I don't want to burst your bubble but it could have well been a remnant of your dream. Sometimes the effects persist for a while even after we're up and awake. Nevertheless, the Brahmananda Swaroopa chant is an incredible one and surely seems to be YOUR Vairagya chant out of the 5. You can immerse in it mainly twice a day at 6.20 which is the presence time on Sadhguru App or YouTube. You may chant or play It in the background at any time, especially when you need to be in the Guru's presence.


I listen to it sometimes when I’m tired during the daytime, and within 10 minutes I’m re-energized.


Yep has the same many times. It's usually followed by high pitches radio frequency changing sounds as well. Try to calm yourself next time it happens and don't move (if you aren't in sleep paralysis already by then). My advice is that you shouldn't read about what it is supposed to be. You will get ideas about what is supposed to happen, and in those transitory states, imagination, assumption and expectations will distort your perception.


Thanks for the advice, and no I never had any sleep paralysis before.