Lol at mega Mewtwo dropping anytime Presumably it'll be one of the last ones, and it won't be for years. I'd love to be wrong, but that's my guess


Yeah, I know it has a possibility of taking forever, but idk if I’d get enough xl to do both anyway


I still need a hundo so I’m going after Mewtwo pretty hard, but my hope is to take a new hundo to level 50, then any XL I have left I may give to my shadow (which is currently level 40, 87% IV)


That would be ideal, hopefully I can get enough


I’m powering up my shadow Mewtwo to level40 and will XL candy on my lucky Mewtwo or shiny Mewtwo


Everything comes back around, Mewtwo especially so. There will be many opportunities to grind Mewtwo candy for years to come. Personally, I have a hundo and a 98% lucky shiny with psystrike waiting for the megas, so I'd mostly like to get a high IV one with shadow ball and as much XL as I can muster without buying coins. Whenever I dive into powering anything up past level 40, it'll be the hundo.


My strategy is ignoring XL candy altogether.


the only really reasonable answer


Sure, ignore shadows, ignore level 50 pokémon, ignore best friend damage boost by raiding with random people through apps and wonder why you can’t beat a boss in reasonable time or at all


What are you even talking about?


Raid damage. And even if we talked PvP, all of Master League and most of Ultra needs XL candies.


I've done all raids so far perfectly without investing in PvE beyond level 40, thanks for the concern. PvP is another thing, but there's a difference between grinding a normal Pokémon and a raid exclusive one. I simply won't grind legendary XL candies and won't play Master League at all.


Yeah, everyone is super struggling to beat these raids.


Are you okay dude?


MMY is the most insane mega there is. It'll likely come last, after Lucario. Which is a fan favourite so they obviously aren't catering that, lol.


I already have a level 50 hundo with psystrike and ice beam. I am unwilling to give it shadow ball b/c I want the flexibility to change the second move. I’m looking for a second hundo to give psystrike and shadow ball to. I have a level 40 15-14-14 Mewtwo with shadow ball and psystrike that I’m holding off on powering up (best exraid Mewtwo I got). I’m grinding for those XL Candy for that next Mewtwo. Edit: second hundo acquired


never say never, you never know


i have a level 44 Shiny 15/15/14 double legacy mewtwo so im grinding the rest of his xl candy for that level 50 personally. then i’ll stop and do my daily raids


Mega Mewtwo Y has a significantly higher attack stat than Shadow Mewtwo's effective attack stat once the Shadow bonus is applied (assuming they don't nerf Mega Mewtwo). So from that point of view, for future planning, it would make sense to max the Mewtwo you plan on using for your mega. Of course, we don't know when we'll get Mega Mewtwo, and in the here and now, Shadow Mewtwo is the best option we have for Psychic damage (and you're not limited to having just one Shadow Mewtwo on your team either if you were lucky enough to be able to get multiple).


My stratergy is that more people can always be added to a raid, so therefore there is no need for me to power up a shadow Mewtwo at all. (not that I have one) I will continue to hoarde resources until Mega Mewtwo is actually released, because at the moment its shoehorned to be one of the best Pokemon available. and by the time it is released (proabably ages), I likely will find better candidates to take shadow mewtwos spot. Im more than happy dealing with L40 Pokemon for now, the boost to L50 seems wasteful but I guess im more of an 80-20 believer Id rather avoid putting in 80% more effort for final 20% benefits gives me time and resources to focus on other things


It will be incredibly hard for them to add something that will be better than a Shadow Mewtwo, even in the upcoming years. Shadow Mewtwo is probably the most foolproof investiment in the game.


Will Mega Mewtwo not be better?


Yes it will, however you can only have one Mega, while you can (atleast could) get multiple shadow mewtwo


That is a good point! Except the getting multiple shadow Mewtwo part, arnt they impossible to get?


Yes they are now, but it's a matter of time until he's available again


Two lvl 50’s for thr megas and four level 50 shadows.