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With both of their combined brain cells, Denver and Tokyo still cannot form a logically sound emotionally intelligent coherent thought as to why Rio and Monica might be talking to each other!


hE mUsT bE HiTTinG oN hER, DEnVer FiGhT


Hulk smash!


I used to think that Rio was the most childish out of them, partly because he was the youngest. But nope. No. When Tokyo and Denver were making fun of them I felt secondhand embarrassment.


That fucking scene with Berlin chopping his balls off,holy shit


My balls are still hurting from that scene.


You can't tell me a guy in that situation wouldn't put up more of a fight. I mean I'm pretty sure the fat guy could overpower Berlin, he has way more mass. Just seemed kinda unrealistic that he wouldn't even try to defend himself.


yeah thought the same, if a guy this big grabs you you're done


I felt really bad for that guy


But why did he do that


I am very disappointed after that scene, idk if I even want to continue, the fat guy didn't do anything near to deserving what Berlin did to him. He even just wanted to avoid Berlin like anybody with a brain would, avoid some retard wanting to provoke you. This scene didn't fit in at all and I was totally on the fat man's side.


Berlin is a psychopath. We know that.


I want an answer to this as well


He was laughing at Berlin's bow tie (Berlin says this just before stabbing him in the lemons)


That isn't a reason to do such shit Berlin did


Berlin is a sadist, we know that.


I heard that but did we actually see it? In filmmaking, what hasn't been visualized hasn't happened, basically


Yep we saw it (depends on upto which episode you have watched).


So I guess it's not before he takes the fork...


It is before he takes the fork actually. But it is *shown* to us in a later episode. But in actual timeline it happened before he takes the fork. Spoilers in case you haven't watched the whole season: >!Palermo adjusts Berlin's bow tie. Fat guy is entering the room. Looks at him and scoffs. Later when fat guy goes to the bathroom, Berlin also follows. That's when Palermo and Professor discuss and Palermo says he LOVES the plan so he won't betray the plan.!<


Probably best not to mention it here at all tbh.


Bro they showed them laughing behind Sergio for like 2 mins straight


because the heavy set guy laughed at the bow tie berlin was wearing


My mouth was wide fucking open. Holy shit.


bogota’s the only sane one here


Never thought I would hate Denver and fall in love with Bogotá


Same here. Denver was my fav and then all this shit happen.


If you listen to the english dubbed denver, you'd want to shoot his balls


the watch scene gave me chills


Great actors


the laugh, the damned laugh. it’s back!


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


Antoniaz is actually a really cool guy


Always rooting for him


When nairobi opened her eyes!! Feels like something’s missing without her


Wait but did palermo freed gandia so that he could be the boss again? Or for revenge?


Yes! What I understood initially it was out of being a rebel and upset that they staged a coup against him. (Which gets explained at the bar. Him being an egomaniac and not being in power would make him so upset that he’d be unpredictable). So with the Professor sending him that message, he realized that he had leverage by using Gandia (move in silent they say - same with Berlin and the fork stabbing).


How does getting Gandia freed gives him power?


Well, clearly the plan backfired - was about to get back here. But I think he was thinking (putting too much thought into tv characters) that he would just create some havoc, which he would be able to control and assume leadership again. Buuuut, my people, Berlin pretending to be a security advisor or what not, wouldnt that mean that he’d know about the bunker?


> the bunker A top secret bunker that doesn't even appear in the blueprints? A "random" security advisor don't get access to that. Only top-est personnel gets access to that.


It was weird. I understand a regular blueprint not having it, for security reason, but if he went there to learn about how the security team would react, he should have knonwwww! What was the point of that flashback??? Did it really take then 3 episodes to find it? It would only make sense for it to be by the governor’s office. Or have a corridor that would lead there.


I didn't see it as Berlin being a "security" advisor in the flashback. He was acting as a finance risk manager.


Oh, my dumb ass understood he was in security. Fair! Taking it all back


Omg someone needs to give Rio a hug, poor baby. Edit : Aw Stockholm did, I love her


You can feel at Rio's facial expressions the trauma he go through


He acted so bad


Why did they sit Gandia and Palermo next to each other. How ridiculous it is to not think about that?


I was wondering why they sat the guards so closely together in the first place with only handcuffs to restrain them. These are well trained men and women. They aren't people with only a high school diploma you pay to watch the local strip mall at $12/hr. And then to sit unstable Palermo with them was totally nonsensical.


Also why the fuck would they want Stockholm handling Arturo by herself? Of all the people they could’ve used, why her? I know your comment is old but had to get that off my chest


yo on fucking god, when they were in the bathroom I was like why the fuck would they let her just be there w him alone, he could overpower her and shit. and its just weird to start with


Can you refresh my mind of what happened between them?


Palermo baited him to escape


Watching the show after so long I just recalled that the biggest threat to the heist plan was always professor's team in the bank


The hell was that fork scene with Berlin about? Seriously what an asshole. I dont get how the fat guy just allowed it anyway? The fat guys like 4x the weight probably, he'd overpower Berlin so easy. Doesn't even need to fight, just push him away and get the hell out of there. Would be like pushing a twig for the fat guy. What's with Rio not shooting the guy too? Like there's no need to even kill him, shoot him in the foot or hand or something if he has to. Why do they make it out that he hasss to shoot to kill or totally let him go? Or if anything just shoot a few bullets in the air or past the guy to alert every other member that someone is escaping and to get backup ASAP. He just let the guy go and not warning anyone or anything. I get he's fucked up but can he not shoot a gun anymore?


I think the fork scene was just to remind us how fucked up Berlin actually is. Some people tend to forget it because he's been portrayed on the more charming side ever since he died (not sure if dead-dead or what). Rio's—I get it, I feel for him. It's irritating, yeah, but it's actually realistic. Boy barely got sleep, under all that pressure from the heist, just right after his torture, while keeping it all in (+ your ex's shit with Denver's, too). I think it's not about not knowing how to shoot a gun, but like, afraid of it; that loud bang, followed by screams. That would've triggered his PTSD effectively and who, with PTSD, would do that to themselves?


Yep I don’t know why they would put him alone in charge of all the hostages especially with his state of mind.It should be at least a 2 person job.


It's because only Stockholm really cares what state of mind he's in.


This is what bothers me most. A heist this big with one security guard, makes absolutely no sense.


I think there may be another reason. It’s to show that even the professor has blind spots. As brilliant as he is, he had no idea the kind of psychopath his brother really was until it was too late. I just finished this episode. I’m curious if the professor’s blind spots ever hit him again.


Don't see how this would be up for debate, he's 100% dead. Went out in a blaze of glory.


Idk. Even the script writers were sorry for killing his character. They didn't know that the series would be such a hit. They might try to bring him back just bec his charac is popular. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂


There are 3 responses. * fight * flight * freeze


And fawn


And yawn


Yeah those scenes made no sense. Especially the fork scene really annoyed me because it's so unrealistic that a guy would just allow somebody to stab him in his balls without trying to defend himself.


Yeah this show has become dumb. stupid scene after stupid scene just for the "shock" factor


Literally the worst season so far.


I mean, if the fat guy really is weak and assuming he couldn't move after Berlin stabbed him the first time, he still had a fully functioning vocal chord to scream for help. That scene did not make sense.


Yeah this season is honestly a shitshow so far. The whole cop helping the professor is some bs, the Denver-Stockholm breakup was forced and Rio doing basically nothing to stop that guy was pretty stupid. Also honestly I don’t like the Raquel-Professor relationship. It just makes 0 sense for an inspector like her to do a 180 like that because of a guy she’s not even known that long while she has a daughter.


What I don't like about this relationship is how Raquel went from a badass inspector to a love interest who does nothing but crying and being useless


Yeah one thing I've not enjoyed so far is how Raquel has been downgraded in the new heist. Either not have her on the heist, or use her to her full potential!


Everyone has forgotten how useless she was in season 1. She just spent the whole time in the cafe flirting while the heist was happening. It was ridiculous. And then after that she only really became bad ass out of ‘jilted lover’ revenge, before finally caving to love. Honestly this show’s gender dynamics are hideous to say the least.


Yeah, why would any inspector be dating new people in the middle of a stressful heist? She was stupid enough to go hide in a farmhouse even after the professor warned against it. He knew they'd be targeting buildings. Now she's just a liability, another damsel in distress that needs a knight in shining armor to come to her rescue.


The cop helping the professor was actually very great, in my opinion, at least. He's a cop who won't settle for illegal and unjust actions just to get what their side wants. He's a person who's naturally lawful and good in nature that when he sees wrong things, he can't shut his eyes and try to justify it. He did a good part in this series for me.


Exactly and we're gonna act like freezing isn't a normal response after all the torture Rio's been through? My guy has crazy PTSD. The only thing that I agree with OP is the Stockholm-denver breakup.


Absolutely agree. The writing has been shit so far. Hopefully the remaining episodes get better.


i'll never ever look at a fork the same way again 😣


Not trying to hate on the show, but for me these 3 episodes were awful..


Anyone who doesn't see this, is just a blind money heist fanboy.


Seeing more of Marseille has been good though


I agree


Rio should have atleast shoot in the air so that everyone would hear him and come to stop Ghandia...


Was thinking the same. I was so annoyed when he just watched.


Ther's gonna be action in the next episode.


I’m gonna be honest. That last seen with Rio and the bodyguard was unnecessarily forced. I get that Rio is traumatized but everything about that scene was way too predictable and seemed to ruin the flow.


I really expected Rio to shoot and kill the bodyguard. Now that would be a really interesting and unexpected twist for everyone involved. Now the gang has a dead hostage, Palermo’s plan is screwed and Rio’s mental state is even more fucked up. Audience wouldn’t also expect it since Palermo insisted that Rio wouldn’t shoot. It would be really interesting to see actually


Amazing how Gandia dislocates his right thumb, gets his right hand free and suddenly the handcuffs are on his right hand with the left one free lol. Ridiculous


All of this shit could've been prevented if they fucking gagged Palermo. I literally screamed at my TV "GAG THAT MOTHERFUCKER ALREADY"


Also the asshole security guy should have been gagged at the beginning too or separated. The professor could not have assembled a more brainless crew


Making Tokyo the leader is still such an asspull and I fucking hate it, she's the opposite of what a good leader should be, I really don't like this season so far tbh


Right? I need Nairobi to wake up and take the fuck over


Exactly! The show keeps insisting to tell us that she is the protagonist and the boss, and she just makes mistake after mistake. People forgot that she got drunk because her submissive boyfriend broke up with her? In the middle of such a heist? She doesn't even have a particular talent like most of the others there


Helsinki would be the best leader. He has experienxe and a relatively sound mind. Even if he doesn't like it, he could at least keep the bunch to the plan.


Is Tokyo supposed to be likeable? She is a trerrible leader, she does not think before acting.


They should have stopped at season 2.


Tokyo still having feelings for Rio omg get back together alredy god dammit!


omg no it was what made her irrational its clear that she can think after breaking up with rio


Favourite episode so far.


Is this a joke?


I mean, it was better than the first two lol


Just... what is happening?


Wow how did this show take such a steep nosedive.


That already happened in S3.


That fork scene actually made me feel sick. I have never liked Berlin and I never will


I can't tell if Palermo trying to incite the security guy to break away and cause chaos is all part of the plan (and him staging that whole insane scene in front of the hostages was planned) or if he has genuinely went crazy. I know the professor mentioned how unstable he was in prior episodes but I can't imagine him wanting this heist to fail. I mean he worked so hard to plan this and on top of that he would want it to be successful then honor Berlin. Any thoughts?


- Well I'll never look at a fork the same way.


Am I the only one actually shipping Rio and Monica? While Denver and Tokyo are just... Meh.


I don't see them as couple. She acts more like mother towards him.


I don't understand,why did Berlin torture that poor guy,is he sadistic or something?


Berlim was always a sadist, are you forgetting the first two seasons?


In the first season he got mad and assaulted Nairobi for calling him a pervert and child rapist and I'm like??? It's not far off! You're having sex with, (I.E. RAPING) hostage Adriana!


He is sadistic tho,so it's within his character,charismatic psychopathy


Rio is the biggest simp ever. So over him and Tokyo. Like I really don't care for either of their scenes.


Who could turn down 1 million Euros lol. Ah fuck they found out her mom and daughter are in the Philippines. Alicia is freaking good at her job, she saw the watch at the perfect time! Rio was buried alive WTF.


The scene with Berlin in the restroom forking the balls of the Fat Guy; what purpose does this scene serve? It seems out of place and out of context. Why include it?


That fat guy is so annoying


What did he do for Berlin to rip his balls out? I don't get it. Maybe I missed something?


He laughed at Berlins bow tie - I guess it can be seen as a sign of a lack of masculinity which is why Berlin destroyed his manhood. It doesn't really make sense to us but it makes sense to him. I think people often forget how disturbed of a charcter Berlin is so I'm guessing this is the writers way of reminding us


When the bigger guy first walks into that bar he sees Palermo fixing up Berlins bow tie and kinda chuckles to himself.




The inspector is so dumb and keeps ruining the plan. If she just stayed home with her daughter and mom things would have worked better. What has she contributed during this heist? I feel sorry for the Professor dealing with so many idiots.