1) Stop blaming your friend. You seem to be attributing your losses to everyone except yourself. If you continue to not climb even after you stop playing with that friend, then it's not your friend. You need to take accountability for your own gameplay errors. 2) Yes, you should be able to play more than just 1 role. And if you don't have the best aim, there are dps that aren't as demanding (i.e. Tiberius, Tyra). Every aggro DPS is capable of punishing mistakes in low-mid ranks. Even Moji, who is easy to aim with, can farm in Gold. Off-tanks are an option too. 3) Mute disruptive team mates. Especially in low-mid elos, the chance of team mates distracting you or causing you to tilt is greater than than the chance of them making comms that cause you to win the game. Actually, it's not even a chance; from what you wrote, it's 100% definite their comms are affecting you negatively. 4) Having a duo partner is good, and makes the game more enjoyable, but this isn't the only solution. You also need to improve your gameplay on an individual level to climb long-term. 5) Me and/or others on here will gladly give constructive criticism. Are you able to record your matches and submit a close loss to the subreddit?


You really should feel confident with a few characters from each class before you expect to move very far in ranked. Being able to confidently fill roles is every bit as important as mastering a single one. Also, if your buddy is that new to the game, he should be told that there are many mechanics and variables at play in every single match. Doing the beeline to play ranked (and only ranked) doesn't really make sense in Paladins for most new people. I'm sure you already know that the draft is hugely important. Which healer works best here? Which tank? Do we have a redundant amount of CC, or really *any* redundancies for that matter? Which talent brings the skillset we need? Who on the enemy team undoes our strat, and what can we do to stop them? Teach your friend these mindsets. There's a lot of learning to be done about compositions, loadouts, and synergies before you break out of Bronze-Platinum. If you really think your friend is holding you back and/or ruining your ranked experience, it might be time to put your foot down and explain why practicing and testing in Casuals is important.


You’re in gold because you aren’t good enough to play above that threshold and carry. Simple as that 😂 No one to blame but yourself, bro.


I know how you feel! Being also stuck in elo hell I know how bad it is because the matchmaking is so wonky and people are constantly in ranks that don’t fit them. There are smurfs everywhere that always seem to be on the other team. Your last pick is also a lvl 3 viktor. It really does feel luck based. I’m also a support main and I play tank a lot too. I can’t tell you have frustrating it is to have more dmg than half the team (including dps roles) as a non dps player, and still lose. It’s so fucked up down there and I don’t think most people who are active here realize bc they haven’t been in those ranks for a while. Its REALLY hard to rank up unless you play as good as someone 2-3 types higher Anyways you really need to start playing some dps champs. It’s so important to be able to play every role and especially so if you’re top pick. Being top pick means that you are more likely to be the “carry” and you’re much more likely to be able to do that as a dps (or a good offtank) I started to pick kinessa when I’m top pick and that’s been giving me some wins. Me playing io top pick, no matter how well I do, doesn’t compete.