I would love to see a talk with Cristiano Ronaldo


Imagining, How it will look like; Sadhguru trying to persuade Elon Anna to rather spend 1% of the project on Planting Trees. Elon Anna not giving up his childhood dream.


Elon Musk seems more than open to invest in environment.


Elon musk is very toxic and unbalanced.


What makes you say that?


I am Waiting for this from 3yrs


I surely would like to watch what The Angry man - Amithabh Bachan - has to speak to Sadhguru!!


It would be a blast.


That would be great! There are lot of things, solution which are needed for Planet Earth! Elon musk MUST have a converstation with the MYSTIC!


I want him to talk to Xi jinping.


I can’t see Elon accepting a lot that Sg says. Sh has said the Elon should stick to cars not try to colonize space. Both seem very set within their views and experience. I can’t see Elon accepting many of the more esoteric scientifically untestable statements and frameworks that Sg lives within. For instance that there are five elements…. David Eagleman said … maybe. But really analyzing that statement what does it mean? There’s no solid science that says there are five elements. Or that food will turn to poison on an eclipse… or any number of other things thrown out casually that aren’t in anyone’s experience but stated to be accepted on face value. Doesn’t seem like the two would have a very complementary mindset to be able to carry out much of a conversation, but I would be interested to see it attempted.


Sadhguru with Pope Francis


Bad idea, for someone who's trying to bring down the heavens :p




Both of them are that sort that is just answering questions. Since both of them don't have any questions, this would probably be a cringe disaster. I would rather vote for Joe Rogan podcast.


Sadhguru.... have you tried dmt... crowd erupts in laughter


That's gotta be interesting. One is trying to promote planet earth and other is promoting planet mars. Wonder if yogic methods work on other planets too though.


Spirituality extends to planes beyond the physical universe. If you wonder that it extends to mars you have yet to understand the one ness of the all


I was talking more about the yogic methods. These yogic methods like yogasanas, Surya namaskar, are only working because earth has a certain gravity which allows us to take certain postures with our breath. When gravity changes, your weight changes and in turn the way you breath changes on other planets. So my question was more on that front. Wasn't about whether spirituality works or not.


Waiting eagerly.


I had a dream that Sadhguru and Elon got together for a conversation.🤣


I would like to see sadhguru talk to rodger penrose. That would be fucking interesting


Would be interesting to see Sadhguru talk to Mr Modi the PM and see what suggestions he takes from him.


Elon is a bad guy. Sadghuru is good.


What makes you say hes bad? He is doing more for the planet than pretty much any other governmet body or billionaire. In the last decade he has pushed the hardest and lead the way for new eco friendly technologies to better the future. Also, identifying someone as bad means your identifying with some personal and moral construct. Sadhguru teaches us to let go of our identities and love everyone as if they are family. Elon is trying his best and working through his own dharma at the same time


Possessing that money and wealth is inherently evil. He's victimized his workers and society. The fact that you think he's good or moral shows the shallow depth of your understanding. Contemplate on the actions surrounding his company and fortunes.


Sounds like your just jealous dude. Possessing that amount of wealth isnt inherently evil especially when trying to move the whole planet in a green direction. You could give all his money to everyone and the problems of the world would still exist the same. Because people arnt smart as a whole, the person is smart but people a panicky and greedy. Bezos and zuckerburg who amass wealth and do nothing with it besides try to make more wealth and manipulate society to do it. Yeah theyre bad. But just having money doesnt make you bad. Btw sadhguru has plenty of money as well but he does good with it so your statement of just having a bunch of money is inherently bad is very close minded my friend


Again, this response shows your shallow level of thinking. I'm not saying your incapable of understanding, but you don't get it. Sadhguru doesn't have "plenty of money." His non-profit foundation does. Again, if you don't know the difference, then it is your shallow understanding of the situation that is the cause. Elon Must doesn't do those things that you claim. He doesn't pay his workers the worth of their labor. He lives extravagantly. He pollutes at a much greater level than you claim he prevents. Your ignorance is astounding, and your heroes are villains. I don't envy those people with money. I feel sorry for them. Their lives are predicated on the extreme devaluing of people's labor. Again, you misunderstand the complexity of the situation. I sympathize with your hero worship; I really do. But you must put some thought into your stances. I'm sorry for you, and I hope you develop a better understanding. Also, if Sadhguru does hoard wealth as you claim, then he is truly a despicable, obscene human for teaching the opposite.


Sorry but it is you that doesnt understand friend. I dont idolise elon musk, i dont hero worship him. i just dont label people as bad for simply amassing wealth because of some identity or moral construct in my own mind. Im just defending a guy that doesnt have the chance to be here and defend himself while you accuse him of being evil. Its not complex, its just love for all humans something you need to work on. Tesla pays its workers well above average for their labor, on par with wages paid in Australia and they have some of the highest paid wages in the world. https://www.zippia.com/tesla-careers-11363/salary/ Yes corporations feed off the humans they employ to feed their bottom line but as far as corporations go, tesla really isnt that bad. ( i will add here that Elon whilst owner of tesla doesnt neccesarily make all the decisions he has a board of directors and shareholders that have some level of say in things (i assume) Here you can see everything they do to reduce carbon emissions, use clean energy and just how efficient they are at producing energy while keeping CO2 emissions down https://www.tesla.com/en_au/impact-report/2020 Just because sadhgurus company is called a foundation and its product is helping people in the community, with food, housing, medicines etc doesnt make it any different from the fact sadhguru gets money from all over the world and uses it to help people on the ground level, mostly in india. Elon gets money and uses it to create new technologies for the entire rest of the population that dont want to give up their cars and go and sit in a temple or live a simple life. So that the majority of the population are reducing their effect on the planet. Ya know the difference? Sadhguru doesnt pay his employees at all 😂 and hes still good Here you can see that sadhgurus net worth is 25 million USD. https://oprice.in/sadhguru-net-worth/ So is he evil? No You need to work on what you consider to be evil my friend


It will be amazing


Is this actually supposed to happen?


I wish! But no confirmations yet!


It will be an interesting conversation, for sure! So many new areas of discussion to be had.


Will need to be heavily curated as most of the discussions and arguments will hung up in mutual disagreement.