Listen, Mr Boehly… Please. Just listen (or read)… DO NOT FUCK THIS UP. Please. Yours, Somebody still sad about KDB, Salah, Mata and Rudiger’s situations.


My only regret is kdb, Rudinger is a economical disaster, but for 200k /30m Sign on we would probably land k2 (fee instead of sign on) so maybe it aint so horrible


Koulibally is nearly two years older than Rudiger though. It's not a great look


Buy it also mean that we offer a pathway for either a tomori/guehi return or a colwill breaktrough


Reece? He’s our most important long term asset imo.


Iirc, Mount’s runs out a year before James’ does. Of course they’ll look to tie down both, but probably why James isn’t named.


James has 3 years, Mount has 2, they're both vital in the long-term but Mount running down to a year soon makes him the easy priority.


Get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. Jokes aside, idk why we waited so long to open a negotiation with him. He's our key player and comes also a bonus that hes our academy graduate ![gif](giphy|3orif7xiJDYpBDT0nm|downsized)


Waited so long? He still has 2 years left, that’s fairly normal isn’t it?


I suppose so. But from what I heard, Mount is one of the players that can be considered as underpaid. So, I'm afraid that this type of conversation can be lengthy and I consider Mount as a key player and I dont want to lose him / have him unsettled at the club. Therefore I'd start the conversation earlier. I think I read it somewhere that City did this too with Cancelo.


Sanctions likely gummed things up, too.


Mount, James, Mendy all underpaid... They came from academy so their wages are not as high as when you're signing someone big name... Next one will see significant rise for them. Mendy is also low paid as he Vanessa from smaller club and his wages before that was very little ( he probably got pay rise when he joined us, but he didn't get paid at level as other PL starting GK's get)..


Lifetime contract no release clause please A part of me wants us to let Pulisic go so I can get a Mount 10 shirt


mount is going to make 19 his own. does not need 10 to shine.


Only a part of you? Pulisic as #10 is an absolute disgrace!


Every fucking thread lmfao.


Doesn’t make what I said untrue.


It doesn't make it true or untrue. It's an opinion. One that many of us don't share. That's all. What is true is that you rabidly post anti Pulisic stuff in almost every single thread on this sub. Hopefully this clarifies what a fact and an opinion is to you in the future since your grade school teacher didn't. Bless. Edit: The lioness disapproves of her lack of understanding between an opinion and a fact.


This chick is annoying as fuck. All over he comments are negative shit directed towards pulisic. She should honestly be banned.


Are you crying because Chelsea fans don’t rate your hero? Can’t ban people for not rating an under average player. Hate to break it to you.


Look at my name you muppet


I won’t. Cry a bit more over how I don’t rate your hero.


We all don’t rate Lukaku as much, does that mean we have to comment on every thread describing how he’s shit sometimes….


Did I even mention Lukaku on this post?


No I was using him as an example.


You’re also proving that she’s quite unintelligent.


She just downvotes, it’s fine.


You're pretty much the worst kind of sports fan. I've been an avid supporter of many sports teams for 30+ years and never have I had such an agenda against a single player. It's shameful to not support the players on the squad. How you can consider yourself a supporter of the club is beyond me.


No way, our avatar profile pics look so alike 😭. But that person who commented is very deluded, it’s like she only just found out that Chelsea has international supporters.


You mean how can I consider myself a supporter of the club based only a mile from my home? Jog on, Dutch lad. Go support your “many other sports teams”.


Yes. I'm just wondering why a supposed supporter of the club would basically root for a player to fail. Deep down you know I'm right. When Pulisic misses a goal it makes you happy. You can lie and say it doesn't, but based on the fact that your only contributions to this sub seem to be to bash a player I'm certain you'd rather be proven correct than see Pulisic do well and help the club do well. It speaks to your childish nature. A mile away doesn't make you a good supporter. It just means you live a mile away. And, yeah, I will support my other sports teams. I didn't plan on not doing that.


Absolute fool if you think I spent money to go watch him miss sitters in Madrid and be delighted at the prospect of Chelsea bowing out the of the UCL. I don’t expect a Pulisic Stan such as yourself to know what it’s like supporting a football club.


Phew. It’s a good thing I don’t think you spent money to go to Madrid.


I could tell. Thinking’s hard when you’re brain dead. I don’t blame you.


I’ll trust your life experience on that one.


Not that. Your comments are enough for me to go by.


Should be club captain as well when Azpi leaves.


feels like it's still just a bit early when Thiago Silva, Jorginho, and Kante are at the club. Tuchel has named them all captains at different points.


Lol kante is not captain material


Atrocious opinion, our next captain has to be Baba Rahman


SMH the Papy erasure


You do know Bakayoko is coming back….


Surely we’re not having this chat with Batsman still employed


Him or Reece.


I think Jorginho should be captain if he doesn’t leave next year, it’s too early for Mount or James to take that responsibility permanently.


One day, but it’s too soon now.


BIG, 2nd best attacking 8/10 in the world locked in!


We do everything so bloody slowly. We were confident in keeping AC and Rüdiger a year ago. No other big club does business as slow as we do and it's infuriating.


It's quite usual to start negotiating when the players have 2 years left, almost every club does it.


I think things would have looked very different if Chelsea hadn't been sanctioned but who knows


I’d still wait. Gallagher is the player everyone thinks Mount is