What kind of bullshit was that Denver and Manilla scene


It's so unnecessary, I really don't get it.


Agreed what the fuck


so annoyed by this storyline


Manila herself is bullshit. She had a lot of potential, but her plot this entire season was terrible.




Exactly what I was thinking!


They aren’t related at all. But it was a very stupid scene and storyline


If Stockholm wasn't a character I would probably enjoy it--two childhood friends falling in love during a heist sounds deliciously shlocky. But the added confusion with Denver cheating on Stockholm makes it unbearable.


I literally stopped watching as soon as that happened. I’m done with the show! How can they make his character so in love with Stockholm one minute and then all of a sudden he’s talking about how he thought about his male friend (he didn’t know she was a woman at that time) while on a resort with Stockholm, and kissing her?!! Cheating on Stockholm? He was my favourite character but they ruined it for me.


The writing is so fricking bad. What the were they thinking. What happened after season 2?


Once a show reaches high enough levels of popularity, it gets a window of a few more seasons were the show runners can rake in the money while producing shit content before they lose fans. Then you get a Walking Dead situation. La Casa de Papel was at its best before it exploded because it wasn't meant to be this long in the first place.


So bizarre, like I know they're milking this series just to make more money but have some respect for the audience


that was dumb honestly


They've got to have the LGBT trans diversity character ya know, need to force it in one way or the other.




I'm pretty sure they aren't related, I think Manilla is a family friend but still, it was unnecessary.


Palermo serving Snow Queen realness with that coat.


The Palermo translating scene killed me


It was fabulous!


I wish they’d subtitle it though! It sucks when you have English subtitles and then they just don’t bother subtitling the English bits


It is subtitled for English as long as you select "English (CC)" as in English closed captions and not just "English" which just means subtitled. Subtitles means translation when not in English, closed captions means all words intended to be understood by the viewer are printed on the screen (to help those hard of hearing)


Yeah I know that, my auditory processing disorder and I are well-versed in the use of subtitles haha! Often the CCs aren’t as accurate in translation because they have to fit more information into the same frame so they take shortcuts to make it fit (not that the English subs are perfect translation-wise either…) which is a bit frustrating. It’s odd because often in English shows stuff which is said in a heavy accent or low volume is captioned regardless of whether you’re using subtitles or not so the inclusion of them in that scene would have helped without the hassle of switching to CC but ah well


Makes me wonder what language they speak in the dubbed version. And as far as I know, CC are also made to match the dub instead of being a direct translation of the original.


Did not know this🤯


It's kind of funny. I'm so used to hearing Spanish while reading subtitles that I actually struggled to understand when the characters started speaking English. My brain needed a second to catch up and start comprehending, even though English is my first and only language, haha.


i was reading the subtitles in dutch, listening to spanish and when they switched to english i nearly had a stroke


Omg I only just realised it was English because of your comment, I thought they were just speaking another foreign language😭


Yes. Palermo has good English but Berlin’s was hard to understand.


Nah, it wasn't the accent! I'm generally pretty good with accents, even thick ones, and broken English as well. My brain was just really reluctant to flip to English, even when it's well-spoken. It's something that's happened to me before, when I've been intently watching something in another language with subtitles. Suddenly there's English with no subtitles, and my brain has a ?! moment before catching up.


I do agree. It took me a second to realize.


Funnily enough Tamayo speaks really good english. I first saw him on McMafia and was surprised to see him on a Spanish series speaking fluent (native?) spanish


I am Portuguese and speak Spanish - I've always watched the show in the original, and either with Spanish or Portuguese subtitles. I started watching with my boyfriend who only speaks English, and having English subtitles somehow makes it impossible for me to understand Spanish. It's like there is a complete disconnect for me, haha


Omg yes!! Took me a minute


This also another reason to watch with subs. If it was dubbed you would never know that that this was a conversation in English.


I personally watched in dub and I'm pretty sure the scene you're referring to was spoken in spanish instead.


so freaking unrealistic how Sierra can do that, moving like she didn’t gave birth awhile ago without painkillers or medication.


And you’re going on a high speed chase with a newborn in the front seat. And the poor baby needs to eat.


Forgetting that she was being chased by the guy who was earlier shot on the leg and is high speed driving seamlessly


And newborn in this case is like 3 hours


Which begs the question: how old would a baby have to be to not be considered a newborn anymore?


About 2.5 hours


I was thinking the same. I was literally bleeding and in so much pain for days right after giving birth.


And the baby look like it aged a year in the span of 1 day


I dont think they are allowed to shoot those scenes with an actual day zero baby..


Damn those annoying child labour laws!


She bothers me to nooo end


Not totally unrealistic. I recovered quickly after a few hours rest. Labour sucks “during” but once it’s all over, you’re generally good…unless you get tears or issues. (I didn’t receive meds or painkillers)


she must’ve torn, the professor had to insert his hand in her bc baby was breech,,, also the bleeding, i doubt she carried any pads since she didn’t have to worry about periods


why are you downvoting this woman for sharing her experience jeez


I’m just left wondering how the Professor could read that street sign without his glasses. Are they just for show?


They made a whole thing of him squinting at it and trying to make out the words so no


can't believe the state hasn't defeated professor with his greatest weakness: myopia


Man this show is bad now. I’m still watching out of habit…but I’m forgetting why I like this show.


Same. Why netflix has to fk up everything...


then stop watching ffs... why u gotta ruin it for others? i mean.. i understand you... but there are people like me who still love this show so much...


Lmao the fuck? I’m ruining it for others because I’m saying it sucks? I’m on the last episode now and it’s still a parody of itself at this point. I’m glad you like and enjoy it. Actually, idgaf and you shouldn’t let others opinion of something effect how you feel about it. How old are you? 13? I’ll remember it for having a strong first 2-3 seasons and being really cool with how worldly it was. Other than that, I’m glad I don’t have to drag myself through it anymore.


It’s been bad ever since season 3 I think? The last great scene I remember was when Tokyo shot that rpg at the tank. It was all downhill from there. But this episode reached some new lows.


that son of a bitch arturo is still alive ugh




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at this point I hope the last scene in the series is him getting out of the hospital then immediately run over by a truck


That one qas disappointing for me too


Can’t believe Arturo made it this far in the series


Even while not being inside the bank he is still fucking us over


Rio giving me some psychopathic vibes this season but it's kinda understandable


Homeboy was tortured, then had a break up and on top of all his love died


They really had my man wash his face with toilet water oh my god 😭


And it’s not even the most disgusting scene of the episode


I was so confused for a sec. ‘No way is he washing his face with Toilet water’. Then I rewinded it back and he was! I felt so sick, I had to turn away. The Professor better no kiss or touch anyone until he takes a god damn shower.


It's kind of crazy to me that they accepted dog tags as evidence of the soldier death toll instead of checking more thoroughly for remains. Pretty sloppy work.


They all had one common flaw, when one thing went wrong they all let their guards down. They all took an “emotional break”. The only reason the plan always worked is because the professor always knew what to do when shit hit the fan.


I see they’ve been taking some lighting tips from Game of Thrones in this episode, I can barely see what’s happening


Really? I didn't notice anything wrong with the lighting


Alicia - "Fuck! He's fucking everywhere!" Too funny.


The way she pissed him off on the camera instead of the other way around was actually nice as he didn't expect it and got emotional.


Gandia is finally dead dead fuck yeah


and next is arturo hopefully


He is alive but hope he dosnt try to enter inside again


Wow, Alicia's baby grew up so fast lmao


Aged 1 year in the span of one day


“One wrong move and we fire” Dude they killed Tokyo. What wrong move are you still looking for? If they just killed Gandia like Berlin asked this would be all over.


Like Berlin asked?


I usually don't like to complain about the unrealistic stuff that happens, because I know which show I'm watching, but the Denver love triangle crap is so unnecessary. Still enjoyed the episode of course!


Bro why did martín do an american accent that was so funny


Ask him if he has a sister had me cracking up lol


- I still don't care for Monica - Really she just escapes like that - Rio is right they don't have the balls - Fucking Denver. - So the Professor needed someone to ring him in. One min later the police just open the door like nothing. What was point of that


> So the Professor needed someone to ring him in. One min later the police just open the door like nothing. What was point of that maybe when the professor entered the building he left the door unlocked, since he was in a hurry


Everyone shouting outside the bank... This scene was dope


Also Angel saying the difference is that Lisbon's feelings are real. I really loved that scene


Really? That was so cringy.


Sorry for the downvotes that you got. But I totally agree with you. What kind of people agree with looting of their national treasure and then are ok their government kept hostage and their soldiers being killed?


We could argue that people see them as heroes in some capacity ,the whole season they showed how their goverment brutally tortured rio they also earned the respect of the public So this is more of a “hero against terrible goverment” scenario Thats the way i see it


Not even 10 minutes in and we already have a Berlin flashback lol He's so overwritten it's ridiculous. And he's getting a show too?


He was outstanding in Season 1. Such a strong and unpredictable villain. I didn't like that he made one of the prisoners a sex slave tho - kinda harsh... Made his epic finale not so much sad after all! It was very sad for the professor tho. Also the idea was always that the professor is the smart guy in the team yet now this is shifted to Palermo and Berlin.


Agree. I don't like they tone him down. He was a delicious villain a creep. He went out so gloriously. Some people think his flashbacks are boring and sometimes I agree but I do think he's also the heart and mastermind of the show so we'd feel the lack of him. We know that if the writers knew Netflix would take over they'd never kill Berlin so early.


kinda harsh? that’s fucking vile


His eccentricities have become a little cartoonish, too, what with him arriving dramatically in a helicopter in a villainous coat singing at the top of his lungs.


The whole show is cartoonish after season 2 :(


That entire scene was some James Bond overly cliché bs the matching coats bro come on


That’s just who he is though lol. He’s extra all the time


He gets more screen time than some of the alive characters I'm pretty sure. He wasn't even needed for the last season either. His backstories aren't leading to anything too, he's irrelevant. They've taken a character a lot of people liked to watch and milked him as much as they could and now I feel like people hate when his parts come up. Nobody really talks about them in any of the discussion threads for over a season now. But tbf they've done the same with the show too, extending 1 heist to 3 seasons is a bit much. I feel like Netflix just handed them a big bag of cash for the rights and told them don't stop with the content, as many episodes as you can, so they did.


We like seeing him and the profesor together like brothers,but berlin on his own kind of boring


Right. They love to milk him so much.


How did they get the big oil suction pump into the bank? Doesn't make sense.


If the pump was shown/set up without explenation in season 3 when they entered the bank, this episode would be an amazing payoff, instead it comes across as a cheap trick the writers clearly just came up with for this episode, and ret-conned the pump into the basement of the bank like we wouldn't notice it hasn't been there the whole time.


Was thinking the same thing, been trying to find out how they got that huge machine in and to the basement.


And got it underground where the vault is.


Not sure if this is just because I love Najwa Nimri, but Alicia is really growing on me. Even when she's pointing a gun at the professor, I'm rooting for her. Also, is it just me or does this season (so far) seem kind of lacklustre. The reason I fell in love with this series was because of the big brain moves they did. The parts where you thought the gang would fail and then it turned out the professor had planned this all along and he knew how to get them out, but now, there doesn't seem to be much more of that, only cheap action and unnecessary romance. Everybody is thinking with their fists and not their brains and it's kind of disappointing. I hope it gets better later on.


Alicia has more plot armour that Gandía


I loved Alicia since when we got to see her for the first time. She’s exquisitely manipulative.


Agreed. Characters like this always make a good impression on me. I'm always in awe at how skillful and eloquent they are.


I hated her with passion, and I love her now.


Nah I still hate her


The most interesting part of season 5 was introduction of those rogue misfit soldiers who felt like a threat and then gandia tagged along and it felt like the gang is fcked and what they do? They kill majority of them at the hands of fcking tokyo


Honestly I’ve been annoyed for a long time at the show’s conviction that these are the “good guys” when they, among other things, have traumatized dozens of innocent people and made no attempt to make life better for anyone but themselves. But I’ve loved Alicia from the moment she showed up (also doesn’t hurt that Najwa is just incredible in the part). Now that we’re supposed to like her is the first time my interests are aligned with the show’s haha.


How can the Professor, Marseille and Benjamin be so careless by letting Sierra escape?


It's called lazy writing.


Yup, started this episode up hoping to see some good shit for the back half of the season but just so many things are written so poorly it's as if the final show we're seeing is just the first draft of the script


Pretty underwhelming, and so many things didn't make sense (professor's actions, the dog tags, Denver). But we're home. It's a silly, fun show. It delivered on that end. It's an anime. For sure I'm getting downvoted for calling it silly. I like the show, or else I wouldn't be watching. It's just good fun, flawed, good fun.


Yeah it's kinda dumb to be shown a dog tag from your enemy and immediately decide that everyone who is on the dog tag is really dead...


I remember that Tokio was all ashes when Rio got there. Perhaps they looked around, but assumed that the person missing was also completely burned. No idea


I agree so much. It's ridiculously written and it doesn't make sense and the values are skewed but boy was it a good watch.


Overly clicky guns. Why do they add sound effects every time someone changes directions? You don’t cock the pistol every time you look a different direction


Yes! And the same sound for every gun makes it cheesy


What the fuck was that Manila and Denver scene?


How is Alicia doing all she’s doing? She just gave birth.


Love Alicia, her lines kill me. "Good vibes, smile!" 😂


When Stockholm told Helsinki about Tokyo that got me :(


I am absolutely lgbt friendly but why do you have to put so many lgbt orientations in a “heist” storyline?!! What is the probability of having this many trans and gay characters in a robbery ?!


In real life, criminal organizations tend to attract people who are rejected by the society (foreigners, illegal immigrants, LGBT) because that’s their only way to fit in a group. So it’s not that improbable. Also, isn’t there like one trans character and two gays in a team of 10 people ? Reading you it seems like the majority of them are LGBT


There’s literally 3 tho..


3 isn’t a lot ? In a heist story ? Are you gonna start defending the super forced and weird manilla storyline?


I don’t think 3 is a lot no. Ig I just don’t rly mind it. And no I don’t like the manila and Denver storyline


The wanna win Oscar. So the need couple of gays, couple of Bis, few trans, non binary and lots of women beating up man.


That intro was so heavy damn. She took a lot of those fuckers with her, so glad Gandia is finally dead. Alicia was driving wreckless af with her baby. Damn she kidnapped professor. I knew he would get away but I was still anxious during that scene. I’m looking forward to the Berlin spinoff.


Sierra escaping *without* first killing them all was surprisingly merciful of her.


I don't know if this would be unpopular since I haven't really followed these discussion threads but I feel like this entire season they have sacrificed a lot of the intelligence of the show in favor of action. Just in this episode alone: How are they taking dog tags as "proof" that every soldier is dead? The people we've watched all these seasons are a lot smarter than that. I had some hope that Rio's walk through of the place was him counting bodies but it doesn't seem like it. I also had hope that Rio overheard that whole plan being that he was right below, but apparently that was also not the case. How did the professor not realize the gun had been emptied? The man is crazy about details, and there was a very clear detail changed when the extra clip was taken, meaning the gun was likely tampered with. The end of the episode where the professor goes into the random person's apartment. What, you don't think police wouldn't do a search of the entire building when the most wanted man in the country is likely in it? ~~And as a side thing, Denver kissing his cousin was fucking weird. As others have said, totally unnecessary. Not that him cheating on his wife would suddenly be moral if it was with someone *not* his cousin, but I just don't get it. They could've made Manilla a guy he grew up with who became a woman, but not a family member specifically.~~ All that being said I shouldn't be surprised as this part was obviously written at the same time that part 1 was, where we got an RPG going off inside a room and only injuring a few people. This season has been insanely action packed which I've kind of enjoyed, but *not* at the expense of them making mistakes like these with the writing. I don't know. Edit: They are not cousins. I did a dumb.


Manila is a guy he grew up with who became a woman. They aren't cousins, or related in any way. Moscow was Manila's Godfather. I'm not into that storyline but it wasn't like, an incest thing.


Oh thank god, thank you lol. I must've mixed that up. That makes a lot more sense.


No worries. I've seen a few people on the sub that think they're cousins, it made me wonder if it's perhaps a mistranslation from watching it dubbed? Or maybe subbed in a certain language. Either way you aren't alone haha.


Just as weird as seeing Barry Allen and Iris together


Manila is not Denver's cousin. They are not blood related in any ways. I agree with other things you said tho. But volume 2 feels much better than volume 1 tbh


Yes so much better. I knows it lacks intelligence and nuance of s1-2 but I hated Berlin's son plot the most.


Thank you for the clarification, I've edited my comment. Maybe the godfather thing is what threw me off apparently. But yeah volume 2 is definitely better. For me it started a decline in quality in season 5 which I think is volume 3? Until that point I was really enjoying it. Now I still enjoy it, but I am also glad it will be ending so that it doesn't make the mistake of other shows by continuing the dip in quality into "this is bad" territory. But seasons 3 and 4 were most definitely better than 1 & 2. I feel like 5 is the weakest of them but I'm only 6 episodes in so there's a lot of room to change my mind.


Why soooo many Berlin flashbacks? No one gives a shit about him IMO. Nairobi needed screen time I felt truly robbed of her presence this entire finale when she was one of the main reasons so many people fell in love with the show. Disappointed


It was all about Tokyo, did you notice?


Yes but that’s my girl so I love whenever she has screen time. But the lack of Nairobi was so present… as if she was never even on the show. It was so whack in my opinion. If she couldn’t fit It into her scheduling because of Covid they should’ve just waited a few more months or whatever to make It happen


Everybody hated Tokyo until she had an heroic death.


Berlin was the most iconic character the show ever had along with Alicia. And, his scenes with Rafael and Tatiana were very necessary for the development of the season.


yea... ikr... these babies are crying like 'berlin flashbacks are bad, unnecessary '... i mean... i understand them but.... idk what to say... but i am on yer side


the scene with Manila and Denver was so uncomfortable to me bc i could've sworn they were cousins 😭 i guess my dumb ass just wasn't paying attention


I love how Rio is built like a linebacker when meanwhile he was supposedly tortured and isolated for months lol.


Not El Profesor going into Tamayo's apartment building when the police start arriving instead of driving the other way so Alicia wouldn't have a bargaining chip


He needed his glasses back


He could have gotten off in the car or gotten into a different building and escaped.. was it sympathy for her child that made him follow her?


Alica would've confessed and their hiding spot would've been compromised had she gotten caught.


Oh yeah! That's right..


No one is in their hiding spot anymore, wouldn't matter. But I think they need her alive to finish the heist in some way. Thats why Lisboa told professor to get her back instead of just letting her go


This is unrelated to this episode but I just want to say the inspector low key sucks. She was about to turn on the professor kinda quick while getting interrogated by Alicia .


It's just me or it's the worst episode so far. The whole run of Sierra makes no sense, she is in no position to actually hurt the plan And is Angler really defending the crazy version of the suicide squad? They didn't accept to go in there, they didn't volunteer to go in there when everybody didn't , they BEGGED to go in there. It's their fault if they went to die I mean, he is also defending the squad that clearly doesn't care about the dead soldiers. Both inspectors are 100% right and dealing with crazy people (both the professor and the suicide squad, and some of the heist team members) But they are kinda right, Tokyo died because she had enough of paradise, but she dealt with it in the dumbest way possible Also the way the professor attempts to run away is hilarious, nothing makes sense


You made me thinking about Tokyo.. And motivation of others...


That Denver and manilla scene really has me over thus show. He's gonna ruin his marriage soon


Im surprised they had some chemistry.. I won't spoil.


anyone else find it weird that Tokyo is still narrating


No because she was talking in the past all the time


That should make it weirder


How so?


Usually the narrator has no connection to the story or they do and lived to tell the tale. This whole story is told by a dead person, and that, for me, takes some more realism away.


I guess you never watched Desperate Housewives haha


Some shows even have a not named narrator who still knows everything. The show doesn't need to be fully spiritual but most of shows have a concept of afterlife. Especially Tokyo who started the very first scene said she wants her mind to be free even though her body can't which means she seperates body and soul. So how can her soul be free if she doesn't believe in afterlife? She should still be able to walk around and listen as a "ghost"


does anyone know the song playing at 26:00, when rio senses tokyo's "ghost"?


Denver got 99 problems but the heist ain’t one


Dead people literally speaking as the narrator, and communicating with their loved ones? Really? Is this a fantasy show or realistic drama?


She’s always narrated bits that “realistically” she wouldn’t know about, like the characters’ emotions or foreshadowing or stuff that is happening outside of the heist or that she doesn’t know about. Lots of shows based in realism use dead characters as narrators


Tokyo was/is the main narrator and it's hard to let go. Her voice is very calm and suitable but after her death not much appropriate now :(. I was really shocked they decided to kill her - not sure if this was planned or not.


here we go 🥺


Awful!!! Since Netflix bought it, they just treat it like any other of their liberal crap. Denver kissing his now transexual friend out of nowhere??? 🤢🤢 almost unwatchable


While I dislike the reek of transphobia from this comment, I agree that this love triangle drama is stupid. Why they had to make the only transsexual character be such a bad character hurts.


They are Cousins


So am I the only one upset that Tokyo is really dead? Like...I don’t even wanna watch the show anymore😭


For anyone reading this late like me: Goddamn this was the least logical episode to me out of all of them so far. Obviously other people mentioned how easy dog tags were taken as evidence and how Alicia escaped. But those didn't bother me the most. The two that bothered me the most were: 1. Oh yeah the robbers said that Tokyo was a person and loved thing so that makes it 20x better than the government talking about the 6 families that were destroyed by the robber that literally murdered people and was holding others hostage 2. Rio was right, they didn't have the balls to do the things they needed to be kept alive and I was really hoping the dark turn actually came and it wasn't just "no we're not gonna do that we're the good guys". Which is what happened and it absolute bullshit


You mean to tell me Berlin learned Danish but not Norwegian? They are two very similar languages and danish is definitely the hardest of the two


I don’t understand how Tokyo is still narrating when she’s dead. Like how’d she know what’s going on? Who told her lmao


She’s been narrating in the past tense, so I’m pretty sure she’s been dead the whole time. The actual moment she died didn’t really change anything. She always knew more than she witnessed while living anyways.


Usually when shows play with afterlife they pull a move where the ghosts still see everything


Mods has vol 2 relaeased?


here are the times [right here ](https://www.reddit.com/r/LaCasaDePapel/comments/r7bb69/times_of_release/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


What was that left on the ground? 33:40 of part 5 episode 6? Is it a device used for comms? Edit: never mind, it's revealed in the next episode