A google search shows they made a piedfort version.


Do you have a royal mint link/article for that? I only see websites selling it or ebay results when i google searched for it prior to making this post. Searched for terms like WITHDRAWAL FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION 2020 UK 50P GOLD PROOF PIEDFORT COIN but to no avail


Not royal mint, but a reputable [source ](https://britanniacoincompany.com/buy-coins/proof-sets/2020-withdrawal-from-the-eu-brexit-gold-proof-piedfort-50p/) indicates they were made


I can't find it on the RM website (it's so frustrating to use). But places like Britannia Coin Company, Bullion by Post and Sovereign Rarities are selling them, and NGC have graded them, so it's legit. Btw the one from the BCC graded PF69 for £1950 seems like a good deal. And weirdly as I was writing this, I looked on ebay, and BCC are selling the same coin for £1795 with offers enabled (one already sold). Hell, I might have a go for one.