Shambho is the most wonderful composition by the sounds of Isha, whenever I listen  it gives me absolute peace and joy. The way singer recites the chant shambho, I feel like I am flying.  Even when a lot of chattering is going on in my mind, I play this and in a few seconds, my mind becomes absolutely silent.  I heard it for the first time while coming back from delhi isha center, that day I had come to volunteer for presence time and while going back I needed a lift. So one lady gave me a lift and while I was busy living mentally in my own useless thoughts, as I heard the word shambho, I became available to live life in the present. I will recommend each and everyone of you to listen this.  


I remember the chant being played in ashram in the morning and waking up to it was totally totally being in grace. So powerful and beautiful.


yes it's the best start of morning 🤗🤗