The Official "I Got My Preorder In" Thread

The Official "I Got My Preorder In" Thread


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So me and my brother tried pre ordering for about an hour and a half until we eventually gave up. My Dad went full Chad mode and sat there for 4 hours clicking, reading, calling and waiting until he got us one. He is being treated like a hero at my house.


Bro. Your dad is a straight up G. Hope you get him something nice for Christmas.


Your dad *is* a hero! He's earned first dibs on the console 😂


No truer words have been spoken.


As a dad with teenage daughters and sons, I only wish I could have heard the cheers that must have erupted in your home.


When he told us he got one, the sounds that came from our house were like we had just watched him single-handedly win the super bowl.


Pops gotta flex every once n awhile. Get that man some wings


Actually, I made him homemade mozzarella sticks.


holy shit your dad is the best human in the entire world...


That’s some dad mode patience. What a champion.


Gamer dads unite


Series X Pre-order through MS store! Not to say I didn't have any issues. It made me enter in shipping/billing address and payment info even though I had preferred values on file in my account already. After multiple attempts it finally got through and I received a confirmation email.


> It made me enter in shipping/billing address and payment info even though I had preferred values on file in my account already. Same. That caught me by surprise. Luckily I was still able to get my Series X pre-order in! Sucks though because my friend that was also trying to get one from Microsoft at the same time as me was unable to make it to checkout in time because of the slow loading times and errors.


Same, I'm the only one in my friend group who managed to pre-order. I was super worried for a bit because I kept getting an unable to load error message right at the end. But finally managed to get it to go through.


So no more preorders available thru MS ? Because my homie who made fun of me for standing in line for 30 min to secure my preorder is waiting till he’s off work to ‘preorder comfortably from his own home’ hahahha he bout to get a lmao text


Lol, no more available. The Microsoft store straight up says [out of stock](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/xbox-series-x/8wj714n3rbtl?cid=msft_web_collection)


That’s for right now — I’m sure they’ll have more offered leading up to release.


This is hilarious lmao how did that turn out??


he missed the boat and is pissed lmaoo


For me microsoft's add to cart button kept throwing an error, when it finally added it sat trying to load the shipping and payment page for maybe 20 minutes. It finally loaded the information and let me click go! Got the confirmation email a few minutes later. Target kept removing it from my cart, never saw Amazon or best buy go live and was still sitting in gamestops queue.


I had actually put the thing in my cart a few minutes after the pre-orders started, but it gave me an error, so I refreshed hopelessly for 40 minutes on the Microsoft Store and others. I just about gave up when I decided to go to the MS and just click on my shopping cart, despite it saying 0 items in cart. I clicked it, and voila, there was the XSX. After that I got through checkout with 0 issues. Got the confirmation email and was set. I really hope everyone can get one by launch day, I'm looking forward to this!


Also how I got mine. Had to make a mad scramble to find my credit card to enter the info. Amazon never went up for me. BestBuy never worked. Walmart crapped out immediately. If anyone is going to fulfill the orders it’s MS, so I’m happy. Couldn’t get a controller with it though because they only had odd colors like pink splash left.


Same but finally went through. Congrats


Yup; got my pre-order through the MS store too. :) Ran into some trouble, but I got it through.


Little concerned that I've not got a confirmation email yet, order is showing in my account account, went in about 8:20 pst from Microsoft Canada. Not much do do now other than wait and cross fingers I guess.


Go to your order history on https://account.microsoft.com, it should be there.


Interestingly enough I got the confirmation email with an order number, but it’s nowhere to be found in my order history on my profile. What a let down 😭


Definitely call support then -- if you have an order number, you _should_ be good.


Absolutely NOTHING, freaking nothing was working for me. Had the idea of searching for ''Xbox Series X'' on Amazon Canada in the hope that the new SKU would go live at some point elsewhere than the Amazon Microsoft Store product page.... it did a 11:45AM and I was able to pre-order there. 5 mins later, no more stock on Amazon.ca


Nice one!


Man, that was stressful, felt drained after lol


I think your safe as long as you have an order # on file in your Microsoft account order history.


The only reason I was able to get my series x was the delayed start of Amazon and Wario64 on Twitter. Every other site crashed for me. So thankful.


Yes Amazon is the only site that didn't crash. I got an email saying my preorder is in but they didn't tell me a shipping date in my email. Same for you?


As someone who spends on Amazon frequently you won't get a shipping date until a day or two away from shipping, nor a delivery estimate. So expect something the beginning of November. As long as you have an order number you've got a preorder in.


YES THANK YOU . I was worried about amazon pre orders but I kept refreshing cause the dogs kept coming up then it went to the Xbox series x page and I wasted no Time hitting that pre order button


Same here. I'm hoping it's them just covering there butts. Launch is more then a month away i don't know how they can already expect delays.


My ps5 preorder from Amazon still doesn't have a date so I'm assuming it's the same thing


Same as well.


This is most likely because they physically do not have them in hand yet. They know how many they will get but need them on hand to be able to give an accurate delivery date. They also won’t bill you until it ships which we probably be on or around the 8th I would guess. For the Xbox one I don’t think I got my ship date until a few days before release.


Thanks amazon. I was having errors with target and Best Buy was only showing coming soon. Initially I couldn’t find it on amazon, but saw a post saying it was live and a link. The first click it gave an error. After a couple of reloads I was able to order it. Took a minute to register in my head that I actually got the order in.


Exact same for me. Saw the link immediately when it was posted, and was able to check out no problem in about 30 seconds. Was almost an hour after general release time. Had been trying Walmart but it sold out quickly, and got to the checkout process of Target multiple times but it kept crashing. Glad I got lucky with Amazon.


Warios link came in clutch, added to the cart immediately


Exactly the same here. Saw the link 15 seconds after it was posted, and was able to check out in about 30 seconds.


Exactly the same. It was a nightmare, then suddenly Amazon, of all places, was the sunlight through the clouds. :P


When did Amazon start? I had faith in Best Buy and it paid off


Seemed they opened it up about 55 minutes late.


this me too!! Thank god Amazon started a little later as i had everything correctly inputed with walmart at 11:02 and got shut out there. Very pumped and cant wait to try game pass!!! Series X baby!!!


Will Amazon ship early so it delivered on release day?


They usually do, but 2020 is a weird year, so who knows


Wario64's the man!


I got a Series S. My first xbox system since the original xbox. Pretty hyped to try gamepass.


I have both an Xbox one S and a PS4 Pro, I wasn’t totally sure which console to go with for the new gen (as i can only afford one right now) but Gamepass is what made me choose xbox, it’s awesome dude you’ll love it


Game Pass is the best deal in gaming right now! Especially with being able to play on the go with Android, it's amazing.


Gamepass is already awesome and just getting more awesome


Yeah. Same thing for me. Got an S through Best Buy. First Xbox for me. Gamepass is what got me! Still getting a PS5 though.


Its funny how a lot of people in /r/PS5 sub are saying GamePass is a dumb idea, no way MS can make money or sustain it. PS plus is better because it has better games even though its only 1 or 2 games a month and GamePass doesn't have any AAA titles. Apparently they haven't looked into GamePass. I've been a gamer since the Atari 2600 and I buy all systems and don't fancy over any system. As a GamePass and PS Plus member, GamePass is a WAY better deal, a no-brainer.


When I got gamepass a couple years ago it felt like a steal back then and there was hardly that many games. Now xcloud, Bethesda, ea play and XGS games on day 1- it’s hard to believe how good this service has become. It’s beyond worth it.


Get an external hard drive, large - trust me. You want the ability to play any game on demand, not space limitations and limited play-ready games at a time.


Took 54 mins of frustration but I got my XSX at Amazon! I’m hyped!


I got mine through MS, never even saw a purchase option on Amazon.


It only went up at 11:54. I kept being too late everywhere else so I’m glad I was able to get Amazon.


Dude, you and me both. I thought all was lost and was pretty bummed. The Xbox One thread came through in the clutch and someone posted the Amazon link was live. The entire purchase took less than a minute. I tried reloading the product page right after I checked out and got a “Dogs of Amazon” error page lol


Managed to get my boyfriend’s Series X with a lot of hassle on Target. Couldn’t get mine anywhere, all showed sold out at some point, except Best Buy that never seemed to launch. Checked Amazon and got one almost immediately. Did all this while in an online preschool class, helping my daughter assemble a Mr. Potato Head. It was a glorious moment. Edit: My first award! Thank you, kind stranger!


Your boyfriend owes you big time , I struggled for 1 hour until I finally I got a tweet saying Amazon had it . By the time I finished my order successfully I checked again to see if I can get one for my brother in law it was already sold out


He was trying at work when he was able to as well. Regardless, I’ve been showered with compliments and the highest praise all day lol.


Boy howdy, today was a day. A buddy and I were hammering sites right at go live and slowly but surely, I made my way through the MS store and got mine ordered. He on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. I start trying to assist him, hammering gamestop's site. Best buy's goes live and I start hammering it. Apparently one Gamestop order went through (never saw a success screen, but did have an email confirmation), and so did a Best Buy order. As soon as I got the BB order in, he texted me to say he snagged one. Instead of scalping, I cancelled both my Gamestop and Best Buy orders to release them back to the masses.


That’s a mvp right there


My favorite band for years was known for playing venues that were way too fucking small for their following. Years of fighting bots for those tickets trained me well for this day. My tips for success: * Get to a computer with multiple monitors. The more the better. * Have all pages open and running on one monitor. * Be signed in to all the store sites with updated payment information on this monitor. Shipping address better be updated too. * Start refreshing these pages at least 10 minutes before go live. Just in case a queue system gets sprung on you. * Setup at least one browser(read, different browser, not another instance of the same browser) to launch with the direct links as startup pages. Open this JUST after launch time. Park this on the other monitor. Those queues can be real fucky at times and not let people in before the queue opens due to caching. * Know the shortcuts for refresh/toggle tabs. Use them to hammer sites repeatedly. * Do not count your eggs before they hatch. Just because you got one in your cart don't mean shit (I'm looking at you Target). Keep hammering the other pages to try and get one through. * TRY to be patient when you get spinny wheels. The servers are getting hammered and the DB on the back end is probably overloaded. It's probably got a stack of requests it's trying to get through. It took me 30 minutes to get through MS's store for my own preorder. At least their cart didn't drop it on me. I parked this tab on a third monitor so I could slowly inch it through the store. Only refresh if you get an error screen. * Keep an eye on your email. You might get one to go through unknowingly. * Get help from a close friend or spouse so you effectively double your chances.


Since no one else is going to ask... What's the band?


My post and comment history probably give it away, but.. Brand New had this insane following and from like 2009 through 2016, they toured whenever they wanted. Did short runs through small regions of the US shows in venues that were around a 1-2k capacity. Never saw a show indoors that wasn't sold out. They all used to sell out almost immediately. Even shows that weren't really marketed. They could drop a tour with ten dates and ticket sales in an hour. Still sold em out almost immediately. Shit hit the fan during the me too movement and redirected the hysteria surrounding them. Not quite a kiddy diddler, but the lead singer did some super sus stuff so it's all over.


Target crashed, but I got it! I've never pre-ordered a console, so I'm so happy!!! Also, when will it be available again after this? Will you still even be able to buy it this holiday season or will it still be sold out?


Got mine through Target app. Saved 5% by using my RedCard, 5% using the circle app, and 10% for being employed by Target. My total after tax was $436 for the series x. Can't complain.


Not only did you get one,you probably got it cheaper than all of us! Congrats!


There was a circle discount? Huh I wonder if I can call them and get it applied to my preorder.


5% off all purchases when using the red card. I was surprised it worked, and stacked


I think they will restock preorders very soon. Just my guess though but that's what Sony did.


Was originally gonna get the series S, but I said I am going for the best. Got my series X. I was first in line since 1AM. I was making sure I got one


Got an X. Lined up outside Gamestop at 730am. I was 5th in line. My store had 10 X's and 2 S's. All first 12 people wanted an X. Happy I went to the store to wait after the mixed results for people online. I wanted to pre-order at Gamestop to take advantage of their $200 trade up offer for my One X. I don't have to turn it in until launch too which is nice.


Didn't think about going to the store. I was able to lock one in for pick up at my local Gamestop, while doing it online. So I guess not too many people showed up to that store.


Did the 11th and 12th people get the S or just head home?


I think they took the ticket. Idk if they actually went through with it. They didn't have a sign with numbers on the door like other GameStops posted here this morning, so we were just nervously waiting. Employee showed up at 9:10 and told us 10/2 for X/S off the top of his head. He gave us tickets, and everyone dispersed until 10. He was the closer the night before, said he didn't show up early because he was there late stocking a fresh game shipment. Idk when he knew the numbers, if he could've put up the sign before he left last night.


How early did you have to get there?


I got to my store at 730am, so waited 2.5 hrs.


Not bad, congrats dude


We expected low numbers of X preorders and a huge line so we showed up at 1:30 turns out we could have showed up right before opening and been fine.


I had no intention of buying a Series X until the announcement yesterday - I actually already had a PS5 pre-order which I'll probably be canceling once I pass the period where I worry Walmart will cancel my Series X pre-order. As someone who's been in the Xbox ecosystem since OG xbox (and bought a PS4 pro about 2 years ago) I started to realize the value of Gamepass (esp as a new dad who doesn't really get a lot of time to sit down and play for hours anymore) to be able to play/try a huge library of games for ~3 game purchases / year. Plus with the news that Miles Morales/Horizon are cross-generational it ended up being a no brainer. Pulled the trigger on a Series X today and will prob hold onto my playstation for a few years until when/if it makes sense to upgrade that I'm just really happy to see all the moves Microsoft is making to seriously compete with Sony this generation on games


Yeah Gamepass is killing it right now.


Do what works best for you! But if you were lucky enough to get a PS5 pre-order, may be worth it hold onto it and see if the games are worth playing/fun, or if dualsense worth the hype etc. No way do I condone scalping, but worst case you can easily sell a once-opened PS5 for retail+tax to recoup your expendiature. Or at least can sell to a friend that couldn’t get a PS5. I feel like canceling a pre-order only feeds the bots.


I’d love to keep both but I’m not sure I can justify dropping $1,000 in gaming devices I’ll use only occasionally for the next few years when I have an infant at home.


Got mine. MS Store was the only one that would even load. Took a good while, but order went through and confirmation email received.


I’m getting the Series X. My first pre order for a console and I’m currently upgrading from my Xbox 360, which is the newest system I own currently. Looking forward to new games, better graphics, and faster loading times!


I used Microsoft. I was about to give up because it keep saying my card wasn't working but right before I was about to leave it loaded up! The whole thing took about 10-15 min.


My buddy pre-ordered mine for me while he was at work and I got a confirmation email outta nowhere from MS. When we talked on the phone afterwards (obviously I had to call and be like wtf thanks bro) it sounded like he pretty much had the same experience. Im sure everybody and their grandma were trying to get on that same page though


just got the Series X from Best Buy, sold out then back in stock, about 200 mouse clicks later and got mine to go through


Bestbuy doing their orders in waves saved me lol got mine in around 1:35pm when it went live 11am my time. See you all on next gen 😎




Thats awesome. Man, its comments like these that give me some faith in humanity. Thank you for just being a good person.


Objective: Series X Retailer: Target (used wifeys red card for 5%) Started at 10:00 and went into the removed from cart game towards the final checkout screen 1000x until 10:52 where I saw my FIRST confirmation screen. Moments later I got a WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO? from the wife. Turns out one of my attempts at 10:12 went through even though I got no conf screen (Did get an email conf) and the one at 10:52 with both screen and email conf. Gonna let the dust settle before I cancel 1 and get the divorce papers handed to me after charging her card for two $515 holds.


Wives are replaceable.


First time in 35+ years of gaming that I'm getting the new consoles at launch, last console cycle we were having/just had babies and videogames were a distant memory and several years after they launched I finally got an Xbox One, cycle before that I was broke as crap and had to save up months for a 360 core system. I secured a PS5 and a Series X this time around and I am so excited. My kids are super tired of hearing me talk about it though.


Thought I was out of it... then MS decided to load and I secured that mf bag 30 mins after launch. Can’t wait!


Tried to get through on every site, primarily through All Access. Couldn't get it to work anywhere. Got all the way to the end with Gamestop, and it kept erroring out on my credit application (not rejecting, just error). Target was the only one I could keep it in my cart, and after 25 minutes of erroring out with checkout, I was finally able to check out on a full-price one. Success!


Series X from Microsoft store. Got it 15 min after they went on sale. Tons of refreshing different stores.


Was able to snag an S from Walmart! Haven’t played any Xbox since my 360 got the red ring, so I’m pretty pumped to finally play some Halo again. Anyone else order from Walmart and have a delivery date of the 12th? Is this just to cover Walmart’s delivery window for the 10th?


Yes mine says the 12th. Maybe they're just playing it safe. I know Amazon promised delivery the day of launch, so maybe something will change between now and then.


I'm still blown away that I was able to get mine at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time. I had tried all morning from 11:00 on on four different websites. Managed to get it in the shopping cart numerous times but it would always crap out. I gave up but then happened to check Reddit and and found an hour old post saying that they reappeared on Best buy...so I said what the hell I'll check. Sure as shit because of the amount of traffic greatly decreased I was able to get all the way through immediately and finalize my order.


Same. I just hope they don't cancel my order like I heard happened to someone else.


Woke up, secured my pre order, hugged my cat, then slept another 30 minutes before work. Good day! Here is said cat: https://i.imgur.com/6ikS9fE.jpg


It's been 8.5 hours since i secured my pre-order in about 20 seconds hehe


Got a series x from Walmart as soon as preorders started, 20 seconds in and out. Got a second one from Microsoft for a friend who could not be online due to a work meeting, that took like 45 minute of website issues to get checked out.


In, in, in. Now the wait to see who oversold their stock and won't be able to make release day deliveries.


Yeah boi Amazon UK landing page wasn't even up at 8.10 but some good Samaritan came through with a smile link - turns out it was up there way in advance of the normal store. Fastest checkout of my life!


This is the first time I've gotten a console right at launch, usually because I could never afford to before, so it feels like a nice accomplishment. Got the X after fighting with checkout for a bit on the Microsoft store.


Amazon preorders went up around 11:50AM EST and checkout was extremely smooth and quick compared to my attempts on other sites.... that is if you were able to locate the preorder link. I even had enough time to cancel first preorder and do it over again so I could add the 3 year protection plan. I feel bad for those counting on Amazon because they didn’t have anything on their homepage and searching “Xbox series x” for the first 50 minutes resulted only showed One X’s.


Got mine by making the game time decision to not try online orders and instead go wait from midnight to 11am at my local GameStop. Slept from 8pm to 11:30pm, got to the store at midnight, and was the first and only person there until about 4am when people started to pour in. Knocked out a ton of Mario Sunshine in the process, met a few awesome people that I added on XBL, and walked away with preorders for an X, CoD, Cyberpunk, and Assassins Creed. Was very memorable and thankful that I did instead of risking it online.


Nice, and you avoided the crash and burn online experience on top. I chose to wait in line too and met nice people too! It was the first time I went for a pre order on launch day like that and I'm glad I did as well 👌


Literally within the first 45 second got an X through Microsoft, no hiccups or anything.


the second it hit pre-order time the MS store came to a screeching halt for me. I was able to get my XSX in the cart a few minutes later, but unable to checkout for another 40 minutes. Insanity, but worth.




I got really bummed out earlier because my wife showed up at Gamestop at 9:45am with our one month old to hopefully preorder for me. The store had a massive line and less than 10 consoles (insane, right?). She tried Target but it wouldn't work so I decided to try it and got one in the cart. After it failed multiple times it popped up that they were out of inventory. Then I got bummed until someone mentioned it still worked for them so I tried a couple more times and BOOM it said "Order Placed." I checked the Orders tab and the preorder was there and my wife got the confirmation email! I'm slightly bummed that I may have to wait a few days for it to be delivered but I'm so hyped because I got 10% off. I already had $500 saved up for the system and I need a new headset and gold (for that free upgrade) and now it looks like I can purchase the gold now and save a few more weeks for the headset! LETS GOOOOOOOOO


They ship overnight, so you'll have it launch day.


Went in-person and took a LONG work break. Traded in my Xbox One S and pre-ordered the X at an EB in Brampton ON. They had 13 consoles (I dont know jf it was 13 Xs or a combination of Xs and Ss) available for pre-order and i was 9th in line. Sheer amount of people who ended up getting turned away shocked me. First time I've ever gotten a non handheld console at launch. Not counting revisions as I did get both the S and X at their respective launches.


BestBuy club here. Shit was easy. How they had stock almost 4 hours later is beyond me... but i got the email and all that. Xbox series x


They either released them in waves, or tons of people gave up.


Are you doing shipping or in-store pickup? I'm trying to decide whether release day is going to be a madhouse there, like sitting in traffic of backed up cars. Pretty close to canceling it and switching to Target shipping order as my alt, but estimated delivery date could be much later, into the following week.


I shipped it. I don’t live close to bestbuy plus I’m lazy as fuck.


Got my series X from shoppers drug mart, took about 12 minutes!


Shoppers drug mart!?? This guy internets!!


I’m so happy


13 minutes- used Microsoft store.


Waited outside in the freaking cold for 11 hours, for a 2 min transaction for $500 spent. Worth it!


Like others in this thread, first console preorder for me, got myself series x.


3 and a half hours of trying and I finally got one through Best Buy. Series X.


Got mine from Amazon after trying BB, Target, and Wal-Mart. Targets site would let me add to cart but then would just reload to an empty cart when trying to checkout. BB website found me spamming the add to cart button only to fail on checkout and clearing it from my cart. Was-mart let me get to checkout but I had an outdated CC since I rarely use their site, which is totally on me for not preparing. Amazon seemed to get their link/detail page up around 8:40 Pacific, was able to check out without issues. About 5 minutes later it was out of stock.


Sheet I got 2 one from Walmart and another from Microsoft store. Don't worry I won't be selling the 2nd if any or both orders actually come through. Instead I will surprise a friend or family member after I actually have them on hand.


I got my Xbox series x and play charge kit for series x from best buy site after trying for hours on 6 different sites! So far so good, no emails saying it's been cancelled yet *crossing fingers*


I was able to get a Series S pre-order in through the MS store earlier today, but I am yet to receive a confirmation email. It also isn't shown in my order history. That said, I have an order number and am able to pull up the order details whenever I search it. So I think I'm good?


Pre ordered my series x today for day 1. Was a no brainer after that slam dunk by Microsoft in acquiring Bethesta.


got mine! is there a gamer tag share thread? i havent had a console in years, need friends to add!


I was able to get my Series X via Amazon. I was pressing F5 like i was insane but I saw it pop up and I went for it. I am super siked.


Just got mine off BestBuy like 5 min ago! Woo! I checked based on this thread and got lucky.


My wife, who isn’t a gamer, got mine for me when I had to go to work. She is a gem.


Yall know what? Shoutout to that one Redditor two posted saying Best Buy was back in stock randomly at 1 pm. got my Series X preorder from Best Buy a full 3 hours after launch. Kind Redditor, whoever you are, you are a gentleman and a scholar.


I got one on amazon but shortly after I got an email saying there is a shipment delay. Anyone else get this?


I got that, literally like 5 mins (if that) after I ordered. Weird thing was my wife bought a series X from Amazon just a minute or 2 before and she did not get that email. My initial thoughts are it's maybe a glitch as the order looks fine on the order status and identical to her order on her Amazon account.


I was able to get my Series X Pre-Order in via Amazon at about 11:50am ET. This was after trying all of the other retailers (and Amazon) repeatedly. I'm thankful that I was able to get one. I honestly wish the best to everyone that wasn't successful today. Edit: Corrected time. :)


Got my preorder yesterday right after they opened for it here in Norway. And I see that retailers still have both models available. But then again, Norway have always been all-Playstation. Which is good in situations like this for all 12 of us Xbox-fans :P


I didn't really have any issues ordering at Microsoft just took a minute to load


Microsoft online store for the win. I had so much more success with the Microsoft store website. Yes, it had some minor issues like other websites, but not as bad. I got mine after 22 minutes (at 8:22am) of trying other stores. It seemed everyone was more concerned about getting it other places besides The Windows store. Luckily, I had a battle plan in place the night before and I had a hierarchy of who I would most prefer to buy from the most and to the least. In my case, my original plan was to go in this order: Amazon, Microsoft Store, Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, & Sams Club. But those stores had other plans lol. I also had installed a extension in Google Chrome so I could reload all my tabs at once while watching the pre-order post on Reddit, Twitter, and the Discord Series X chat room. Anyways, Walmart opened up pre-orders first of course and then Target, but none of the buttons on Targets website worked plus the site crashed. I kept getting stuck on that infamous waiting page from Game Stop during this time. Not to mention Amazon & Best Buy were late opening up pre-orders and didn't start until almost 9:47am - way past the time I had already got one lol. Sams Club did have plenty but I remember holding off on that because they are owned Walmart (I don't like Walmart). I had checked with the Microsoft store and noticed I was able to check out with only one failed attempt. I swear its because I'm existing customer is the reason it worked. But who knows. In the end I got my confirmation number and e-mail from the Microsoft store saying my pre-order has been processed with the expected delivery date. The even better news about buying directly from Microsoft is they could decide to ship it a bit early and I could receive it on launch day. They can decide to do that because it is their product after all. In the end I got my 2nd store choice and a Xbox Series X pre-order. I did a happy dance after that happened lol.


Somehow got the S yesterday through the MStore! Really wanted just a smaller console to play some couch games on and have the ability to have something other than my launch Xbox One!


man after completely missing PS5 preorders because they said they would happen on the 17th felt betrayed so glad got a series x


So I was on Microsoft’s website at 10:57 cramming refresh trying to get to it and of course that crashed. Walmart sold out target let you get to payment before it sold out. Amazon and Best Buy were delayed trying to get their sites up and going. I was jumping everywhere after Microsoft sold out in seconds trying to get it. Well I got to Best Buy cart said it was in there and then said the cart was empty when I tried to go to it. Tried until 1230 had to go back in from lunch. So that’s 1.5 hours trying to get it. Went back to Best Buy on a whim at 130 still said I had something in my cart so went to it.....and it was sitting there for me so I hurried and checked out I am preordered for the series x


I know I’m late to comment but just wanted to give a shout-out to my wife for securing my preorder through MS store. I had to work but she was able to play roulette with all the sites doing preorders until confirmation went through. Not to mention she was holding our 4 month old and texting me updates throughout the process.


Best wife ever. You better do something really awesome for her in return lol.


Series X from Microsoft.


Series S, good to go.


Series X for me and series S for my kid. Done!


Sat in line at GameStop for 8 hours. Got it


Right when they went live I was able to get through to my cart on Target and that’s it. All other sites died on me. Whenever I went to confirm order it would not go through. I kept glancing and waiting for Wario to tweet about Amazon. Right around 11:45ish EST the tweet goes live. I’m in and out in about 7 seconds and around 3-4 clicks. Series X confirmed.


Target was a mess for me. Clicked preorder right away and nothing happened. Clicked it a few more time and it said I had the maximum number in my cart, but the cart was empty when I clicked on it. Finally got a screen saying it was in my cart and proceeded to check out. When I clicked check out it refreshed, refreshed then went to an empty cart. I was about to give up hope when I manage to find the amazon link on here and got one right as amazon went live. The process went so smoothly once it was live that it took a minute in my brain to register that I got it. Now to I’ll just be obsessively checking amazon for a delivery date and tracking info for the next 48 days.


Got the Series X in this morning and the PS5 last week. I'm really interested in seeing how these consoles compare. I'm tempted to buy the same game on both consoles just to see how fast this PS5 SSD is.


I got a Series X for me and a Series S for my daughter...she has no idea!


2 laptops and a phone, a total of 5 browsers of varying types open. Only 1 browser ended up making it and even then I had about a 10 minute load total to get through the checkout process. This is the first time I've tried to get a console at launch since the PS2 back in they day waiting in the parking lot of a toys r us. Super pumped though!


Went to GameStop’s and had lines and sold out. Best Buy wouldn’t let me order in store said go online and it took 1hr 39m of trying!


I got my Series X locked in and secured on Amazon. God, what a relief; now the only thing left to do is sit and wait for November.


Preordered directly from a GameStop store where there were 5X and 2S. I got there at 6AM and 2 people were already in line who had been there since 12AM. 4th person came around 7AM and the 5th person got there at 8AM. Right around 8:30AM to 11AM we had a steady stream of people who were disappointed to find out they arrived too late. We all exchanged game tags and made coffee runs for each other.


I was 10 minutes late for work but it was worth it


Target crashed. Then went to Microsoft, it took me about 20 minutes to get through, but I got one.


I tried through target and Best Buy. I don’t think it worked. Target seemed like it wanted to buy the universe kept blocking my layup.


Setting everything up on Amazon before the preorder worked wonders. I spent maybe 30 seconds on the website after it opened. But the 45 minute wait for them to open the pre-orders was really something, made me think I'd walk out empty-handed




Ps5 and Xbox series X let’s go! Can’t wait!


woot! lifelong xbox gamer (day one for every console, xbl beta tester, etc, etc) xcloud looks like a dope add-on for gamepass


Got pre-orders in on both MS and Amazon. Once I'm reasonably sure that the Amazon will not get cancelled (I'm paranoid, especially with the Best Buy shenanigans this afternoon), I'll cancel the MS. I wish they would find a better way to handle this. Would be far fewer people without if the shit show didn't leave people scrambling to get anything and everything ordered with backup plans and such.


Got two because heard that London Drugs oversold. Got another through BestBuy.ca - confirmed it - then cancelled the London Drugs one. Hopefully that will go back to someone who got the dreaded oversold “sorry, about that email” from LD - what a pisser!


Got my amazon ore order in. Super happy that I have both the PS5 and XSX at launch so that I can play the medium and demon souls. Super hyped for November


I was checked out like 20 seconds after they went live on Walmart. Was able to get another one for my buddy on Amazon like 40 minutes later. Both Xs of course.


MS Store was super slow and nerve wracking but it went through. I'm so relieved. Had $225 of reward/gift card credit to use toward the X that would've expired in October. And I was already super bummed out last week when I couldn't get a 3080. Feel really bad for everyone who wasn't able to get one :(


Got it through Amazon. All I got to say is... (>'-')> <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) (>'-')> <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) <('-'<) ^(' - ')^


Got one pre-order off ms store then one off of best buy because I get discounted protection plan. I'm gonna release the ms some time and hope somebody that needs it gets it ya know, cuz I'm not a scalping dick head.


Got my Series X pre-order in this morning. Have been watching the chaos unfold since. There's got to be a less frustrating, less ridiculous way to do this in 2020.


I was finally able to get a Series X and blue controller preordered from Best Buy after over 2 hours of trying. All set for November with both PS5 and Series X.


Got an X from the MS store. Absolutely hyped. I’ve been waiting for release for months... my hype went down after the Halo delay, but buying Bethesda has me at new hype levels.


Target app came through with two consoles, X and S.


Best Buy app freaked out and I ended up with two 😂 I’d cancel it but I’m afraid I might lose one


Got my pre-order through Amazon. First ever launch day console for me. (Or near launch day for me) I keep checking Amazon because I’m worried it will disappear.


My friend and I got to the local EB Games at 9am this morning. There were 10 people in line ahead of us. Someone had been there since 6am which I think is a little crazy since I’m in a smaller town. A few more people showed up and around 10am, the manager came out to count how many were in line and he was relieved that he had enough for all of us. When more people started to show up he started to turn them away not wanting to waste their time. This is the first time I’ve ever lined up to preorder a console. I usually wait until Black Friday or after Christmas to get one. But because of COVID I suspected that there would be a limited supply. I made a good call since the manager also stated that they won’t get anymore consoles until the new year.


Probably going to be checking on my Best Buy pre order daily. Seeing if it needs anything or just to check on how it’s doing you know?


I will never ever speak bad about Argos ever again after that morning. The fact I was still able to get a SX almost an hour after they opened makes me think there is a higher power lol


Wario64 came in clutch and I got a Series X on GameStop’s website extremely early on with no problems at all lol


Almost a day after I got my pre-order and I still can't believe it. Biggest sigh of relief every time I walk by my order confirmation.


Started on Best Buy because I really wanted that 18 months zero interest financing. Best Buy was a wash, so after like an hour Of refreshing I checked out amazon...for some reason amazon was a dream to use...In and out in like a minute tops. So I went to Best Buy again, and after a few minutes of spamming, it went through and I had 2 preorders. I gave my amazon preorder to my brother who was working and couldn’t preorder. Good times man.


Used Microsoft's site and it took 22 minutes. USA here.


I can officially say I am a proud owner of the Xbox Series X!!


Got my X with Walmart. No issues there despite both Microsoft and target failing to load to for me.