Whoever hurt Pamuk. I'll find you and kill you.


Marseille wick.


I can get behind this idea


so true love animals


I root for Tamayo in this episode. He finally realizes bringing in this diabetic redhead bitch was a mistake.


I absolutely hate her and she's an asshole but at least she gets result I guess


Yeah but he kinda reverts back with that decision at the end of the episode.


Am not there yet, lol


I like how that guy gave the professor a leg up in the bull seen, he could’ve died and he put the professors life ahead of him


A heart of a soldier


I think it's because he knew that he had a better chance of escaping due to him being an action hero badass, whereas the Professor might not.


That bull did a better job of stopping professor than all of Spain police force combined for the past three seasons.


Probably somehow symbolic, given its meaning as a national symbol for Spain.


This comment is so underrated!


bruh before commenting uNdErRateD give some time for the comment to garner upvotes


did sergio just refer to raquel as his wife????




Did I miss that? Which minute


when Marsella tried to talk with him with the dog story. professor asked him" r u compare a dog with my wife? "


Well I don't know Spanish but in the subtitles he mentions "partner"


in the original sound he said"mi mujer", which means my wife, and i just went back to the Netflix and in English dub version it was also "my wife"


My English version says partner not wife


in the English version he said my wife but the subtitles was my partner. you might be listening the original Spanish soundtrack but with English subtitles. they didn't do a good job at translation


Yeah I'm watching the Spanish version with English subs.


My swedish subtitle says wife but in swedish (of course)


I've used "mi mujer" to mean girlfriends (usually as a joke) and figured it just meant my woman. Not a native Spanish speaker, but I also never got corrected by the girlfriends or people around who were. But these would be more serious girlfriends definitely.


In the scene in the car when Marseille talks about his dog, Sergio refers to Raquel as "his wife who just got executed in front of his eyes".


That’s why we always have to watch foreign tv shows in their original audio version. He says mujer meaning his woman not his wife


In Spanish we say "mi mujer" to refer to wife; if he pretended to talk about her as his partner he would say "mi pareja" or "mi novia". Definitely talking about wife.


You can use mujer for woman and for wife. It has two meanings.


Mujer in the context he used it means wife.


i did watch the show in spanish with english subs. sergio says mi mujer which does translate to woman but also to my wife. the subs referred to raquel as wife multiple times


French subs don’t


Incorrect, mujer at least for those around where I was raised and come from all used mujer as that middle ground between gf and wife.


that beating though 👌🏾


IKR! Arturo is fucking disgusting and Denver did the right thing even though it pretty much cost him Stockholm


Idk why Stockholm suddenly stopped liking Denver after that. Like how tf are you gonna fall in love despite knowing how much of a crackhead your partner is. Plus Arturo fully deserved that. He had this coming for 3 seasons


Because he looked so scary at that moment, like he just lost it and she was probably thinking, what if he lost it on me, and does that to me. But yes Arturo is a piece of shit, in the documentary they were talking bout, “who doesn’t love Arturo” like that man is a pos and I just want to punch him


Yeah, made no sense for me either. Sure, Denver really lost his shit and went too far, but how is Stockholm so surprised about that? Everyone knows Denver has a temper and come on, that wasn't the first time he was violant but she acts like she would've never expected that.


It’s kinda like something snapped into place in her head you know? Like the rose coloured glasses came off and she realised who the man she feel in live wit really was


Stockholm syndrome


“pissing is a relief sometimes” lmao gotta love marseille


When we cry, it's like we are kind of pissing out of our face in a way. Lol


I swear to god Arturo lmao


Kinda sucks that none of the hostages have much of a personality this season.


Bigger cast for the Dali robbers. They chose to drop the romantic plot between the secretary and the guy with the glasses (which i'm thankful for. Without a previous interaction between them it was coming as childish at best and stalkerish at worst) and giving more screen time to Marsella and Bogotá. I appreciated it.


Last season Denver trying to give glasses guy flirting advice was hilarious though.


Hilarious because Denver's character and actor are great, i agree, but I found it a bit annoying from glasses guy perspective(though the actor did a great job with the comedy too) . Another socially awkward guy that has a crush with a girl he's never spoken to. That's what I meant with childish or stalkerish at worst. Those things are a bit dated and easily fixable if you add just a little bit of work. Make Glasses guy less awkward and more insecure and make him think he can't get the girl that's already aware of him. It'd been very good point to develop his relationship and Estocolmo 's (remember what got them together. Not the situation but Denver's humanity) but I think they didn't know how to fit it with the direction they were taking


you forgot to mention the fact that the secretary is old enough to be his grandma


“i knew i was A-something!” oh my god he’s reaching unprecedented levels of annoying. he needs to die. stat


I can’t stand him anymore. I hope he dies somehow, but not by the gang killing him or something. Lol.


Every episode I keep hoping he finally earns his Darwin Award.


‘anymore’? you were able to tolerate him this whole time?


I actually hated his character and all from the get-go, but I felt like in the first heist it was alright for him to be there since there had to definitely be some hostages causing trouble + the buildup of Stockholm’s storyline. But in S3 and S4, he’s such an extra and the series could’ve just gone on without him. I feel like they purposely brought him back because of all the attention he got from viewers hating him and they just wanted to milk it.


Yeah he definitely does feel very shoehorned in.


As soon as he raised his hand I would’ve said , “not you”


Seriously. Stop letting him volunteer! Hog tie him in a closet and forget about him!




My theory is he wants them to break up so he can be with her and rip apart the group from the inside. Ooooh what if he's working for Tatiana


Yeah that's sort of been his motive from day 1.


Yeah even last season in his motivational speaker thing he framed it as Denver stealing the love of his life, and so he thinks he can win her back so he is clearly delusional.


Is pregnant lady Tatiana? I am confused. I thought Tatiana was berlin's wife and pregnant lady is sierre.


That dude definitely got the names mixed up, you're correct (although it's Sierra not Sierre, close enough)


Thanks for the clarification.


Why don’t they just isolate him? They know he’s trouble, he convinced a group to break out last time. He forced himself in for a reason. Are they really still that stupid?


Yes i agree with this, whenever arturo start speaking it only bring problem to the whole heist


How is he working with Tatiana? Was Tatiana introduced in the current time?


I mean like the police in general, we joke how stupid it was for him to jump back into a hostage situation but maybe it was planned... probably not but who knows


That's a great theory! I was thinking that too lol I'm interested to see what happens


I think Denver's reaction are actually very stupid and weak :(


But in his defense, Stockholm should’ve explained herself better, cause she really had no intention to reunite with Arturo and she was only being fair by choosing to allow him a visit to see his son.


Yes but Denver should assume that Arturito is messing with his mind


Yeah, I also thought about that. He wasn't able to just keep his shit together and ignore him. Pretty weak.


It's like he has made hardly any effort to work on his impulse and anger issues since the start of this show.


arturo put out the bait, and denver went for it. watching him get beat up like that was both so satisfying and devastating


Fuck Arturo


Poor, poor Nairobi. Didn't think she'd choose that. And Tokyo seems really heartbroken.


I felt so bad for her when Nairobi was begging for her help. It was a very difficult choice to make and you could see it tore her apart. I honestly don't know what I'd have done, but I'm glad she tried to respect her choice even tho she knew she'd probably snitch once outside


Marseille is actually so cute trying to console El Professor


What nationality is he supposed to be?


from one of the countrys of the ex-Yugoslavia most likely




“Pissing is a relief sometimes.” 😂


We need a Marselle-bot


Who was that girl they kept focusing on?


She always gets weird close ups in part 3 and 4


She's kinda hot tho


Denver's new love interest!? 🤔


secretary to the governor I think


No the secretary was the girl fixing up arturo after the beating


I feel Denver Arturo Monica scene was a bit forced


Very telenovela scene


Was that a fucking Wilhelm scream?


There was also one in season 2 when Tokyo was entering the Mint on a motorcycle.


I noticed that one haha


I never heard it


At the very beginning, when they show the tank up in flames


Yesss, I also noticed it, always funny to hear.


Chills. Litteral chills. What awesome shots of the professor in the forest.


I want to like it, but the writing has become so bad that it's sometimes soap opera level. - How can there even be a single person who thinks Tokyo would be a good leader? She fucked up so many times already and has no good qualities for a leader. - How can they just perform *lung surgery* on someone in the middle of a bank? - The scene where they all draw weapons at each other was interesting *once*, but it happened so many times now that I just roll my eyes. It feels like such a cheap attempt at being cool. - That bull scene was so... awkward? What the hell was that about. The professor is already in danger. Why did the writers add a *bull* as an attempt to make it more dangerous??? I'm so lost. - Why the hell would they let *Arturio* donate blood? Tie him up properly and throw him in a closet or something. He's *always* trying to stir up shit. Can the characters please learn that? Why would they *ever* trust him or even keep talking to him. And don't get me started on that pointless Monica drama - She should have known by now that they can all be violent.


Thank you so much for voicing my opinion!! I really felt a decline in the writing, but I'm hoping it gets better at the end The 2 things that annoy me de most are Monica and Tokyo characters. Mónica should really know better and stop making unnecesary drama; and Tokyo shouldnt be the leader.. but here we are..


Them letting Arturo do anything is beyond dumb


I really am trying to enjoy the show but I have all the same issues you've mentioned. Honestly, why would they allow Arturo to participate in anything at all when they know full well how much of cunning trickster he is. Why not just keep him tied up seperate from everyone or just send him back out. And the gun thing, seriously how many times are they going to draw weapons on each other, it's incredibly boring and tensionless at this point. It's almost parody.


Yeah, Tokyo was batshit drunk a few hours ago amidst a deadly and almost out-of-control heist, and most of them suddenly think she is the sane one? Come on...


If you like Mexican standoffs this is your favorite show of all time


Monica fell in love with a bank robber, lived with him for two years and realized he's not a role model for her child because he punched someone for trying to sexually assault his girlfriend. Alright then.


Yeah that plot point was not convincing


Yeah that was maybe the most appropriate reaction to something Denver has had so far. Dude tried to poison Nairobi with his blood then was going on about sexual assault


I know this is early in the season, but something doesn’t sit right with me about Tokyo wanting to be the leader of this. She is my most unleveled headed person in that group in my opinion.


I got so angry when she said she was the most cool-headed of the group. She almost blew the previous heist several times with her stupid decisions, wtf


She too driven by emotions when you cant in a heist this grand. Despite the antics, I do believe Palermo is the most leveled headed person, along with Nairobi to lead the heist. And he had an instrumental part in the creating and planning of this latest one.


Yep, Nairobi may be "too nice", but at least she thinks before she acts


Let's not forget about her playing Russian roulette with Berlin's head.


Tokyo has consistently been my most hated member of the group, she's a goddamn narcissist too with her monologue of how she says she is the one who is born to be leader and all that. No... you make rash emotion driven decision and when things get heated you start pulling guns on your own people, great leadership right there


Funny how the professor was giving her shit aboutPalermo being unpredictable, as if she isnt


It's a very curious decision from the writers to make the narrator character a fairly not-so-likable one right from season 1. Not saying I hate it, just a surprising decision.


Nairobi saying Tokyo should be in charge was legitimately jarring, completely out of left field


This is getting ridiculous. There is no way untrained people are safely putting someone to sleep and then doing major lung surgery on them. She would be dead the second they put her to sleep


4 Seasons in and Arturo IS STILL PISSING ME OFF


Ever heard of knocking, Tokyo? Was if the professor was getting some?


Our girl Tokyo suggested a threesome. Don't think she'd care about seeing Professor getting some.


When Nairobi and Monica said Tokyo should lead the heist I was like "Wut?"


Whatttttttttt Marseille almost ficmkng killer himself wtfddd


It was all part of the plan.


What If he did die or become so injured he couldnt do the rest of the plan? Seems like a weirdly risky plan


Ik lol obviously but it's just mad


I was wondering why could he get away unscathed after a crash like that even with a helmet and probably protection gear? And why couldn't he jump out of the car before it was going to crash? Like when professor jumped out of the van and let it continue to run.


Ye lol I was thinking that aswellv


I need a loyal friend/partner like that, don’t just say it, do it!


Good piss? Pissing is a relief sometimes. Marseille is starting to be a very good character.


Yeah the lack of him in part 3 makes sense now


Sorry but what did monica expect denver would do? you know this guy's madly in love with you and he's violent. You accepted that last seasons and you chose to pursue a relationship with him. Now fucking arturito says that he tried to come on and rape your woman and you are surprised denver beats him up?


I feel like this season will be a Redemption season for Tokyo. I really feel that she will ultimately overcome her sporadic behavior and lead the gang to safety.


"Because when things start going wrong,I react." - Tokyo Yeah,you react like a fucking moron and fuck things up even more. After all the shit she pulled on the last heist,I'm surprised Nairobi would be stupid enough to even consider Tokyo as leader.


Yeah, I hate that they suddenly made Nairobi an idiot by even considering Tokyo as a good leader


Ti amo Berlin!


I wouldn’t let Tokyo plan a birthday party let alone a fucking heist


How many more times will we see the heist team suddenly argue and then pull a weapon on each other? And How many more times will we see the leader role change and have everybody suddenly go along with it?? Its getting boring dear writers


20 minutes in and already can't stand Tokyo. I know "Tokyo bad" is getting to the point of a circlejerk, but I don't think I've ever been this frustrated with a TV show character. What qualities does she exactly have to qualify her to lead the heist, other than nice ass and being a constant fuckup?


Her narcissistic personality is getting pretty old at this point.


She’s classic borderline personality disorder. (No offense to those suffering and trying to get better.)


Don’t hand over her 😭💔


Where did the Professor get that chair in the forest? Also, why the hell is Arturo still inside the bank? They could have sent him out. He's too much trouble. Also, what a jerk!


It was already there in the forest. Probably someone threw it there. You could see it's old and rusted.


Way too excited for this new season


Marseileee legeenndddd


Denver yessssssssss fuck yesssss


Magically Tokyo becomes the most competent person on the team because the plot demands it. Denver becomes "violent" and has been declared to have a trauma because soap operas i guess? Unpopular opinion: The shark was jumped as soon as they started writing part 3.


>Magically Tokyo becomes the most competent person on the team because the plot demands it. This point doesn't make a sense,I agree >Denver becomes "violent" and has been declared to have a trauma because soap operas i guess? Tbh he was ok and it's a bit outside of his character for now to suddenly move in dramatic way




1st episode is Game Over. Interesting.


Why would they make Tokyo the leader? She’s strong but she never thinks ahead. She has a history of making rash decisions.


Because the plot demands it. She'll suddenly have professor level intellect with surgery skills to boot.


OMG THAT ENDING! I was finally starting to gain respect for that guy! If she dies....


Does anyone dislike Monica character as well? I feel like she’s still quite soft, not really suited to be in the heist despite being trained and living together with Denver for so long. If it was other stronger female character like Tokyo, they will never fall for such obvious emotional manipulation by Arturo.


They should never have let her or Lisbon be a part of this!!


okay unpopular opinion: I miss Berlin


I don’t think that’s an unpopular opinion. Also, he doesn’t seem as much of a narcissist in the flashbacks. I’m guessing whatever happens to/with his wife changes him profoundly.


I was wondering why Denver wasn't exploding on Arturo, I would. Then he explodes on Arturo. You don't need to have a temper to reach that point, Arturo is really devious, sociopathic and irritating and arrogant and [add another 5 bad qualities].


That cry. Felt that big.


That cry of grief. I just. I can't even.


- Holy Shit. This episode had so much going on. - I think Nairobi going to die - I don't feel bad Arturo. He deserved to get beat up. Fuck Arturo. - Marsrlla dog story was fucked up. - Excited to see what happens next.


What is the name of the music that Berlim sings at his wedding??


Ti Amo - Umberto Tozzi https://youtu.be/yo_Ph9GQjWw


OMG! This episode is pissing me off!! Like how bad can it get? First of all, poor Nairobi! Secondly, FUCKING ARTURO!!! I wish upon him a humiliating death!! And Tokyo! She is in no place to make decisions here, she’s unstable and impulsive! After all, they’re all in that position because of HER!! The only thing in this episode that made me smile was how Helsinki wore a surgical cap around his beard... hella cute!!


This is getting annoying.


It should have ended on part 2. I'm starting to hate watching it really.


Glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. I got into this show expecting something really serious, but it feels way too cheap for me and now I'm mad because I don't want to abandon it yet I know for a fact I'm not watching part 5 and part 6.


I almost stopped watching the episode the moment Nairobi said Tokyo should be the leader of the heist lmao Like, I think she’s even worse than Denver, I seriously don’t know why Monica and Nairobi would even consider her given that Nairobi is 1000 times better than her, I don’t get why they keep forcing her as something she’s clearly not, and making the other characters say stupid things just for her to look “cool”


Episode 1 titled “game over” because Tokyo is now the leader?


and poor Nairobi i hope the surgery goes well 🤧🤧


The shot they used for the Prof in the forest of his face and gun-holding looked like an RPG. So immersive and I really felt it. Of course, good acting helps too.


"Era una perra buena". OMG Marsella was the best thing for me this episode.


TIL that rib spreaders exist


Can someone recap/explain what's the Potato Head reference that Angel and Raquel were talking about? I completely don't remember this


Alicia is so fucking hot. I love her Lara Croft outfit.


Sierra is a crazy bitch. She's got something wrong going on in her head


One thing that boggles my mind: Professor was almost sure someone could have eventually be shot or seriously injured, and he thought of hiring a surgeon from Pakistan. But why do that? I think it was unconventional to think that a surgeon could instruct the gang to perform a serious surgery over a video call. If professor was so smart, why not disguise a surgeon amongst the hostages? Just pay a trustable surgeon to be at the national bank during the robbery to become a “hostage” If they ever need a surgery, he could just do the surgery, and his cover would not blow if they play it as him/her being a volunteer to do surgery or even do it in secret. It feels like it would be the better option. Like, the professor thought of this Pakistani surgeon thing but not this?


>One thing that boggles my mind: Professor was almost sure someone could have eventually be shot or seriously injured, and he thought of hiring a surgeon from Pakistan. But why do that? I think it was unconventional to think that a surgeon could instruct the gang to perform a serious surgery over a video call. This point was pretty questionable


That involves too much logic and isn't dramatic enough.


Bruh you should know by now how unrealistic this show is. Like cmon.




Naaaa no way profesor is too smart lool


Plan Hemelin FTW!


Yeah pissing is indeed a relief.


Arturo got gnomed - i am satisfied with this season


So happy this is back. It's gonna make the quarantine a lot better!


Nairobi drop in blood pressure i mean cmon What has the cut off in the internet do with sudden drop in pressure it was too soon like at least later u know what i mean


Why does it start in 22 minutes?


That is when the season releases.


Yesss Denver


Is Arturo working for the pregnant woman? Didn't think he had the smarts to rile up Denver and get beaten up so that Stockholm hates Denver


I'm glad she's not dead!! . Oh wow he has the professors blood that's really smart. That bull was about to fuck them up lol. oh shit he beat the hell out of Arturo. Bro I hate that guy who screwed up the video call 😠😡


I’m confused...how did marseille get outside???? I thought he was in the bank? With a ferret???


He has never been inside the bank. Are you mistaken with someone else?


Marseille and Bagota kept the heist alive and never lost their cool. They should have more screentime in the next season.


Berlin awwww what a guy proper g


Arturo makes me vomit.