There are so many of them but I could give a few to begin with. First is his attire, very well coordinated shawls and kurtas all handloom and Indian textiles. Sustainable fashion at it's best, so aesthetically beautiful designed by him. I can go on and on. I watch a few videos to look at the intricately woven hand made shawls. Second is his 10,000 mile motorcycle journey across North America and visiting native Americans. Looking at him on that bike was such a delight doing something which no-one has ever done. He is a mystic himself and was exploring mysticism in Native America. He respects all the cultures and explores spirituality there - was really cool for me.




He chooses to lose his cool too, if needed. But he continues to be ‘cool’ in that too. 😁


Hom riding the Crazy Horse BMW bike 🔥


Yes, and also the way Sadhguru plays golf , drives a plane or a helicopter single handedly and even paints.....simply mind- blowing!


His Frisbee skills. If someone hasn't watched Sadhguru's Frisbee skills then the next thing you should do is go on YouTube and watch the video ASAP!!


He sleeps only 4 hour


His voice!...and if you can go beyond that, the words...the eye-opening, heart warming perspectives those words form....wisdom, sensitivity, grace and beauty, all come together. Once the chord is struck, you can’t but help hunger for more. Watch any Sathsang video, esp from a decade or two ago and you’ll know what I mean. And then the ‘coolness’ goes on....the subtle, sharp wit of his, the caring generous heart he has, giving absolute attention to each one who comes in contact with him, the graceful movements of his hands and feet like that of a dancer,...


His poetry - it's profound & deep.


The coolest thing about him is his versatile personality😎.


making a stone into something else awesome - I was lucky to witness Yogeshwar linga Consecration.


So many aspects of Sadhguru have seemed cool for me. One striking thing has been is how He bows down and nods in full love to everyone He meets or crosses. Generally Gurus show the Abhaya Mudra. But Sadhguru is always in Namaskar mode, just watch his videos or pictures. How cooooooollllll 😎 is that!! The person on the opposite has no other option but to bow back to HIM


How gracefully Sadhguru bows down to anyone he meets. 🙏


He is never ever tired, one can never see him tired, he is always on 😃


Once I got to know Sadhguru all the other heroes vanished in thin air. Did you see his cool shades during the Native American trip? In dungrees, shorts, bike gear he looks killer in whatever he wears. His shawls 😍 He's always the smartest person, coolest person in the room 💕💕💕


His calmness. Even the most stupid person can't make him angry. He is soothing


His utter clarity of perception about whatever he speaks...


He can be the way the world wants him to be. I always find my personal likes taking too much from my life. I just want to be as flexible and capable as he is. So, the coolest thing is that he is a chameleon.❤️❤️❤️