s laugh


Where was bella ciao


Helsinki kinda played it when they moved Nairobi out


Was that bella ciao? I didn't notice it at all. But I thought Helsinki was going to get a bullet on his head. Everyone could see his bald head inside! But ok, if the crew couldn't kill Gandía, it's kinda fair the police didn't kill the poor Helsinki either.




Credits for the last episode. I think the actress for Alicia Sierra was singing it this time.


They sing it in the last episode's credits


Alicia sings it on the last episode in Spanish when the credits roll and with a slight different meaning in the wording. I find it quite beautiful


Hauntingly beautiful. Here's the official audio link: [Bella Ciao - Najwa](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVMk95eJYOo&feature=youtu.be)


Why didn’t they just ask the governor of the bank where the panic room is?


Flashbacks > Talking to the governor


When they talked to him in S3 for going into the vault, he didn't seem very collaborative


Because we would only have 3 episodes if they thought of this


Same thought , they could've threaten him of killing one the hostages then he will just show them


I don’t believe the Governor would cooperate or at least would resist and waste their time, maybe


Yeah, but a well-placed threat would be better than running around haplessly around the building, not knowing where to look.


Exactly my thoughts, the whole season didn't make any sense at all


I was hoping the Bank of Spain heist will end in this season/part but we gonna have to wait for another season, it's good that we'll get another season but I don't wanna wait another year for it it's sad.


yea they should’ve ended the bank of spain in this season what are they going to do for an entire other season?


Well for one Netflix got their selves a really good original so they'll stretch it into more seasons, until season/part 2 the fan base was good but it exploded after season 3 and that right there it's a gold mine. As for season 5 they could alter whole character arcs like Seirra could broke bad. At the end Netflix will stretch the franchise.


Yeah, they did the same with Sex Education. Unnecessarily leaving us with a cliffhanger. Also this season, the heist part was non-existent. All they did was melt the gold.


They don’t even melt the gold. They do surgery to Nairobi, professor had emotional depression, also had a boxing sessions, and they spend 3456 bullets in one guy and only 2 hit him in his bulletproof armor and he run away 😊


TLDR: They're shooting and crying


Yup exactly fans were rooting for otis and maeve's relationship and they left us with another whole year of waiting, and apart from gold melting there was just gandia arc I mean wtf is this man terminator or something guys are firing from front and back, and it's a shock that professor didn't know about panic room the plan was cooking way before 1st heist.


Wtf came here to read about money heist and I get sex ed spoilers instead


Nairobi just should not have died too ... Lots of fighting for nothing


Imagine getting shot in the chest, in the hand and tied up to a door.. surviving every single damn thing like a mf only to end up dying from a bullet to her head. I cannot. Ugh. The end to her character is so cruel to me. She wasn’t even given a chance to talk to her friends and instead dying on the spot. Man i’m so upset.


Too much of an emotional rollercoaster to end the way it did ):


I know! :( but imagine that, 3 failed attempts before she died. She really is the motherfucking boss.


I was fucken shooketh when I saw that. Nairobi shouldn't have died, Tokyo should.


Element of surprise though. Pulled a George R R Martin


Not really. The way they showed flashbacks about her wanting to have a baby after the heist and being really happy when the professor accepted it etc made it pretty obvious she wasn't making it. Lots of shows have done this before.


I was obvious for me when she lost her hand. Most characters don't survive to this


Yeah right? If a protagonist is losing limbs/ teeth you can bet they're going to die. Exception: Star Wars


I feel so sad when her character dies. Heartbreaking. N especially after what she goes through , head out the door n tied up n being shot again n again. 😭


I also thought the hiest should have ended!!! But The professor said they gone leave with 90 tons of gold but they only reached 47 this point so Ya I think they need more time


In the next 2 seasons they will reach to melt the whole 90 tons 😂


am I the only one who wants to peel Arturo's skin with a nail cutter?


Don’t know who I hate more, Gandia or Arturo. I was actually cheering when Denver beat his ass lol


Arturo for sure. Gandia is just doing his job/ standing up for his integrity/ following orders just like he was taught to. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to kill him for killing a defenseless hurt Nairobi but he isn’t the coward Arturo. Arturo lies, pretends to be a hero but hides like a coward the second someone says something different and he just rapes a woman while still pretending to be hero. He just makes me sick.


Two types of horrible (among many other types) - the one who gets pleasure when hurting others, and the one who hurts others to get pleasure


He is the worst character! I am so upset with nairobi dying but i do not feel the same despise with Gandia. Arturito is a piece of shit. the gang should know what he did. They protected their hostages but this one uninvited asshole rapes one of them. Tf? Who FUCKING THINKS OF RAPING SOMEONE WHEN YOU’RE HELD HOSTAGE??? I am so mad.


I cannot freaking stand Arturo. He's not even relevant ugh, i really didn't want to see him!


Man, I feel like he deserves way worse than that. I never thought I could hate that man even more lol


Did palermo free gandia because so he could be the boss? Or for revenge? Edit: he wanted to be the boss again so he literally freed an assassin who wants to kill them to create chaos. Honestly wtf I'm at loss of words


if he cant be the boss, he wants to create chaos until theres a chance that he assumes control again




>that part of the season is very poorly written Only that part? The whole season was a damn joke.


I dont get how Palermo knows everything/has a flashback about all the heist planning except for the Gandia part where only Berlin and Sergio knows about it. Like the Professor didn't discuss in his 5 month class about the main boss and just said through the phone, "oh yeah I forgot to tell all of you, Gandia is an assassin, good luck guys!"


Part of their plan is to disable and apprehend the security personnel first before doing the main work. They aren't expecting that Gandia would break free from captivity.


Yeah, and Gandia and the other bodyguards were supposed to be the ones to take the red boxes outside, so they'd be leaving the bank. But Gandia refused and Denver had to do it.


It was weird, it was supposed to be part of the plan but also it wasn’t a clear plan




"After a long talk with the professor, Sierra joins the team after the name of Paris. She makes an emotional bond with the girls and her child is called Ibiza"


I think this is possible, the Professor is smart. He'll most probably do what he does best: negotiate. Sierra does not have a life anymore outside this. She's committed crimes, she has confessed to them publicly, and even dragged along the higher ups. They're not gonna let her go. Might as well be part of the resistance I guess


Except that the one thing that brings her back is capturing the Professor. She hands him over and she’s treated a lot more leniently. Or she wants him to share his billions and help her get out of there. I mean he’s the only one that can get her out of her pickle.




She tortured Rio. She's never joining the team.


So what? Palermo basically killed nairobi by freeing gandia. He is still part of team.


I was thinking the same thing the moment she got fired. It will definitely be in our favor, but we dont need another Raquel. I hope they find another way to get her out of the way. Maybe she goes into labor? I think that would be best. They probably made her pregnant for a reason and that should be it.


That could be true tho, because Sierra was dismissed and condoned by the public and Tamayo. Tamayo wants him and Prieto arrested and discharged etc. So Sierra doesn't really have choices left


I can't stand this shit. That bodyguard is like a boss fight, where you gotta hit the fucker 20 times before he dies.


I keep asking this question, why the fuck did Lisbon went inside the bank?


just like how tokyo think when she got outside, inside the bank is the safest place to be, aside from police cant reach her inside, she has allies there too.


well first of all the sierra scene wouldn't be as epic if lisboa was there and second of all i kinda feel like (i really hope im wrong) that they will pretty much have to manage surviving on their own in s5, and lisboa knows the plan and the police better than the rest of the gang (except palermo who literally ruined everything) and like they would need her there if they lost contact with him. honestly i would really love to see raquel save sergio in some way this time and do something big because she really was pretty... unnecessary? in s3 and s4 but i love her a lot. idk i have so many theories i feel like my brain will just die


Lisbon not being utilised in S4 made her switching sides completely useless, we didn’t see her intelligence one bit this season. Not to mention she gave up so soon, had it not been for the professor’s message, she would’ve given them up


yeah after s3 i really hoped we'd see her strength and intelligence again. i mean it's just stupid because they turned a character with so much potential into someone who basically just ruined the plan. i can't blame her for wanting to give him up though because i really don't know what i would do in that situation. it's still her daughter




I've noticed they repeated a lot of scenes in a way. like for example how sierra is basically in a similar situation to raquel back in s2




There were a lot of times where the gang could just shoot at the legs or arm or something to hostages that won’t cooperate, but they didn’t. I feel like if they did that, they would have more respect from their hostages. >!Manila did the right thing when he shot Arturo in the leg.!< I fucking shouted “YES!! FINALLY!” Because apparently she’s the only one who’s got balls.


> apparently she’s the only one who’s got balls Yes indeed


how are they going to make an entire other season? they should’ve just added another episode


And should have removed all scenes related to arturito, I mean, he should have been simply thrown out of the main gate. So that more time will be there to focus on the main story.


I think everyone wants to see Arturo suffer so maybe in the next season he will be punished for being a rapist. Makers of the show got to milk the character hate and give him a proper send-off. But yeah, his character is absolutely not necessary to the season


Nairobi's death was most idiotic fucking scene i ever saw in tv show. How the fuck they did not kill that bald fuck.


as soon as he raised the gun at her again they should have filed him with bullets


I just finished watching it and I can’t wait for part 5


This ending just killed me... I will be way too long to wait 😑


I bet her water breaks in the first scene


Yes, that's the only way to stop that scene. Big brain +1


FOR SURE! Her water is going to break and the professor will help deliver the baby


she will become vienna


Or she could just decide to join them because she has no where else to go. There’s a warrant out for her arrest so her only escape is with them


Thoughts: Gandia’s whole storyline was trash!! No one could shoot him and his neck wounds disappeared and he fought back with his “immobilized arm”. Him being the main villain for a while was annoying, should’ve focused more on Alicia. What was the point of Arturo’s arc...? Like they made a horrible person even worse but for what purpose? Last, Nairobi got screwed over this season imo. Like she finally recovered only to get her head jammed through a door and killed by an OP plot device.


I don’t even know why they brought Arturo back if they’re not going to involve him in the main plot or have him interact with the main characters. I don’t need to see him date rape a poor lady? We already know he’s an ass, what is the point of all this?


I don't see the meaning of Arturo's appearance either. And we'll have to see his face in more future episodes (if they're produced) instead of Nairobi. What's the fcking sense is this? :(


Maybe because viewers hate him. If there’s a character such as fan favorite, there’s also a fan hate. He is that guy.


Aside from ruining Stockholm and Denver's relationship I think Arturo will pave the way for Manila character building next season, but I heartily agree that he was really useless as a plot contributor in this season. I guess the producers admire how fans of the show love hating on one single character so it makes them continue watching in hopes of the death of Arturo. (For example Geoffrey in GOT)


I literally could not stop thinking about how he dislocated his fingers but yeah completely ignoring the “paralyzed” part by the end was worse. We spent almost a year saying “They didn’t kill Nairobi on screen so she’s probably alive next season” only for a non-justifiable execution to happen.


More like him being portrait as a veteran super soldier that doesnt know how to escape handcuffs?


Totally agree. This season doesn't make any sense!


Berlin: Director, 2008 crisis was nothing, the real crisis is just coming. Coronavirus: Well, you were right.


There is no fucking way Gadia could barely lay a finger on Tokyo yet could torture and execute Nairobi like that. Tokyo’s plot armor is thick af. Also, how could the same show that made such a big deal about Lisbon allegedly getting executed suddenly do a 180 like that?


Maserati armor


Honestly I would have been fine with Tokyo getting taken out of Nairobi


I just realized that everyone who was at the picnic where Nairobi was wearing a red dress is dead. Even before she actually died she was wearing the same red dress and maybe it was a way of somehow telling us what was going to happen in the future. Lemme go and rewatch the previous scenes to see who else was there


I know! I was like oh Oslo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi.. hold up..


There was an episode where Denver and Moscow where trying to convince the professor to let their relative into the team and Berlin started making fun of Denver...Berlin and Nairobi(she was wearing that same red dress) were wearing the same clothes that they had after Nairobi went to some sort of ‘afterlife’ so probably that previous picnic in the garden was some sort of premonition of what would happen in the future so probably Denver and the professor himself are next🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️


I don't think this scene is some metaphore. This is overthinking now.


I really enjoyed this season, finished it in one sitting, however I found somethings quite interesting, first when Gandia was in a crossfire when he threw the grenade in the elevator, how the fuck did all the bullets miss shooting at him, I mean there was 4 person shooting at him from different angles, how in the hell could you miss that, and even Gandia being stationary. That moment was just so surreal. But the rest of the season was awesome, it had ups and downs, but yet again we are left with a cliffhanger, meaning there is season 5 coming. EDIT: Second thing that stood out to me was why did Gandia never kill Tokyo, I mean seriously the moment he is able to he shoots at Nairobi, but Tokyo, who also attacked him several times, he just looks beyond that, and just doesn't give a single fuck about it, which being Gandia's defeat as far as we know.


>why did Gandia never kill Tokyo, Cause Maserati


He didn’t kill her and while giving every indication that he was up for raping her he never did. Swear Tokyo has better armour than Gandia. Instead poor Amanda was drugged and raped by the repulsive Arturo. Why are the writers so in love with Tokyo and tie themselves in knot to justify her presence and continuing existence?


Why did Professor not just add a doctor to go with them in the heist? He got all the medical equipments but hey, who needs a doctor right. Especially after the medical struggles they had in seasons 1 and 2. All this wouldn't have happened had they had a doctor in there instead of a doctor in Skype. Also, #NERFGANDIA


Who needs a doctor when you have a world-class surgeon like, uh...Tokyo??


Arturo RAPED another secretary. Please go to hell


Man, if he doesn't die in season/part 5 i'm gonna do it myself


I am also going to. Homie got raped by Helsinki and still came back


Sooo... When is Season 5?


I was just thinking about this.. unless they have filmed it already, it will be awhile.. its filmed in Spain and they got hit extremely hard by COVID19 😩😭😷


One of the actors (Lisbon) has been tested positive for COVID19 so unless they have filmed it, we are gonna be waiting a whileeeee.😔


calm down, let people digest s4 first. Be calm and have patience. For Nairobi !!!


It was bullshit when they were trying to kill the assassin and he just wouldn't die. You're telling me the crew has military grade weapons and none of their bullets penetrated his body armor?


>none of their bullets penetrated his ~~body~~ plot armor? Yes.




Worst season in the series. Major drop off. I'm disappointed


THANK YOU. I don’t know what the writers were thinking. The number of unexplained plot holes like just asking the general where the safe room is, bringing Lisboa back to the bank, not having a doctor on the team, digging a tunnel in a Chinese restaurants basement instead of just sneaking in with narcotic gas on the guards, countless times where Gandia could’ve been taken out, Tokyo obv not dying bc she is the main character among many others just did not match up to the ingenuity of the past seasons. Then there is the constant social justice movement happening throughout the seasons like Arturo coming back as the Me Too movement and the subplot emphasis on LGBT rights with Berlin, Palermo, and Helsinki despite Tokyo being objectified to a Maserati. Then the randomness of Rio having some emotional connection with Stockholm, the cringe of Tokyo and Denver’s sexual tension in that one elevator scene, and Nairobi somehow falling in love with that one dude out of no where only for her to die. This season was absolute garbage. The writers were doing way too much with each character and quality of the plots seriously became so unbelievable. I hope season 5 is better but at this point, the success of the show may have lessened the pressure for the show to have the remarkable plots that had me hooked in prior seasons.


I actually forgot they were stealing gold.😫


Ye... Once in a while we go down there just to remind people, and that's it. 44 tons? Omg we need more, yadda yadda yadda. Get back to work, we come back in three episodes, you lazy miners.


I guess it's not true she's Tatiana after all.


Omg this season was literally about gandia that guy is invincible or something. How the fuck did he escape after shooting Nairobi. Also, I was so happy Nairobi survived the gunshot from last season but no, they had to kill her :(


The last scene of Alicia indicated that this time it isn't going to be easy. This is the first time Professor is neutralized for real. Alicia isn't an ordinary interrogator. We need to remind ourselves she was able to fool Professor which has never been done (although at that point Professor's mind was clouded). Alicia is going to use him as a tool to clear her image as it's because of him all her nasty secrets are out. Also, now she has seen the true face of the Spanish Govt. and could plot some sort of revenge against them. Tatiana and Alicia being the same person is still a far-fetched idea. People are underestimating the true power of Palermo. He is the mastermind of the plan and in the next season he will play the brains to rescue the Professor. When the Professor was in a state where we couldn't think clearly he dearly hoped he could use his brains, so proving that he has a lot of potential in him and he is yet to unleash them. Along with Palermo, Lisbon has a major role to play in terms of mind games. Till now we haven't seen witty side of the character. The Professor staged a huge plan just to get her in the bank suggesting she has a role to play from inside.


S4 was the weakest season imo


the number of times tokyo mentioned someone/herself being horny pissed me off lmao


Ugh yes. Those comments seemed so unnecessary and out of place.


Gosh I freaking hate Gandia. He somehow dodged like 4838593 bullets. All the shit that he did made me hate him more than Arturo. I felt really bad for Nairobi,after all that pain she suffered she still had to die :( one of my fav characters FOR NAIROBI


The thing that bothers me about the Gandia story is that he is head of security, knows all about military armory and needs to be taught how to get out of handcuffs? And when they're removing Nairobis body everybody is just standing by the windows, including the window where she got hit the first time? No sir, i dont buy this at all, but ok, its good tv and it kept me watching for 8 hours straight!


Bro the handcuffs smh. That’s some basic knowledge.


Not sure if I am in the minority here but I didnt like it. What the hell is Arturo even doing there other than being an absolute retard? He shows up every other couple of minutes, acts like a complete asshole, does absolutely nothing for the plot and spends the rest of the time sitting there. Gandia has the biggest plot armor since Sam from Game Of Thrones. Dude has 4 people full spraying him with multiple guns, from multiple sides and angles and doesnt get hit ONCE. I get it he has a vest but not a single leg shot when he is looking the other way? And what was the point of dragging Nairobi through so much shit to kill her off like that? Poor girl is shot with a sniper, Tokyo turns in a world class surgeon and manages to save her life, then Gandia tries to kill her multiple times, and then when everyone is aiming at him after Nairobi is free he gives no shits and headshots her while AGAIN not getting hit ONCE other than the grenade. I dont get it.


I am myself quite disappointed with this season. I think they ran out of ideas this time. Lisbon's court scene was quite unrealistic.


Plus wouldn’t she tell them how they plan to escape. They questioned her for hours on the physics of melting gold and not asked her about the plan to get them out?




And he even had the time to say “hey mutt, i told you i was gonna kill you” LIKE TF WHAT ARE THE OTHERS DOING????? U SERIOUSLY TRUSTING THAT ASSHOLE? he literally tried to kill nairobi TWICE!


At the end of season one, I realized that every single person in the heist is a moron. It's still an enjoyable show, but you have to accept that and move on. Even Profesor is an idiot for hiring all these overly emotional dingbats. Why the fuck don't they just tie Arturo up and shove a sock in his mouth


Not to mention the fact that he has a punchable face.


I am definitely not liking this season. Feels like a recap of all the other seasons, but in a different building. As there were some kids involved, I hoped they would play a significant role or for it to fast forward and for them to take revenge or something idk. This whole thing with Arturo is just worn out.


Quick thoughts after having just finished it: Eps 1-6 were really bad. Gandia arc was unnecessary filler I found myself fast-forwarding some parts for the first time in any season of LCDP. Eps 7&8 redeemed the season. Finally the plot moved forward. These last 2 eps were what made me like this series in the first place. Also, minus 10 points for not enough Denver laughs.


during the hallway scene where everyone is shooting at Gandia, they should have made him get grazed in the leg, and them have him recover for episode 8 maybe?


Gandia over-survived, he managed to not get lethally shot in a hail of hundreds of bullets?!! And remember Helsinki was a soldier so he should have better aim than the rest, even if we’re arguing that the whole team were not trained shooters. Gandia became fking John Wick I was so done with the character after 2 episodes of him... He should have died in Ep 6. I think this season was over half filler because Netflix wants to drag the story out for more seasons as Season 3 did extremely well.


i liked moscow first, he died. berlin, wasnt a favorite but charming, died. Nairobi, loved her, died. now i wanna like tokyo, lets see what happens.


I think you should start liking Arturo, get that dog outta here


Everyone's saying that Gandia is like John Wick on steroids but I think that the real John Wick here is Marseille minus the guns


this show really threw me out the window giving me hope that Nairobi will live, I was kinda hoping for them and Bogota to have a child named Ibiza.




I believe Helsinki played Bella Ciao on his harmonica during the scene where they’re taking Nairobi’s body outside.


It was played after the last episode in the end credits


Why tf could they not make Manila hide behind one of the pillars in the hallway and shoot that fucker Gandia in his bald ass head! 1 year of waiting to see the Matriarch wake up to life again and they fucking shoot her in the head! 😔


I was really disappointed with this season. • Gandia became a marvel superhero suddenly. • Nairobi died after so much of drama preceding it,wasting the time. •Heist is still not over. • It was filled with ott drama if you ask me. • They should've simply added two episodes,and finished it all. • Tokyo is still alive.


For 4 seasons people have been leveling guns at each with zero intent to shoot. Gandia, a ex-spec ops guy, and he was shooting into the elevator like fucking Rambo, like come one dude, throw a grenade or pick targets wtf? The gun shots he receive on his body armor doesn't faze him in the slightest. He's lying down there in the hallway between 6 people with rifles, not one of them paused for a single moment to aim. When he's shooting in the elevator Stockholm had clear view of his bald head to open, similarly the guys in the elevator could have shot him in the head when he was facing Stockholm. When he was hiding behind Nairobi, was it too hard to shoot him from 3 meters? Tokyo didn't eat for 3 days, hadn't slept for more than two hours and still managed to look fresh as a peach. Nairoby made remarkably fast recovery for someone who had been shot, and had part of her lung removed by basically mechanics as far as surgery goes. I watch this show only to see the schemes of the professor, but I am getting tired of him having an outlandish plan for every contingency.


I so want to stay up all night and watch this! But my husband and I watch it together and he works all day... 😕


Since S1, I didn't understand the purpose of Tokyo in the group. The Prof knew she has a very hot temper and a tendency to go off the rails - not ideal for heists like they plan. But in S4, I finally liked the fact that >!she helped Prof figure out that Lisbon might be alive!< and that he got a taste of his own medicine. Otherwise, most of her dialogue in season 4 revolved around asking others to have sex with her - almost threw herself at Denver, that scene with Prof and Lisbon in their bedroom, a tease with Stockholm, and even for God's sake, Gandia too, while she was all tied up. I know she didn't mean some of them, but honestly, doesn't she have any other way to maneuver a conversation without asking anyone who's not Rio, to fuck her?! What's her particular set of skill (no Taken pun intended) to be still in the group, while >!Nairobi got executed!!ultimately to be shot point blank!<, and Tokyo showing no character development at all. I mean, why have so many interesting characters if you can't give them some serious arcs? I'm so mad!


I was super annoyed by Tokyo who can’t make any conversation without throwing herself to others, asked the gang to risk their lives for Rio and turned it into a mess once Rio decided not having a relationship with her. As Denver mentioned, they were not taking risk for her relationship, but for Rio’s life. She didn’t learn anything from death of Moscow but keep blaming Professor has no feelings (she keeps put her gang into risk while professor always want to keep all safe).


So Gandia was so good at dodging bullets and fought for years but needed Palermo to tell him hey you can just dislocate your thumb to get out of the cuff. Great.


starting episode 7. Lovely how tokyo manages to fuck everything up from the start ONCE AGAIN


After the first half I was like "hmmmmm, what's going on? This looks predictable. Did they loose their edge?" A lot of Drama, not so much Heist Stuff. But they managed to go crazy in the last episodes. What a ride! Pure fun. Tears, laughter, excitement, more tears, more laughter, more excitement. It's not the same spirit as the first two parts, but it's great entertainment!


I almost forgot that they brought in a welding team for Bogota to work with, i thought they're coerced to work but as i go on watching i realized the former. So basically the team is composed of: The gang (main) + welding team + Manila + Drill team (led by Benjamin) + Pakistan team (those guys doing tecb stuff) + Antoñanzas


I just finished this season (part 4) in one sitting. I have mixed feelings for this season. I thought that the professor would declare war from the start but it didn't happen although he did wage a war at the last part. I had great expectations for Alicia because she was an interesting villain in part 3 but the only thing she did in this season was interrogate Lisbon. Instead, the main villain is Gandia aka Jason Statham who has thick plot armor. Arturo was a nonfactor in the plot at all doesn't make sense for him to still be there. Thought that this would be the last part for the Bank of Spain but Netflix still wanna milk this series


The reunion in “Heaven” was a nice touch. Royal Mint 3 - 1 Bank of Spain


When Palermo was having that redemption talk with Helsinki, he realized that he was a piece of shit and the most important part is, he now acknowledged the gangs feelings. I think it wouldn't only be just the "love for the plan" anymore. He'll be doing a really good job next season, getting his shit together, being a team player, and showing that he is indeed the main constructor of this plan... or so I hope.


is gandia a racist? xenophobic? extremist? idk but his actions (especially towards Nairobi as compared to Tokyo) makes it super uncomfortable and heartbreaking to watch.


I felt the story only started at episode 7 and then quickly ended at 8. The first episodes didn't feel important at all.


> Today at 9:00 European here. Which time zone? Also 9 or 21?


Just finished. The whole season was breath-taking and heart-breaking at the same time. Tears a lot for Nairobi, Helsi and Professor. But seeing colonel being fooled at the end of season was entertaining, such a crazy plan! Strongly hope that Netflix will renew the series for season 5. We need more Bella Ciao!