Things I loved: 1) There was no Arturo. 2) Last episode was brilliant. 3) Alicia Sierra and the Professor's mysterious ability to charm female police officers.


Exactly!!! I'd add 4) No unlimited ammo/God mode encounters 5) Characters revealing and accepting their nature The only thing that bugs me is that Nairobi was not in that flashback scene, missed her


I bet she's the one who put the fish contrary to professor's statement that she's the only focused one


That actually makes sense 😄


Tamayo is the new Arturito.


That guy played tamayo's so well. If we hated him , means he did a good performance


I agree lol


Marseille is a absolute MVP. Never made a mistake and did everything down to the T without ever doubting the Professor.


He and Benjamin


Also, when did Benjamin get to be named as Logroño? I never heard anyone refer to him as such, but he is listed as such in the final credits.


After he was referred to as Logroño by Alicia in the first part of this season, there were many memes and jokes on Twitter about it.


> without ever doubting the Professor. Except when the 'police' turned up unexpectedly...


It was unplanned, just imagine your panic if you were in that situation, getting so close to winning, with the possibility of losing everything.


*Hell, even the Professor was in panic!*


he had the right call tho


He’s my favorite, I feel like he gets overshadowed since he’s on the outside, but he’s critical


There’s so many things that could’ve gone wrong if he pulled a Tokyo


When he followed Sierra and Professor on foot.. God knows what distance but what a legend!


By far my favorite support character. He was the glue of the heist


He truly was the Kingsguard captain.


My favourite part of the whole season was sierra and the professor becoming “friends”. When she fell asleep on his shoulder and the hug at the end killed me


*Lisbon will remember that*


guys is Lisbon single?


That literally had no reason to be in the script 😂. If they had built on it more afterwords then maybe but I was just like whyyyyyyy the entire time. He’s been at the monastery with them and hears them over comms so idk why they wrote that in lol


I think vol2 had been a bit of a slog and that moment of brotherhood bonding and ribbing was to reset the tone a bit and lighten up the heist. It worked "okay" but definitely felt a bit ham fisted


This. At first when I saw it I thought it was an attempt at comedy even though it's so irrelevant for the plot, but the scene where he makes a move on Lisbon was so underwhelming. I was hands down expecting him to go full on making out with her and then Lisbon the badass she is kicking his ass


seriously i really get second-hand embarrassment from that i had to pause for quite sometime lol


Found Pamplona's alt account


I know he has a way with lady cops lol. I loved it also


I'm happily surprised that the ending wasn't more of a bloodbath or tragedy. They wrote themselves into a corner and wrote themselves right back out of it. Was hanging on to every word, they absolutely nailed it.


Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once, everybody lives!


And I am so, so, so happy about that. I watched so many shows that tried to make an edgy ending, probably aiming for bittersweet and it instead just seemed bad. I'm so happy they gave us this almost fairytale-like, good ending.


Overall, it ended well, but it does make me sad that Tokyo and Nairobi didn't make it. They should have at least written in a flashback with her, or somehow made it clear they gave something to her son. She had the most ridiculous and gut wrenching death of the whole franchise. Shot, wack ass surgery, only to be tortured and shot in the head-just felt so unnecessary, if anything they should have just killed her off when she was shot initially. She was the brains of melting the gold operation, at least give her more acknowledgement in the last few episodes.


Ya that was kinda weird. She felt oddly missing.


Agreed. I almost stopped watching the show because of how poorly they handled Nairobi's character last season. Arguably the most likable and charismatic character/actor in the series.


I 100% agree they did Nairobi a major disservice.


I think the same, Nairobi should have died in the last episode of season 3, since that episode imo was the best that Netflix produce along with episode 5 of this season. In that way, it would be more intense and dramatic.The way she died in season 4 was weird, since Gandia have so many opportunities to kill her, but choose to do it in worse scenario. I think they only want to shock the viewer with that scene.


Yes. Why put her through that shitshow 'surgery', give her hope, just to be physically tortured some more, and kill her off in such a brutal way?? She was a huge fan fave too, but, IDK maybe there was something behind the scenes that caused such a weird end to her character. She herself said she was shocked that they were killing her off at point, so soon.




Favorite light-hearted moment : During the first installment of the video showing how the gold was extracted: Palermo: Anything else you'd like to add? 'I'd like to say hi to my kids' Palermo: Take it away, big man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Honestly epic. Like nothing too serious was going on.


Yes that part was great. Quick light hearted, funny moment while being in the middle of the biggest heist in history


That was a tad bit emotional. Next video comming up shortly. Stay tuned while we go for a short commercial break. You're watching "How to get the gold out of the national reserve". BRB.


they could only leave the bank “dead” and technically they did


There will be conspiracy theories around the world that professor never died and the gold was never returned. For some, he died as a hero, for others, he's still alive


Also. Denver will be seen as a traitor


*But who cares about the public opinion when you have your family and friends backing you up*


Happy Dom noises


Exactly!! Like people truly still believe Michael Jackson and Tupac are alive because they’ve seen their faces/what they think are their faces before…. There will always be theories but never any proof.


The only issue with that is that their faces are so well known around the world that as soon as someone who recognized them spotted any of them word would get around. Then what? Lol


They’d be called delusional conspiracy theorists


Not if you had a picture or video of them lol


People have been showing up with pictures of supposedly alive celebrities/political figures for decades after their deaths. It doesn’t do much to change the general public’s perception at the end of the day and most, if not all the theories are written off as conspiracies or lookalikes. Tbh, unless someone straight up sends in a video of them going “hey, I’m not dead lol” it’s human nature to believe them to be dead. Biggest example would be Tupac.


>!Fucking Rafael!< Edit: this was written the moment I saw >!that Rafael and Tatianna stole the gold!< , there is no need to explain the characters to me or why they did, what they did.


I'm actually glad abt his twist. Because if not, his character would've been an unnecessary filler in the part one


Yeah I agree. The comment was just my first reaction


It's Tatjana whose poison


I agree. During the standoff, she was the one leading the group.


Why fucking Rafael. Them giving back the gold was a fucking plot hole. Why would he do that just because he read something about his grandfather (i presume that was what was written). It just seems unreasonable for them to hand out the gold considering the lengths that they went to to steal it. That made no sense to me.


It makes sense if Rafael’s intention for stealing the goal was sentimental, not just for money. It is far more money than they could ever spend. But similarly to the Professor, he planned the heist to “talk to” his dad, Berlin (not his grandfather). The last interaction he had with his dad was breaking his heart but also receiving his approval as a worthy son. So, he stole the gold to be part of his father’s heist. So, giving it back to the crew was not about his grandfather, but what was written on the note had to be something related to his dad. Giving it back and becoming a legitimate member of the crew on the heist that was his father’s last dream, was the last way to make amends and be at peace with his dead father. Remember the show is about idealism and romanticism, not logic. A lot of what they get away with wouldn’t work in real life. There is so much luck, faith, and hope involved. That is why it moved the audience so much. So, if you apply romantic and sentimental logic, it makes a lot of sense.


I had a similar impression. The flashbacks of Berlin constantly telling his son he's criminal at heart came full circle with this episode's flashback. Rafael having a super emotional moment with his father and uncle cemented the idea in his head that his path is to join the family tradition. It makes sense that The Professor's note probably reminded Rafael that at the end of the day the heist is an homage to his slain grandfather and that sharing the gold would honor both his grandfather and his father who died in the process. Pulling on those heartstrings.


Great point. But this heist was not homage to his grandfather right? The first one was. The grandfather used to talk to the professor about robbing the mint (“imagine a machine that can print money!”). Even Lisbon says it when she is confronting Professor about his true nature (1st heist was for your dad, this heist was for your brother). That is why the professor felt so guilty that Berlin died without ever getting to perform HIS dream heist, the gold under the bank of Spain. So, this entire heist was basically Professor’s love letter to his brother. Which is why there are so many flashbacks to Berlin (which I loved btw, as they really further humanized him). So, while it is a family tradition they are taking part in, I don’t think his grandfather has much to do with this one. Other than his involvement in explaining their origin story and how the family really romanticizes robbery. So, all that must have been on that paper was something really sentimental about his dad.


I mean there was like a 90% probability him or Tatiana or both would've died in that shoot out. Alicia would've probably been the first to pull the trigger. Then what good is it? That was literally the best option for everyone involved. Except instead of a tense stand off (like Tamayo and the professor) the message made him accept it without a bunch of screaming and yelling.


I think Tatijana and Raphael is misunderstood. Tatijana is not a gold digger, Berlin said she can get all his money if she just wait a couple years, but she chooses not. She might actually in love with Raphael, plus Berlin has his share of relationships too. As for Raphael, he has the same traits of his Dad and Uncle, he is not a killer, he is a thief. So the paper just saying he is not returning the gold and everyone gets their share.


I am really curious what did Professor wrote to Rafael on that piece of paper? Any theories? I AM SO CURIOUS....


Bring the gold back and i will give you early access to “Berlin 2023”


“Pls give us gold back ur father had plan pls”


My best guess about his first hiest with Berlin, they did the same for that Viking antique hiest, they replaced gold antique with the brass one. So that may have triggered how the the gang will be getting out in Rafaels mind.


From the fact that Rafael said “it’s a family matter” as justification, it was probably something like that or “it’s what Berlin would have wanted” or “don’t take this away from him (aka Berlin)” or something like that. Is my guess


yeah he probably did it as a way to feel his fathers forgiveness for betraying him


“You betrayed your father once, and he forgave you. Don’t betray him again.” or something


I really think the note was positive rather negative. He wouldn't have been so content in the end if he'd just been emotionally manipulated out of all that gold. He was happy with his decision.


I am more curious why they gave the gold back to professor. I mean they had more guns at the encounter in front of the gold house. Also even if Raphael for some sentimental reason wanted to give the gold back, how his whole team aggreed? Especially Berlin's ex-wife. Doesn't make sense to me


I'm guessing much along the same thinking as The Professors, if the world knows the gold is out there, then it will never truly be safe but if they go on board with the plan and agree to go through with the switch out of the brass then at least it will be closure from the authorities to a degree. And Raphaels gang probably have the same faith in him as the gang do with The Professor


i think even the writers didn't know that's why they didn't include it lol


I thought it may have been something like, “thanks for playing your part in the heist, just like your father had planned. You’ve earned your place in the family and have made him so proud. Your share will be shipped to you blah blah” or something along those lines


"We are not returning the actual gold to the government , we are giving them brass. Give me the gold we can split it 50-50."


"It was a perfect swap"


Literally just commented this on the episode thread, but my theory was a reference to Berlin‘s Viking treasure heist since it’s so personal/specific.


great ending! was really expecting BELLA CIAO at the end...but loved the scene when they sang it together.


I think it was fitting not to have it since the Professor admitted to being a “thief” and that the heist is about passion. Bella Ciao is about resistance and after that point it would take power away from the song.


Yeah I completely agree. The timing of where it happened in this season felt very appropriate, and was clearly a callback to the timing of when they sung it during the Royal Mint heist - just after they'd reached dirt and "secured" their escape.


I swear Tamayo is gonna die of heart failure anytime soon. His heartbeat probably reached 9000 per second for how stressed he was throughout the whole thing. I was genuinely worried for his health lmfao


This! I was thinking the same thing - he will have a heart attack or go bald anytime soon. There was this one scene when he drank a whole cup of coffee with one sip and I thought "OMG, THIS IS IT"


Man's the embodiment of stress itself. The fact that he still has not white hair or hair at all is a miracle.


The actor is marvellous


They could very well have left Arturo dead (without mentioning that he survived) and it wouldn't change anything lmao


No It would be better if he died


The moment him being alive was announced, I actually moaned “fuck, no” thinking he would still make another cameo appearance at some point


What do you mean lmao I literally agreed with you


Well Stockholm would have been a killer that is character development considering from when she was introduced. And nobody likes Arturo. Him dying gives closure. now we know the fuck is still out there writing book 2. I can't sleep easy.


You thought Berlín 2023 was crazy? Wait until Arturo 2024


holy shit that was satisfying


I thought the whole build up of Rafael was so that in the end he would use his "MIT" brains and hack something and free the gang. But no, he was just a douche.


I thought it was a great twist. I really disnt expect that amd I liked the surprise.


For a moment I thought this would be a dark ending when Tomayo was announcing the 'deceased' names. But when he said "Lisbon" and "Professor" I knew it wasn't a dark ending and thought to myself that they must be alive in those bags. And thank god, I guessed it right. One of the most satisfying endings to a show.


As soon as they said Matias city name( can’t remember what is is) it was revealed. I was like wait how would they know his city name they discussed it inside the bank.


Pamplona, come on man. Its the best place to party at Sanfermines


Have you heard that there is even a book that Hemingway wrote about the city?


Unpopular Opinion: Colonel Sagasta is bad-ass soldier. He did put an end to the heist. He single-handedly lead to the arrest of all of them.


Yeah props to him and his crew, they really were bad ass, but fuck gandia


They were also war criminals. It was probably a lot less 'bad ass' when the neonazi in the gurney was lining up Kosovan kids and blowing their brains out. They're all as insane as Gandía and quite a good representation of modern mercenaries.


Gandia's lunatic decisions were what killed 4 more soldiers.


I dont think so. The real heroics were from Arteche. Abdominal wound yet she stealthily single handedly took out all the charges and was an all round bad ass


It is literally mentioned she's a war criminal in vol. 1. They're all pieces of shit


Tbf every character on both sides was a piece of shit. Some more than others but there were no innocent parties here.


What i cant handle is they really put affair drama in this instance situation... I MEAN WTF. CANT U DOING THIS AFTER ALL OF U CAN GOT OUT FROM THE BANK, DANVER AFFAIR WITH MANILA AFTER A MINUTE AFTER TOKYO DIE. I cant imagine what kind of love-affair drama they will put in korean version


Whoa what. Korean Money Heist? You son of a bitch, I’m in.


And they will call it Squid Heist.


Can we get a Spanish version of Squid Games too ?


La casa del calamar.


Sang Woo = Arturo


dude this part totally made up for the stuff that wasnt so great in the other parts of the new seasons. no endless bullet gun fights, no everyone taking their gun out when fighting, n no crazy ass medical procedure done by the gang. they tied it up in such a good way.


Same I was very happy with how this turned out after the underwhelming earlier parts. Really liked how they come up with new strategies to fool the police


For all the ones who say that they were expecting more casualties at the end, I guess it’s the Netflix is the culprit. I guess if we watch both the volumes at once, you’ll find this ending more convincing. It’s just they split it to two volumes and seems like a mess. I really loved it. Even if it’s a fiction, I don’t want anymore guys to die. You just have to believe in. 🤣


Can you imagine the face of the detective when they asked for a passport for Alicia!?


You mean Lucía, right?


I posted this outside as well. I think Gandia should’ve killed Rio, not Nairobi. I respect the poetic justice in unpredictably and unceremoniously killing off a fan favorite.. but they failed to replace what Nairobi had to offer. I found myself not caring what happened to the characters inside the bank. I would’ve especially enjoyed watching Nairobi succeed getting the gold out to Bella Ciao, she’s always been the master engineer. I want to see her with Axel and Bogota. She uniquely had an intense emotional connection with every person in the group. I think they tried to get us to like Manila and Matias in her place, but it was just entirely lackluster without her. They dropped the robber/hostage chemistry entirely. The team loyalty plummeted. No profound advice. Her reaction to Tokyo dying would’ve been Oscar worthy. So then who should’ve died? Rio. It would’ve been painful, especially because he had a chance to kill Gandia. The robbers knowledge of why they’re there was to save Rio, and then he still dies, presenting an excellent inner dilemma. Tokyo would’ve seen her second love die like the first. And then her ultimate death would’ve been a sacrifice to join Rene and Rio. It could’ve been beautiful and emotional, while keeping the richest character they had inside the bank. Thoughts?


I missed Nairobi as well, she was my fav character. I loved her bond with Helsinki and her being a master engineer, like you called it.


Many days late on this, but I think the main issue with this idea is that Rio was the reason this heist began in the first place. I know, it's kinda revealed the Professor would have wanted to go through with this anyway, but Rio is the initial catalyst. Killing Rio would have made the whole genesis of the operation pointless. The original goal was to get Rio out of capture, and they were successful. Also, I really enjoyed Nairobi, but sometimes, you need to kill off the most likable characters. That's what makes the deaths more meaningful. It wouldn't feel like there were the same stakes if the characters people wanted to see die died. Just my two cents.


Nairobi would've been the one to keep everyone positive, just like Rio did. But with a pretty much loud speech. She was so loved by her friends and even by the hostages because she treated them like humans


Mathias stole my heart


One piece or bikini? _She has a machine gun you dumb flirt!!_




I just love the scene when Professor told Alicia to find the gold and she looked at Benjamin and he comforted her like "Alicia, you can do it". It's so wholesome and heart warming. Also Benjamin and Marseille are my favourite. They are so underrated.


Berlin got cucked




Stray thoughts: I feel like Helsinki and Rio had SUCH minor roles in this season, it was kind of a bummer. Wanted more of them, as they were 2 of the only OGs left. Felt this especially in the Bella Ciao scene. It didn’t hit the feels like it usually does because nearly all the original gang were missing. I was like “these people singing were not there when this became the groups anthem!” Lol I know Tokyo isn’t a popular character (I personally love her), but IMO you could really feel her absence in this season. She’s just the heart of the show. I really missed her connections to the other characters. I am not super invested in most of the new gang members (besides Palermo), so this season felt a bit flat to me emotionally. This was especially apparent in that flashback scene with her and the Professor, which was one of my favorite scenes of the season. Tokyo is necessary for emotion. Her relationship with the Professor is central to the show, their faith and trust in one another. And their chemistry is amazing. I missed her dynamic with him, with Denver, with Rio, even with Lisbon and Stockholm. A lot of the friendships/relationships in this season just felt forced and flat without her and Nairobi to anchor them. Ursula is such a force and she emotes so well. Really missed her. Like many, I thought a lot more characters would die. I was a little underwhelmed with the finale though I’m ultimately happy everyone for their happy ending. If Tokyo was the only character they planned to kill in season 5, I wish they’d have killed her at the end of part 2 instead. When Palermo made the comment that it’s not a democracy because anytime the group debates something they all just pull their guns out, I was dying because all I could think about was that Office meme on this sub. I felt like that was the writers breaking the fourth wall a bit and I loved it


Rafael was a real stealth cunt for stealing the gold, but its absolutely genius what he did and i felt tge ending was rushed during filming and underwhelming but overall great ending to one of the best shows to date, id honestly preferred an breaking bad type ending where the professor sacrificed himself for the gang but oh well everyone is happy and no casualties.


Wow, you got a tough heart. I would be depressed for the rest of the week if the professor died.


Am I the only one who expected Tatiana to call Alicia mom when they faced off?


I expected something like... "Sister!?" But it was too late in the show for such a revelation without any hint


Did anyone else check to see if they had the right show when the intro started? Lmao Edit: Wow just finished watching it and that ending was really good, even the best series struggles with that. This was an incredible journey begining to end. Also that part with Angel and Tamayo chasing the false leads had me rolling on the floor easily the funniest part of the finale.


Why waste cgi money on that intro?


A beautiful ending to an iconic series, must say, volume 2 was excellent! Only if Nairobi and Tokyo could be present in the scene where everyone hugs each other :') I'm gonna miss the thrill of LCDP so much! Looking forward to Berlin 2023, so that I can have a glimpse of some of my fav characters!


Kinda wish Tatiana had more going on in the present-day storyline...she just said a few words and then noped out with Rafael.


Did I miss something with the special forces team that entered through the roof. Why didn't the gang match the bodies of the dead soldiers to the dogtags? They would of known that the female soldier was still alive and MIA. Sure she might have been buried under rocks or something but they have time to dig her out


With an explosion that big and that close range they probably should have been blown apart but yeah it was stupid that that was the only verification they attempted


Yeah I thought why not confirm the killed to see if they’re planning something


Can we just have a moment of appreciation for the writers for finally not including 22 minutes of gunfire per episode. Thank god.


There were more gang members who were helping downstairs melt the Gold. Did they show what happened to them or I just missed something?


They didn’t show what happened. But none of the others identities were known to the public, or even how many people were in there helping with the heist. They only know the main team. So it would have been easy to release the others l with the hostages with no explanation to the public.


Sad that it's over. honestly would love it to continue with different heinsts around the world. I know it wouldn't make sense for them to keep doing heists but really who cares? I just want to watch these crazy plans because no other show does it


Yeah, these plans are crazy. I'm pretty sure who ever made the plans for the hiests in this show is on some sort of watch list.


Can we talk about how Helsinki was standing and walking while smiling, 48hrs after a big leg surgery which was required because his leg was shredded to pieces. Makes no sense. As for everything else, wow incredible end to an incredible show!


Similarly I cannot get over how the Professor was walking around throughout the final season with a bullet sized hole in his foot. He needed an orthopedic surgeon yet he was able to run through apartment buildings with Alicia and walk normally to get the red beetle at the end. That really punctured my willing suspension of disbelief


Tbh i expect some more intense ending, possibly some casualties. This feels too mellow, but i kinda like it too lol. A good ending for a memorable serie.


I actually expected the helicopter to blow up.


When they were in the helicopter i was just waiting for the rpg to hit


I’m still depressed because Tokyo and Nairobi should have left that bank with the gang. At least it was a happy ending for the others.


Slightly against the Professors fishy point that you need to always be sharp that Nairobi of all people got killed


Arturo somehow survived ffs


This. Really want this creature to die


At least this time they didn't show his face, so there's that xD


How has the Colonel not exploded from stress and anger?


That actor had the hardest role - he has one emotion (frustration) but has to play it differently 50 times so he's not always at the same energy level. And he was able to add a little humor like chugging that coffee.


Shakir and his team were the unsung heroes.


Okay but what did Sergio write in that note to Rafael??? What POSSIBLY made him give up 90 tonnes of gold, esp since I'm assuming they had worked hard for the past 5 days watching and observing the professor too? Idk that was just a big plothole for me


The reason Rafael and Berlin’s ex wife stole the gold is because she thought the professors plan was to return the gold after all that work. It wasn’t merely to steal and betray. So when Rafael found out the real plan, it changed the whole picture. Also I think they intentionally showed that scene with Berlin, Rafael and the professor bonding and talking about the grandfather. It showed that there is a family bond and it won’t be unrealistic for Rafael to help his uncle (while also getting nice sum of money) AND if Rafael refused in the moment there would have been a shootout and who knows who would have survived. Getting some of the gold is better than the risk of dying.


Possibly reminding him of the Viking treasure heist that Berlin pulled off with Rafael


Unnessecary Manila drama like come on she got like one season and no actual character or development tbh


I feel her connection and backstory with Denver gave plenty to her character. Alot of outside members were kinda just thrown in when needed, but it still worked out


On top of the cinematography and the acting and all the backup plans, can we just appreciate all the parallels and callback scenes to the first heist, from the bella ciao dance scene to pretending to shoot inside to trick the outside to denver and stockholm in the vault to the professor and lisbon face to face while tied up, it’s been quite a while since watching the first two seasons, but this last part really brought it all back and gave the biggest nod.


I really liked when the professor's dad was shot and the bills started flying around - seems like inspiration for tossing bills out of blimps.


Very satisfactory ending for me, especially since there were no more main character deaths. My only gripe was that I found the conclusion to the nephews storyline pretty meh. They built it up so well only for it to essentially have been solved offscreen through a piece of paper.


* Very strong end to the series. Sorted bummed that it took the final two episodes for the writers to get their act together after basically two pretty shitty seasons imo (I enjoyed S3 for the most part) * The Tokio and Nairobi flashbacks this season were handled really well and captured the best qualities of the characters in a very genuine way. * Manila's character seemed to only serve as a plot device to form a wedge between Denver and Stockholm before reuniting them. Felt like a wasted character with too much filler screen time. * Diana Gomez (Tatiana) felt wasted as well. She's great in the Netflix show Valeria but the writer's didn't give her much to do her other than be an accessory to Berlin most of the time. * Loved the evolution of The Professor and Alicia's relationship. Both actors work so damn well together. Probably the best handled relationship/friendship of the season outside of Professor/Tokio. * I expected more casualties but given how depressing the deaths of Tokio and Nairobi were I'm glad the rest of the gang made it out alive. * The gold/brass swap and scheming of The Professor some of the best writing from this show. As another commented said, the writers wrote themselves into a corner and somehow wrote themselves back out in a really clever way to wrap this all up. Overall I'm still disappointed with the series after such a large drop in quality since, imo, the backend of Season 3 through S5 E3. But I'm glad the show ended on a high note quality wise in the last two episodes. Lastly, I deeply appreciate the consistently excellent performances from Álvaro Morte and Itziar Ituño and the amazing additions of Rodrigo de la Serna and Najwa Nimri since S3. At the very least this show has been a very entertaining ride.


Tamayo stress drinking that coffee really cracked me up for some reason 😂 Need a gif of that definitely.


I've not seen it yet, but did Nairobi, Moscow and Oslo appear in Flashbacks? I'll be gutted if they aren't despite all the hints the show were giving, their contribution to the Gang/Heist and characters shouldn't be forgotten.


nairobi was referred to during a flashback scene. in another episode she had a cameo for like a second only


I cried so hard with the bodybag scene - not because I thought they were dead because it didn't hit me until that moment that the heist/show was finally moments away from ending. I had a SLIVER of doubt about whether they'd actually be dead in there but I just bawled cause this show got me through some tough stuff in my life and it's finally over. I became so attached to these characters and had somuch hope for them :')


Am I the only one who waited for Denver and Stockholm to reunite with their child?


And Raquel with her mother and daughter,I really wish we can see them reunited.


Can someone explain to me why Spanish citizens are supporting the heist? Don't they understand, professor is destabilizing their own economy.


Because an average person has nothing to lose. Most people have debt or mortgages, and live paycheck to paycheck. Total economic collapse is like pressing a reset button


Because the economy is rigged and perpetually held to ransom by the wealthy, and the idea that a band of career criminals could come in and fuck that all up was worth cheering for. Whether you hold the same sentiment or not, thats the justification.


40% of youth unemployed is enough to give 0 shit about the country I think. However I think that's a bit overdone, the "resistance" part of it. I can get it if I think about the state secrets and using the royal mint and such. But if they rob the gold, ffs, that's too much. However I can see a lot of people being against the government because they killed Berlin, Tokyo and Nairoby and did some real shitty things. But the most unbeliavable thing is that the police didn't shoot rubber balls to the people supporting the heist.


They support the Prof exposing that big finance “is all an illusion”


To me, Rafael is just a filler character that the outcome wouldn't even change without his appearance. I did hope that he was the key for their escape but well... The fake gold strat and the concept of illusion are brilliant anyway.


It helped set up the narrative that Sergio is a thief in a family of thieves. Wasn't necessary to add that depth to an already well fleshed out character but it allowed the story to naturally come to its end. "Aren't you supposed to be robin hood? I am a thief" That Money Heist has never been about the people, it's always been about Sergio and him being the illusion.


Rafael is the reason for one of the most “oh shit the professor has to think his way out of this one” aspects of volume 2. If it weren’t for him stealing the gold from the gang, it would have been way less suspenseful. He also helped set up the family of thrives narrative and how Berlin’s legacy is carried on through his son. Also helped foreshadowing of the illusion with the brass…


I'm happy that there weren't a lot of shooting or dead people in this volume like the previous one.


For Nairobi... For Berlin


I said I hoped they wouldn't recycle the Raquel plot by converting Alicia into the gang, but I still liked how it turned out. Chemistry is theree


I didn't feel like they really recycled it, because they stayed true to Alicias character. She's a survival artist first and foremost and the only thing she cared about was her daughter, not the team or the professor or the heist. She was helping because the professor helped her and gave her the best chance to get out of this mess and she was grateful for it in the end and wanted to stick it to Tamayo and the rest of the police, but if she had gotten a better offer from the police she would have given the team up in an instant. She knew her morals and her whole psyche were fucked up and she had accepted that. Raquel, meanwhile, really questioned her morals when getting to know the professor better and she went ride or die for the team out of love for the professor. She did not break when she was captured and didn't fish for any option to get out of it by spilling secrets. So, for me, the outcomes were similar but the reasons and the characters behind it were completely different.


and the biggest twist of them all: PROFESSOR GOT NEW SHOES


Oh the second part was way better than first. It was like the heist we saw in first seasons, not some cheesy rambo shootings. Overall I would prefer netflix to leave the show with two seasons, but second part of s5 made quite nice improvement after horrible S4 and pt1 S5.


Yess like everyone says it went back to the awesomeness of the original season before it became an anime with lots of dumb gun fights where they shoot 1,000s of bullets at each other and not hit a single person. No military person sneaking around the bank shooting or killing them all. No rubbish with hostages(didn't hear anything about them in these 5 episodes) **NO ARTURO** Just straight up cool heist stuff and planning and a lot more outside of the bank stuff again instead of the same few rooms. It's a shame that I think they really messed up parts of season 3 and most of 4 and the first half of season 5 with turning it into a warzone TV show that had so many stupid scenes. So I'm glad these final 5 episodes made it end on a really good note. Especially the last episode which is pretty much a 10/10 which is surprising for me to say because i'd rate previous seasons as 5/10. I think if they condensed Heist #2 down to 2 seasons again instead of milking it into 3 seasons then the show would be one of the best on Netflix.


I'm really disappointed that there wasn't the big-ass "FINAL DEL ATRACO" at the end but other than that the ending was fine (expected something bigger but there never can't be a perfect one)


I really loved the plot twist of Berlin's son stealing the gold. I wasn't expecting it, and it was really good thematically and the execution. However I didn't like how they ended this storyline with a love note, and that's it? Why they wanted to steal all that gold and then just end up getting with a small share? Why acting so confrontational y they just wanted to be part of it? What are their motivations? It was a good plot twist but literally wasted. I think they could have done the heist in season 3 and a bit of season 4, use this plot twist, and develop more about this characters motivations, the failure of the plan, and how Professor was really a robber and how will Lisbon deal with that.


An interesting pun in the last episode name - Una tradición familiar means a family tradition, but tradición is extremely similar to traición, betrayal - some accents don't even pronounce the d, making them homonyms. Even in 'clear' accents they're near-homonyms. I'm almost certain this was done on purpose! Since it's also a family betrayal (initially)


I am satisfied with this ending. And vol. 2 was much better than vol. 1 and the entire previous season. Kept me excited till the end. I hope there won't be any more seasons 😄


Wait, arent Denver and Manila cousins? Its been a while since I watched her introduction in the show


No, Moscow was Manila's godfather


It's an expression. They're good (childhood) friends


How did they get the big oil suction pump into the bank? Doesn't make sense.


Can we talk about the professor and lisbons scene. 1. The humor to showcase their relationship 2. Lisbon unraveling the professors true identity 3. The professor in awh of lisbon's speech that he pops the question Everything in that scene was just pure chaos because it took the audience for a ride from being happy, to shocked, to overwhelming, to love. Absolutely think this whole season was genuis. The writers took us through every plot twists possible, but backed it up with good flashbacks and character development. Just amazing. I don't know any show that has this many plot twists and are successful with the story telling. GAAAH!


Very good Ending imo, it felt a bit low on one hand but I kinda like it. Overall this Volume included all the things we loved the series for, nice twists and turns, the genius planning, spectacular scenery (this volume looked awesome). I also really liked the fact that they included deep messages and character feelings. Other good things: * Tokyo narrating, everything else would've been stupid * comedic aspects * explaining the Rafael/Tatjana connection ​ Some things I didn't like: * Biggest contra: Not enough flashbacks. The Tokyo flashback in episode 9 was awesome+heart breaking but it simply wasn't enough. This volume should've included a proper farewell especially to the dead characters but we got a few Tokyo flashbacks and obviously the Berlin storyline. AT LEAST the ending scene where the professor looks out of the winodw: Perfect place to put Berlin, his father, Tokyo and Nairobi (or maybe even all dead members) in the clouds. And while I am 100% sure that the Professor thought about these people, it would've been nice to have visual confirmation. * Was there an explanation of why Manila missed out the first heist? If so, I clearly missed it but that would've been a big - as well. * and as I said the kinda lame end even though I personally like it to a certain degree. I knew that they weren't dead it was a bit obvious, but still. Imo they also could've added what happened to the characters themselves


Actually there was an explanation on why Manila missed out the Heist. Benjamin (Manila’s dad) did not allow that. But after seeing the success of the first heist, Manila’s dad then allowed her to enter the second heist.


The ending was a little to soft. Expected less survivors


it was surprising, but i am definitely not complaining lol