"If we keep saying he’s signed for Chelsea, maybe they’ll think they have signed him"


What happens when he turns up to training?




So who’s telling the truth Matt or Hungarian national coach


You need to pay attention to the wording. "Told he's not currently a player of interest to Chelsea" is a strong wording, and it gets disproven with any negotiation attempt in near future. If journo words the news in a way that can be proven otherwise, then he risks his reputation, and is usually as sure as he can get if we talk about someone like Matt Law. Otherwise you get that non-commital weasel shit that Romano constantly repeats on Twitter, or non-commital shit rumours that people like Duncan Castles make up in a way that can't be entirely disproven.


The guy plays in Turkey, there are relatively routinely, stupid rumours like this coming out of Turkey. They're normally just ignored, but sometimes they'll pick up some traction if they're repeated enough up to the point where actual Journalists with links to the club shut them down.


Matt. Hands down best source for Chelsea


you mean the guy who said rudiger was a bully?


Yes. Just because he reported things you don't wanna hear doesn't mean he losses his credibility.


Those things also turned out to be lies as seen by Tammy's reaction to the news.


I really don't wanna reply because I have exam in less than 12 hours and because this has been discussed a whole lot before, but here we go: 1. There's something called damage control (from Tammy/players side) 2. It's all speculation at this point, because it's a clashed between 2 reliable sources, and both have their own reasons as to why they would say/report such things. I'll stop here.


carefree youth is not a reliable source


The two sources are Matt Law against the players.


Good luck in your exam!


Reported complete lies btw


On the field or off the field? Link?


Meh about that guy.


Apparently the actual translation of what Rossi said was that "Chelsea have interest" NOT that the deal was agreed which apparently no one doublechecked and just ran with. Rumor was on the Football Italia site ffs.


yeah can't believe so much discussion about this transfer and this is buried on most posts I've seen.


Feels like the entire Aleksandr Golovin saga all over again


I feel happy both in terms of being excited about the deal and then dodging the slimy bullet 😬


I’m shocked.


I was just thinking that no one of our journous denying it means it might be true, nice timing Matt.


Wouldn't have minded him for 20m, but Kounde/De Ligt should be our first choice, Kounde being a bit higher in preference for me because of his agent. Though I'll deal with Riola if we get both De Ligt and Haaland. The dream would be getting both Kounde and De Ligt to replace Silva and Azpi inside a year or two. In few years the CB options of Trev, AC, De Ligt, Kounde & Levi for 3 positions would be marvelous, with Xavier being the sixth option. I wouldn't mind Rudi to stay too, instead of buying one of De Ligt or Kounde, but I am just assuming one of AC and Rudi leaves us, as is looking likely.


there’s no chance we get kounde and deligt while keeping christensen. i think we sign kounde and keep christensen, rudiger leaves. no deligt


I am saying both in a senario where we loose one of AC/Rudi and when Silva leaves too in a year or two more, we will loose Silva, Rudi and Azpi too, two of these play CB and one other is needed time to time, so no way we just replace 2 starting CBs with just one in Kounde, we will sign another, wether he is De Ligt or not is the only question and so I am hoping he is.


It would be like 200 mil to sign both, no shot


LUL Some muppets gave me a telling off for saying this very thing two days ago 🤣


Alright, I'll go first. Who?