What do you want to see in The Sims 5?

What do you want to see in The Sims 5?


Change individual colors of objects. So many times, I've wanted say, a different color blanket on a Pine wood bed thats only available on a white painted bed.


multiplayer mode


First person option. When in first person maybe things like cooking are turned into minigames, where you press certain prompts or keys to grab a certain ingredient. Playing guitar could be it's own minigame as well as other similar things


The excitement from the Sims 2! Robbers and other "negative" random events. Sims 4 gets boring real quick even when you try to make it fun. I would love Sims 5 to have the feels of Sims 2 in that way. Consequences. Allow traits to actually influence a sim's personality, wishes, needs, etc. Allow negative traits. Finally, give us a good base game and don't make us pay for features that should have been in the game to begin with.


Better hybrid mechanics


Witches of sims 5 and cc mods


I think it would be interesting if Sims could install heating and cooling systems in their homes.


-Smart phones being objects that you have to buy. My sim should come into the world with the clothes on their back and 20,000 simoleans in the bank just as god intended. -A much less rigid grid in build/buy mode, especially so you have much more freedom with wall placement. -Apartments that you have full creative freedom over. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for this in TS4 but it seems very unlikely at this point. -Smoother aging. At the very least, a preteen/young teen phase. I’d also love the ability to organically change traits. A sim that hates kids might start to like them a little more if they have to spend a lot of time around them or falls into a situation where they’re forced to raise one, a sloppy teenager gradually becoming a neat freak, a cheerful house wife becomes gloomy when she finds out her husband has knocked up half the town, etc., etc., -I want the ability to make my own worlds again, dammit and I want that ability to be a fully integrated feature that any moron can use upon release. I’m hoping that EA sees the (continuing) success of animal crossing and minecraft and are learning from it. -I’d be down for building these worlds and playing them with my friends but i don’t want online play being the dominating gimmick of the game.


Everything included. No more expansion packs. You download it once and new things will come only with the FREE upgrades. It's ok if it is very expensive, as long as they will not sell any other type of expansion pack, game pack or those things. Is it too much to ask for?


They're always overpriced too for what little they add.


Open world, life stages that look different, cars, weather and get rid of game packs.


A return to the open world sims3 had! Waiting for sims4 to load all the time S U C K S


Weather to be included in the base game


I doubt that will happen. They know Seasons was most popular in TS2, TS3 and TS4.


I know they make a killing off of the eps but it would still be nice. They could make a separate ep or game pack that includes holidays and festivals


a fucking release date