I’ve been really liking the Casio F91 with natos lately. I have an A168WA-1 and have been thinking about putting a nato on it. Might have to after seeing this


I have a soft spot for these casios. Had this exact same when I was a kid and wore it until the strap gave in... Last year I decided to buy the W-217H because of its vintage looks and larger display and have been very happy with it.


I've tried to do this myself with various Casios and I just can't get over how skinny the 18mm looks compared to the watch face. Casio does 18mm springbars, but the OEM straps flare out to 20mm where they meet the watch face. The aesthetics of the watch are built to work with the 20mm shoulders of the OEM strap, so an 18mm looks like a guy who skipped leg day. I cut notches in a 20mm strap to get it to fit on the 18mm springbars and it worked, but is a hassle and you can ruin the strap of your measurements are off or you mess up the heat step (to prevent fraying around your cuts).


That is a good point. It is definitely skinny on there. I didn’t really notice until you pointed it out though! This picture most definitely accentuates it too.


>I didn’t really notice until you pointed it out though! Oops, I hope I didn't ruin it for you!


Up until a couple months ago (when I found this sub) my Casio F91-W was the only watch I owned. I wore it every single day for probably about 4 years. The band finally developed a crack. I used some black gorilla tape for a while but finally decided it needed a proper fix. I ordered a sage green NATO from Crown and Buckle. I think it looks excellent on this well worn watch. I like the watch so much I didn’t have the heart to replace it so I spent more money on a new band than it would of been to replace the watch!


I swapped out the stock band on my old Casio with a vintage bond nato. One of the $12arrow ones. Works perfectly and is more comfortable than the stock strap


I love that you kept the watch. A lot of watch people are of the opinion that servicing a cheap watch isn't worth it. But what if you like it and want to retain the stories and memories you had while wearing it? I would love to pass my Seiko 5 down to my child some day.