The maximum time to do the program is one month. After that the program gets deactivated.


It is best to finish of the program in 7-consecutive days. The continuity makes sure that not a lot has been lost in terms of memory.


The program builds on itself. It’s best to keep going, and you only have a month to complete the program. After you finish the modules you can take some time before doing the completion program, if you wish, but the real treasure of the program is the technique you learn in the completion program, in my opinion.


Do i have to also view all extra videos? I see that for module 3 there are a lot of them.


If you finish all 7 of the main modules, all the extra videos will be available to you for as long as you wish. The time limit is only on completing the main modules.


Why *not* finish it now?


If you ask me, program is a waste if you don't learn the practice right after. The meat is in the practice, the rest is just preparation for it. Although, many people benefited from the videos alone, they certainly didn't become free of their compulsive tendencies by watching videos.


Since the program is 50 euro and the maha at the end is 125, it's not a waste but a step forward. I fully understand that buying the program and doin this and that is better, of course it is. What all of you who keep telling me that buying the course is better, is that i don't have the money. Otherwise i would buy it. I asked for another kind of help but people keep insisting.