Maybe you can specify what you don't understanding from the video. To get somewhere you need to be dedicated to one path, that's what Sadhguru meant by integrity in the video. You may be feeling a particular way right now mixing the practices, but in the end it may be robbing you of opportunities and potency that you are not aware of.


Yes, thank you 🙏🏼 much clearer now


Should you do other practices along side Isha's, is a complicated questions, and I'm afraid even Sadhana support won't be of much help, because they might not be familiar with other practices and how they are thought. In general, it is recommended to stop doing other practices, especially during mandala periods when new practices is trying to integrate into your system. In beginning, Isha practices are mostly about strengthening foundations and balancing the system, before trying to build something new from your system, so you might disturb organizing of energies in your system by doing other practices silmutamously. I personally don't like to mix guidelines from different masters, because then I have no way of determining which one works better. I recommend listening to [Papaji's story](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lUBsFohUAM), about how he came from being Krishna devotee to Ramana Maharishi.


Wow that video was fantastic. Gods are only a form of the true self. Does Sadhguru worship shiva the destroyer as a form of you because he dismantles what is not you, in that way you can access to who you really are?