Dark skinned nazis?


your bound to come across one (nazi) for every color eventually.


Right, forgot the British are exempt from being nazis


This isn't the dub you think it is, anti-science guy.


Oh no! Someone jumped to conclusions. Therefore “they” always get it wrong. Good take. I too believe everything I read on the internet.


Oh look, it’s this troll again. Fuck off.


Because statistics were on their side. This nation is a cesspool.


“Statistics were on their side” What a shit thing to say.


I'm sorry if the truth offends you, it seems to be a pretty come affliction for your kind. And yes, unfortunately, this country has it's fair share of anti-Semites. Just ask around at the next trump rally you attend.


Not a trumper but nice try. I thought being easily offended was a leftist thing. Still, imagine saying that you’re statistically more likely to be murdered or robbed by a black man than any other demographic by far. Might be true but still a shit thing to say because it enforces stereotypes.


As an observer from a safe distance, but following US news and stats: Most terrorist attacks of the past years in the US were done by far right, white supremacists. Or short: Nazis.


This sounds like regurgitated HuffPost talking points Link to whatever “statistics” you’re following?


I assume somehow, you wouldn't accept NYT as a source, so here you go https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/interactive/2021/domestic-terrorism-data/


“according to a Washington Post analysis of data compiled by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.” I’m more interested in DOJ statistics. I’ll see if I can find them


Oh wow, they are not "this group of morally depraved hate group" but "that group of morally depraved hate group". How can we be so wrong?


You're a pretty persistent troll


It's the other kind of religious fanatic