Release ASIC shmasic, X16RV2 Algo Switch Ravencoin wallet update is available. Update by October 1st.

Release ASIC shmasic, X16RV2 Algo Switch Ravencoin wallet update is available. Update by October 1st.


I'm on it! Can't wait to get ASIC's off it!


What about IOS Wallet upgrade ?


just the node wallets. not sure about phone apps


Correct, only node wallets. Mobile wallet don't need to upgrade unless you are using it regularly. If you haven't updated a mobile wallet by Oct 1st then it will just be on the old chain until you do update, but it won't negatively affect the network. I haven't updated my mobile wallet for about 3 updates, but I just have it as cold storage, so I won't need to update until I decide to do something with it.


So serious questions here. I have the RavenCoin Desktop wallet on my window machine since last year or v2.1.0. Everytime there is a new wallet update, I would just create a new folder, call it "Release v2.x.x" and now "Release v2.5.0". It seems like the last few releases only have the bin, include, lib and share folder. My actually wallet.dat file is still in my v2.1.0 folder under another folder call CoreData. Can I just copy the CoreData over or should I just keep everything in my v.2.1.0 folder? There is also a daemon, doc, and raven folder. There is also files call copying, raven-qt, readme and uninstall. I assume that everything else in the folder is unimportant/old and only CoreData is important since I see files in that folder getting modified when I click on raven-qt under the bin folder of which ever is the latest releases. Can anybody confirm?


I believe I've always just copied the raven-qt over top of the old version with one exception with the making syncing faster update which I think I deleted the blockchain too. Just make sure to back up stuff and instead of overwrite you can rename old files like ravencoin-qt-old.


I wanna test X16RV2 by testnet, but which miner software support X16RV2 by now?




mine PEXA/x16rv2 @ [https://EasyXPool.tk/](https://EasyXPool.tk/) !


You say to update my wallet. I did about 3 or 4 weeks ago . And my version is v2.5.1.0. So why is yours v2.5.0.0? And do I need to go backwards?


They fixed a bug right after 2.5.0 was released - "Fixed an issue with issuing Sub and Unique assets, this update is only needed if you are trying to do either of those two tasks"