The same happens when I used to drink a lot of coffee


What kind of Yoga are you doing? If you are doing Isha practices, are you taking care that you are not doing more than prescribed? For Isha practice, I noticed the aftereffects of Sadhana last longer the longer you stick with daily doing your Sadhana. I wouldn't necessarily conclude that if you have pain, that means you can't produce "can’t produce that much chemicals". When I experiences pain and pressure after my practices, it was usually after a long breaks of not doing my practices regularly.


I’m doing Shambhavi again after one month of break from practices, and it’s as blissfull as the last day I did practice it’s almost like I didn’t lose anything even with that break. That must be the non phisical body that doesn’t decay (Sadhguru talks about that often) but for sure my body lost something in that month, must be that the reason for this unwellness, today I had to sleep 8 hrs just to recover from yesterday (usually I sleep 4/5). Maybe I should reintroduce gradually Shambhavi since I don’t have anymore the body i used to have