what is success, if not a leaf on the tree of love? the root word of success, succedo means to ascend, advance.


I think we need a mix of both to maintain that balance between material comfort and true wellbeing.


Love this!


All you need is love and sunshine, I still don't get how some Christians still can't see it, in their eyes and in their hearts, and know it in their minds and souls.


I feel like a prominent Christian trait is to want respect from society. Sadly, in todays world, successful/wealthy people get alot of respect. This in my view, is one of the main reasons they can't see it. They're too focused on the unimportant stuff. Love and sunshine are two of my favourite things!


Opposed to Muslims, Jews or any other people who follow organized religion, or is it specifically some Christians?


People of every faith should be able to see, one creator made them all and gave them all the ability.


I agree, I'm multi-denomonational of roughly 10 years, Christian from 0-23 years, I don't have enough experience to speak for other religions so I'm not gonna assume I know their culture because i've practised it for 10 years. But as someone who grew up in a Christian household for <23 years, I feel like I got this. No Competition, but no ignorance either.


I was raised as a Christian so my comment is from my lived experience. Out of curiosity, what's your lived experience from the Muslim, jew, Christian perspective?


I come from an orthodox Christian upbringing in close livelihood with lots of Muslims and Jews (that part of the Middle East). I was born and brought up in a secular country, and my take on it is that Christians having a very tolerant and forgiving God, knowing Jesus was a feminist and a people’s friend, a truly good man according the Bible and other historical texts, I believe it’s easier for us to be enlightened and become peacemakers, storytellers, etc, compared to Muslims, Jews and atheists especially. I believe Buddhists will have the easiest way to enlightenment.


Idk you been on Instagram ever? It’s everyone trying to peddle you there services claiming to be spiritual workers. I’m sure some people are honest but it just seems like a money grab at this point


Yep. They saying money don't matter, but they go on social media to peddle snake oil, pseudoscience bullshit, and/or have a pareon to support them being an "influencer" and act like they're better than people with real jobs.


And artists :)


Are you trying to say that peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds are not allowed to be successful?


I think he's trying to say that the aim in life shouldn't be being successful, it should be healing, peacemaking etc. Success should be a bi product if you will, of restoring or peacemaking, it shouldn't be the main aim.


> Success should be a bi product if you will, of restoring or peacemaking, it shouldn't be the main aim. I disagree. Success should be the main aim for everyone, especially if you are a peacemaker, healer, restorer, storyteller or lover of all kinds. Otherwise, only the wicked people become successful. The fact is that the highest success is Objective / Absolute Truth , Source, God, or whatever word you give it. To be the Ultimate Success requires you to harmonize and attune yourself with the Ultimate. Being successful is not a bad thing, but a good thing. The problem isn't with success itself but having the wrong intent, which mainly stems from self-limiting beliefs.


> Being successful is not a bad thing, but a good thing. The problem isn't with success itself but having the wrong intent, which mainly stems from self-limiting beliefs. This, exactly. We need to remind everyone of the definition of success that we all came into this reality with. In other words, we need to redefine what people typically see as "successful". Too many people are indoctrinated in this society to believe success is just defined by material goods and wealth. We're here to help undo that programming and to remind people the real reasons they have incarnated on this planet, to help them connect to their higher selves in order to achieve the success that resonates with their highest selves. edit: We are beings of love and light and intent rooted in love is the type of success we came here to achieve, generally speaking. Unfortunately, many people are stuck in their 'robot' minds and are not acting from their hearts (their higher self). We live in a deterministic reality (everything that has come before determines what comes ahead) and the mind is not exempt from this rule. The mind can be programmed, we just need to enlighten people on how to reprogram their consciousness to serve their highest selves.


I think you're looking at it wrong. Today, success is measured by how much wealth/fame you've accumulated and that's what the post is referring to as success.


> Today, success is measured by how much wealth/fame you've accumulated and that's what the post is referring to as success. How others misdefine success is irrelevant. More important is to take ownership of the word in the correct context and disallow its hijacking and misframing. Spiritual success is just as valid as material success.


It's not really irrelevant or misdefined since that's the point they're trying to get across.. like you said, the problem is with intent and many today have caused so much suffering in pursuance of their material success. The world doesn't need that type of successful people


Exactly, that's clearly the intent of the post. Of course you can define your own success but this is clearly a critique of the material obsession with one type of selfish success. How the world currently defines being successful is dysfunctional.


> The world doesn't need that type of successful people Those that chase after "material success" you mean. That context is important. "Success" can happen in meditation, in healing and in many other areas.




This meme is for people who smoked weed all through college and now need a way to feel better about themselves for failing at life. Edit: Meme is also for trust fund kids who never had to work a day in their life or struggle for anything, and they'll be so fast to say that being successful doesn't matter or that success isn't measured in money when they have no idea what the struggle of being unsuccessful is or know what money even really means. Either way, they contribute little to society and use bullshit, meaningless words that sound pretty. Like "healer" or "peacemaker". Wtf is a healer or a peacemaker? Who knows, but it sounds prettier than being a non-contributing zero, so let's call ourselves that. Also I'll self publish some shitty fanfic nobody wants to read and call myself a storyteller while I'm at it.




Haha, it still works, typing in "yes no" [comes up with it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6ax7X6rpQ0) >!God I'm old!<


To make peace, to heal, to restore, to tell stories and to love are all successes of the soul.


I've realized this calling since I was in elementary school and have been spreading love my whole life since then. I could happily say that only great things have come my way and it's brought so much happiness to my life and others


I guess that depends on one’s definition of success.


The problem is that you use the word sucessfull wrongly,change your point of view and the healing will be exponantial


Cant agree more


It needs both, not one or the other.


Depends on your definition of success.


The planet needs both - as well as artists. It needs successful and influential people to shift to a more empathic/compassionate state of being, so they can utilize their resources and connections to make real change in this world. Success shaming is a consistent and ongoing issue in spiritual circuits. We are physical beings who are living on a physical earth. Therefore, balance must be struck. We cannot forgo the reality we live in and then just expect change to happen on mass scales... Why not strive to be successful - whatever that means to each individual - and remain the example of change you wish to see in this world as you come up and once you are established and "successful" ? It isn't one or the other - and the reality is that you can effect more change the more influential you are, period. The sad reality is that many who reach those levels of "success" or influence just don't give af about the rest of humanity. So, anyone coming up in this world who wants to see some real change for the better has to keep their morals and principles and compassion in the forefront and in check as they come up and/or come into material success.


But isn’t that success?


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Don't squeeze him too hard. He might pop.


So you are saying that the word “successful” according to you means a capitalist winner? You played yourself, you spiritual wannabe