Namaskaram 🙏 You will get to know of them during Inner Engineering Completion program where you will be initiated into Shambhavi. However, for the time being you can refer to [this article](https://ishayogablog.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/keep-the-wheels-spinning-sadhguru-on-the-purpose-of-sadhana/) to get an idea of the five takeaways.


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Good article it’s interesting if seen that same question before and he answered it totally differently saying if nothing happens for you that’s what’s supposed to happen for you don’t compare your experience to others, but here he’s saying it means you are stuck in some or all levels of your being.


Namaskaram 🙏 Yes, it's true to some extent. But it's not completely contradictory if you look at it at a deeper level. There also Sadhguru presses on that it may be simply because of his Karma or karmic bondage and here also he says it could be because he has not disciplined his mind, body and emotions yet, which means he is still going in short cycles and influenced by the karmic compulsiveness. Probably the seeker in the earlier question wanted to feel some blasting experience for himself which Sadhguru got to pick from his thought process and understood the context and told him no experience is best experience and just to water the plant regularly as when flowers bloom, it doesn't get any clapping from audience nor any firecracker is burst and yet no one who passes by misses it's fragrance. The most significant things in the creation happens in silence !!


I advise not linking articles from non-official platforms. There is multiple reasons [why you won't find this crash course](https://isha.sadhguru.org/us/en/wisdom/article/the-purpose-of-sadhana) from Inner Engineering written on official articles nor even in Inner Engineering book. Who ever wrote that article, didn't think it through. People who haven't done the program, might stumble upon it at the wrong time and from conclusions that should have come at different timing.


Namaskaram 🙏 The IE takeaways are just so ubiquitous that i didn't realise they are not official yet as Sadhguru talks about responsibility everywhere and also one of the reminders is part of Isha Kriya. Although we are not discussing any specific aspect related to any initiation practice here as such which could mislead others, but i understand your concern. I have made a mental note of it and eill take care of this while posting in future.


If you have been initiated into shabhovi and have the Sadhguru app on your phone or tablet you should be able to use the guided shambhvi mandala app within the app. This will have the principles as part of the guided practice.


I completed inner engineering. What does the completion program consist of?


Namaskaram 🙏 It mainly consists of [Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya Initiation](https://www.innerengineering.com/completion-online).