Start doing pratyahara...Just close your eyes and sit doing nothing...🙏


Try doing something creative like learning music, drawing or anything. It is not like you enjoyed your previous activities, but were too unconscious to know it. Find something you are passionate about, explore things. There must have been many things you always wanted to do but kept postponing or discourage yourself to do when you were growing up. Your current situation simply means you are doing things you don't care about. Then start doing things you do care about. Also, if you can develop a sense of Devotion, it helps a lot. Maybe time to further explore spirituality, as Sadhguru says, " and Now Yoga".


It sounds like you are ready for more practices. What I've found is that the practices all reinforce each other, with your time available you can easily do all of the Isha practices everyday, which massively accelerate your spiritual growth.