Of course. But he won’t be able to escape the heat of a literal hungry customer base that’s slowly but surely succumbing to disillusionment. They want power but none of the responsibility? Lol. I’d like to see him genuinely work hard for the country like he said he would, while I’m also I’m not opposed to seeing him slack off and see what the consequences would be because we need to learn certain lessons the hard way.


Kaya nga sabi nila papunta pa lang tayo sa exhausting part because I also want to see how his administration will be able to solve these problems. At this point kasi damay damay na talaga lahat


Duterte has set the bar so low that Junior's admin does not need to exert much effort for them to have that redemption arc


That's true! Kaya I won't be surprised talaga eto na yung planned redemption nila. Gas pa nga lang for example. Sabihin na natin na tatanglin nila yung excise tax, laging ginhawa sa gas prices, HAIL MARCOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


True. Duterte n camp set a low bar, partly due to their incompetence and partly to set the stage for making 88M look like a savior


I think him taking DA is the sign. and let's be honest ang pinaka short term band aid solution is ayuda.


For one thing, I heard IRRI is going to have the first batch of golden rice based on the release last year. Watch this enter the golden age narrative. https://www.irri.org/news-and-events/news/irri-lead-scientist-golden-rice-recognized-philippine-plant-science-community


If they can do anything about it, I'm willing to give credit where it is due. Ito na yung gobyerno natin for the next 6 years, and wishing for their downfall (again) now will drag us all down. I really hope they can do something about it, hindi yung bobong 'ayusin ang data collection sa national ID' type of BS answer.


Kung magawa niya yan good at least gaganda estado natin pero pag hindi aba siyempre matinding bashing yan hahahaha.