All the answers are within you.


Somehow, he always answer..


Wish I'd get one! Lol


How does one get to ask Sadhguru a question?


It seems like a war of good vs evil is happening at all levels. Are you leading the good in the war, Sadhguru? Are you Kalki Avatar?


I don’t understand thing way of thinking. What is good and what is evil?


For life vs against life is my understanding.


Interesting. What are some examples of things against life? Are our deaths evil? He’s said life and death are always occur together which we can see to be true. We and many other organism kill to live does that make us evil? sorry for questions I just never understand what good and evil are.


Good and evil are subjective and not absolute. My question to Sadhguru was in the following context, which I feel Sadhguru would've understood as he's talked about vested interests before: Life naturally wants to evolve. Animals evolve unconsciously. In the context of human beings, I as an individual life can evolve only consciously. That is we make the journey to enlightenment by being more conscious. What goes against this natural process is ignorance. Most people choose ignorance rather than taking responsibility because it seems to be the easier way to live. Now, external forces aka vested interests employ tactics to keep humans to stay in ignorance and thus evolution retards. These vested interests comprise mostly of religions and politicians. Their sole aim is to keep us in ignorance which breeds fear, violence, etc. They can be considered evil as they go against the natural flow of life. Is death evil? The question doesn't make sense in the above context. Because death is a natural part of the life process. Us killing animals can be for various reasons such as for food, hunting, for making products, for reducing animal population eg kangaroos of Australia, etc. If it's out of ignorance we can say the animal was killed by evil people but is the act evil? Depends. If a caveman killed a deer for food, would you call it evil? No, because it's natural for a human of that level of consciousness to hunt for food. Is killing cows for food evil? Depends on who you ask.


Sadhguru, will you take me in ride with you ?


What's that supposed to mean?


Ride bike


"Gday sadhguru, how ya goin mate"


Namaskaram, what’d you have for breakfast today?


Somehow , someway he always answers. I just spend some time with the questions 🙏


I won't ask anything. I would just be in his presence...