Why’s it on so many maps?


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Or old ass books for that matter


Good question! So the term Tartaria is a relatively antiquated title for the "East." Mostly used by cartographers and in literature, it was used to describe the Eurasian "other," generally grouping together parts of Siberia, China, Central Asia and sometimes India. It's basically the equivalent of putting "beyond here lie dragons" on a map. There was never such a thing as a united kingdom or empire of Tartaria.


If it meant basically ‘beyond here lie dragons’ (like barbarians to the romans) then why are there places like tartarian _____ like tartarian China or tartarian Alaska? Also, why, then—or how—are there images of these tartarians, and how are they associated with a particular style? Their clothes, and human presentation have peculiarities, specific mannerisms..


A conspiracy of cartographers?


You should study the rest of history not just Russia


"I really hope not". Not a great introduction to this community. You are already antagonistic. Why not come here with just the question and not the biases. Read what we comment and then use this information how you will. I would say however that history is written by the victor. If this is true, how can we with 100% certainty believe everything of what we are told in the mainstream?


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What do you think about Anatoly Fomenko?. About the lost years, authors quote the Chinnese chronists, please could you explain this argument. Thanks!


I'm a caller of bullshit. AMA. do you believe? I hope not. Science.


What type of science


I mean, last week someone posted about flat earth, and as I got downvoted when I pointed out that *maybe* the admin of a flat earth sub isn’t the most reliable. That’s quite telling.


The folks who covered up the previous timeline are a bunch of morons, so it’s only a matter of time before it’s figured out.


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Wasn’t Russia known for burning book/art of other cultures? It’s what they did when invading countries like Poland


People are going to believe any and all kinds of off the wall theories from flat earth, to Tartaria, to hollow earth, to Annunaki cults, to 9/11 and sandy hook being faked. ​ Why? ​ Because the education system, the media, geology and history, politicians, and that canned "scIEnCe" for midwits\* who like Bill Nye and Rick and Morty have been pushing lies and propaganda for decades. People have realized that "the narrative" is often false more than they have ever realized it before. ​ Thats why everyone is obsessing over "the narrative". ​ The lies don't work anymore. I'm not sure if Tartaria was real, but it is just as likely that it was and even may still be real as it is likely that mainstream history is accurate. ​ *\*Generally found in the 105-120 IQ range. These are the people who are considered "gifted" in primary school and perhaps "honors" in high school. In the same vein, they either think of themselves as "smart but lazy" or perform well in school yet do poorly/mediocre on standardized testing. May attend a low-tier university or none at all. Almost always very online, with strong opinions that lack nuance.* [https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Midwit](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Midwit) ​ When the news comes out and says that every single treatment for covid is ineffective and hospitals are denying treatment for people who are unvaccinated and entire countries are protesting these vaccines and it's not on the news and you have to dig deep on the internet to find the footage of it, and Australian police on horses are charging into peaceful demonstrators and Germany and Austria are going door-to-door to force a vaccine that previously was optional, we know something is up. We know that there is a veil of propaganda and lies over everything we know. ​ How can you trust any history when "history is written by the victors" and any alternate history is immediately attacked? ​ Literally everything we think we know is suspect.




Yes Tartarian as in the Tartars which are a minority ethnic group in Russia. There was often a conflation of Tartar ethnicity with the Mongol horde due to ethnic reasons, but the Soviets in no way were denoting Tartaria as the massive empire most of this subreddit is making it out to be.


Well if you were actually interested in scientific debate, it would not involve insulting people and calling anyone you disagree with a hack so I don't think your motives are pure and you are not following sub rules. Bye bye.


Tartaria is myth, can confirm am Russian