How I plan to sell myself.

How I plan to sell myself.


Here's how I do it. A client engages me with a contract that we both sign, agreeing to certain things, the crux of which is that I perform work of a certain nature in exchange for remuneration of an agreed amount. We agree on payment terms, I invoice them at agreed intervals, and they agree to pay me within a certain period. If they don't pay me, I add nonpayment fees, and if they continue to not pay me, I stop working for them. I manage it all through Dynamics 365, from which I send the invoices, and I receive payment into a bank account. I can automatically reconcile payments in Dynamics 365 through my daily electronic statement. It's great brainstorming, but it's a bitch to manage and ultimately redundant because it still requires trust between client and vendor. Blockchains are better suited to situations where there's a systemic element of distrust.


Yes it is redundant, in the same way a written contract is a layer over/above a verbal contract. ..... and yes, they would have to be using a wallet, or blockchain, or some coin,.... that's the idea. we already have paper and pens, computers and emails, these working methods of business and exchange,... but we are going forward,.. ... and yes it'll be a 'bitch',.. but so was sending an email at once time.


Make it like a gift card and just issue a receipt and they redeem that receipt to get work done.


Digital prostitution.


only if it involves sex. otherwise it's just labor.


Some would conclude sex is like work.


With the method, all your customers would have to be willing to purchase raven, and do the wallet thing too. I'm interested in this use case, but I keep butting up against the feeling that these types of setups make things harder for the customer, not easier. Maybe easier on the back end. Are there any tax implications for you and your customer switching from fiat to raven to token to raven to fiat? ​ Edit: disclaimer--I thought from the thread title "how I plan to sell myself", that this would be a method of tokenizing your body. Like, how someone would be "pieced out", donating their organs to different causes.


Exactly, it will be hard for those doing it early. We are years ahead still. It doesn't make sense now, it's new, it's hard, it's not adopted, and there isn't a wide infrastructure in place to be used easily. It's a hobby at this point, something to 'play' with and see what is possible, but without this phase, there can never be anything more from it. Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos,.. were in a garage at the start, doing things that didn't make business sense, tinkering with things, for the future they could see. From a tax perspective, it would be a pain, agreed, for both parties, and every year it would change a bit, until the laws caught up with crypto. So, would you like to purchase a toe? (hah, the idea of literally piecing myself out,... had me laugh.)


Hopefully they update the mobile wallets to be asset aware soon so normies can play along without running a full node.


An easier solution ? ... Please read Tron Black comments ... [https://www.reddit.com/r/Ravencoin/comments/9vp6el/httpstokenlycom/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Ravencoin/comments/9vp6el/httpstokenlycom/) ​


I was thinking of using RVN asset layer to function as some sort of advance for my novel(s). Create a top level asset, something like, "LG Novels." Then create a sub-asset named using the ISBN of the work in progress, "ISBN-0-121-21541-21" or whatever. Create 1000 tokens. Offer the tokens for $10 a piece. Now I have a $10K book advance with the plan that when the book is completed, 10% of the profits are paid as dividends to token holders. Not that any of this would happen, but it was an idea i had as I learned about the RavenCoin Asset layer. The upcoming messaging feature would give you an intimate broadcast method to communicate with your "biggest fans" letting them know of the next novel they can help crowd fund. EDIT: this is probably 100% a security and the SEC is about to break down my door...


This seems way over complicated. Why can't you just hand them a receipt or email an invoice? If you are worried about proof then have them sign it. I just don't get it?