Got a strange feeling Tammy won't budge and miss this opportunity, hardly can blame him though Arsenal would be the logical move if they get into a bidding war.


If he goes Arsenal he’s a opp moving forward


Good thing he doesn't care about what some fans think and will be doing what's best for his career haha


Same, heard nothing that suggests Tammy wants to move abroad, only that he's interested in Arsenal.


I think the key could be his conversations with Jose. I mean, we all know Jose can persuade any player to come and play for his team and Tammy's case is no different. Hopefully this goes through, it's good for all parties involved.


The opportunity at Roma seems like a tap-in versus the opportunity at Arsenal. He’ll have essentially no competition for the starting spot there versus competing with Laca & Auba. I get it, he’s an Arsenal fan, but if he wants top-level consistent play time Roma looks like the smarter choice. Pedro is there too so he’d have a familiar face.


I would agree with you.i think sometimes why it a good opportunity to play abroad,we have to think of his situation. After playing so long & your family settled in London,you wouldn't want to move for the sake of family. It probably the same reason with Willian especially when you have kids. It always a tough choice being a footballer.There are pros & cons. If he want to go to Arsenal,go ahead,but Arsenal need to fork out more since he is english. Wherever he goes,good luck to Tammy.


Logical move? Arsenal? Lol


He's was a fan, gets to stay in London + in the PL lol


If he wants to return to Chelsea someday he’d be better off at Roma


He would be better off thinking about his own career and world cup chances rather than some off hand dream of returning to Chelsea one day Arsenal makes sense for him and he even used to be a fan of them growing up


If he's thinking about his career then a move to Arsenal is the worst he could do. Being a fan and close to friends and family doesn't affect his career. European football, playing time, great managers affect his career. At Arsenal he has to be world class or he'll be in wage purgatory with no way out but to a lesser club. At Roma he is way more likely to secure a future move to a bigger club.


He doesn't need to be world class he just needs to be good, Which is true for wherever he goes The fact remains that playing for Arsenal and staying in the PL is far more likely to get him noticed by both other clubs and the England setup than it is for Roma Saka had a good first season at Arsenal and was instantly in Southgate's plans wheras Tomori who had a great year at Milan missed out with the likes of Mings and White getting preferred. Saying "it's the worst he could do" is a terrible exaggeration, Arsenal have a young English core they want to move forward with and if they go for Abraham he will get good game time, Auba has completely checked out and Lacazette has been poor To add to that he will stay in the city he grew up in and around his family and GF and wouldn't have to spend time adapting to another kind of a league If he is confident in his abilities to perform well then Arsenal is a better shout than Roma


Arsenal fan, stays in London, possibly gets a pay rise, yes logical...


Isn’t Tammy in Ireland?


Well maybe he is going to meet representatives of the club or his manager today and meet Tammy personally tomorrow


Just read the article and the title is different from what’s inside? Where did you get that translation from