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Cmon Marina get it done.


She is addicted to trying to include players in deals


we have a lot of players tho so i think she’ll try to sell some


So she should be this year. European football is cash strapped at the moment so any cash sale will be lower market value, a player exchange can help to retain a closer financial value for players if it no longer requires cash to move between clubs.


**Summary:** \- Chelsea hope to find a breakthrough in their bid to re-sign Romelu Lukaku over the weekend after stepping up talks with Inter Milan on Friday. \- Inter still prefer a cash-only deal for Lukaku, with Chelsea willing to offer a number of players as part of a bid, but the clubs have been negotiating with a view to finding a solution that suits all partmove for Lukaku has pushed Tammy Abraham closer towards the Chelsea exit door, although the academy graduate will not be pressured into a decision over his future. \- Atalanta view Abraham as the perfect replacement for Zapata, should he move to Inter to take over from Lukaku \- Abraham was a boyhood Arsenal fan and a move to the Emirates would appear to be an attractive proposition, although Arsenal are likely to need to sell players to fund a permanent move. \- Chelsea’s preference is to sell Abraham, to help fund the Lukaku deal, rather than loaning him out again. In line with club policy, Chelsea would also ideally want Abraham to sign a contract extension to go out on loan, something he is likely to be reluctant to agree to at this stage.


So basically the same as was said on Straight Outta Cobham


the only difference is regarding Kounde. Law has said Kounde would only arrive if they move a defender whilst Simon Johnson has stated Kounde would be in regardless.


Law is much more credible than Simon Johnson.


I think they're about equal, but journalists are only as good as their sources. Theirs will have given them different takes on this. I think it's worth noting though that Law just came back from holiday and himself admits he's mostly worked on Lukaku. Johnson has been on Koundé for a while longer, so I'd say Johnson is the one I'd trust on this for now.


Idk, Simon Johnson had called Chilwell for MONTHS before anyone else thought it was going to happen, even when the valuation was off he always maintained he’d be surprised if we didn’t end up with him. That alone has bought him some good will with me at least


I trust Johnson over Law but my reasoning probably doesn't make sense. I tend to trust people that support Chelsea reporting on Chelsea more than those that don't. I also think it stems from some of the things Law has said over the years about our players, especially youth, which have been hit and miss.


Probably lands somewhere in the middle. Law is saying that they would still move for Koundé as long as *something* is in the works for Zouma, but he doesn't necessarily have to be gone before they buy


Also said it could be another defender like Kenedy that leaves, which is much easier


Kenedy is not a defender (not since Mou made him play as one) and he has literally zero value now. So very much doubt Kenedy moving on will have any impact on a Kounde move


I'm just quoting Law, he said it at the end of the podcast


This is why I don't trust him at all!


Yes. The writer wrote "Law has said Kounde would **only** arrive if they move a defender" while he actually said we want to move out a defender then go for Kounde. The word "**only"** makes big difference here.


>Law has said Kounde would **only** arrive if they move a defender He did not say that. He said we want to shift out one of the defenders then go for Kounde. The world "only" makes a big difference here.


Wake me up when this Transfer ends


You can take a pill and it'll knock you out for a week. Only problem is you might wake up and we've signed Zapata.


Then I’ll be on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams




Yeah this is getting annoying now. Kounde was the same. So hot for 2 days then cools off. Hope the same doesn't happen here.


The journos still feel confident we snag Kounde too; Rom is just the priority


Just 29 more of these posts to go 🤞


29? Kai Havertz to Chelsea confirm oh wait


I’m tired Robbie


Italian clubs are so difficult to do business with


Lol we have the money, why don’t we just get this done. Seems like trying to swap a player is like hitting a brick wall with Inter


Oh wow what a breakthrough news


It’s aight man, if I remember I’ll tag you in the official one.


Thanks man, appreciate it if you do cuz I'm worried about transfers but this bait news for clicks killing me


Lol I feel that. I’ve been a big Lukaku fan since he signed for us, so I’m mad hyped for this transfer assuming it goes through.


I'm not mad hyped if we drop 120 mil or more. Don't want to overpay fuck ton. I want our club to do good financially as well and have healthy wage structure and etc


What IF suddenly Inter make a u-turn and say no to any deal? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thinking_face_hmm)


Then we sign Messi instead. Simples.


The board is getting a lot of flack from the official supporter groups


We will sign Zapata.




We definitely won't.


Marina needs to stop with these swap deals Inter clearly said no how many times does she need to hear it just pay them the fee and lets get Lukaku here.


Messi for free.


He's not coming here tho


That’s what I’m hearing as well


This is starting to looks like Hakimi. Just pay money, stop fucking around with players they don't want. I thought we have the money but hell if it doesn't go through, people here would find excuses for Marina. At least she tried.


No it’s not, Hakimi preferred another club which is extremely different


We were penny pinching and this is another example. Except this is about fee and not wages. Offering Alonso and others won't make it happen and it was published days ago but no Marina is trying to be smart.


How is this anything like Hakimi & Chelsea? We are the only club bidding for Lukaku and he wants to come. If anything this is like Hakimi & PSG. Never underestimate player power.


What’s weird is that he sounded convinced Lukaku was coming in the podcast and here it sounds a bit more reserved. Could be just my paranoia though


I think the notion from yesterday‘s podcast was that after the 100m+Alonso bid getting rejected we‘d be going in with an improved offer but by all accounts that doesn’t seem to have happened today. This might be the reason for the more cautious approach from him.


I really hope this was planned and not some late decision to not meet the asking price today. I'm pretty sure this afternoons articles have been briefed so this is the mood the board are putting out.


I hope so too. Tbh going by the pace of this saga I thought that we might be getting the early confirmatory tweets today but it’s been pretty silent. Let’s see what happens over the weekend.


Zzzzzzz Bin this off and get Messi. Lukaku 100m vs Messi for free is embarrassing


Messi is 34, has never played in the PL, will need over 70 million euros in wages per year. Don't get the fascination when we already have so many exciting young attacking players in the team.